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 Love is full of Lies *WIP*

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PostSubject: Love is full of Lies *WIP*   Tue May 04, 2010 9:39 am

Basic Information
Name: Gakupo
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Looks: Look in the power section
Level: Vasto Lorde
Emphasized Race Ability: Cero

Hollow Power
Name: Estrela do deus e da escuridão
Type: Kido
Family: Conjuration/Summoning (Arcane)
-Power: Grand Conjurations:
-Masked Samurai Bango: Gakupo raises his hands and conjures up his strength enhancing mask with his advanced weapon; the soul bango. Whenever the bango is played, the hearers fall under a strength sapping spell that leeches their physical power out of their bodies and places the strength inside the mask. Gakupo can tap the powers in his mask to improve his physical powers.

-Grape field Tapestry: Gakupo raises his hands and draws a curtain like thing into the air which soon turns into grape tapestry. The tapestry once completely summoned has the power to shoot out small purple like bala stuffs. The power of the grapes are about half the power of an Espada cero master's cero.

-Wire set: Gakupo summons up a ton of diamond sharp wires that cling around his hair, arms, ankles, and waist. The wires cannot cut up Gakupo, but can slice through through titanium with absolute ease.

Part 1: Gakupo summons up hundreds of black butterflies that fly around Gakupo's entire body. They have the ability to heal wounds of both Gakupo and his allies. These butterflies can heal minor wounds, cuts, and can also purify diseases.
Part 2: Gakupo's butterflies transform into a blue haired humanoid named: Kaito, the Poet. Kaito's ability is to heal other's by kissing them or intimately feeling them.
Part Three: Kaito and Gakupo kiss which causes their bodies to break down into hundreds of thousands of butterflies and then they all dissipate. this spell teleports Gakupo into another location, one that he has been to before.

-Dream Light: Gakupo summons up a bunch of small fireflies which transform into gakupo's lover: Kaito. Kaito and Gakupo combiner their powers together creating a powerful reishi infused gran rey cero. This cero-like power has tremendous power and can destabilize the area's atoms, quite like the real Gran Rey Ceros.

-Yellow Star: Gakupo calls upon his female side to the field. The female's name is Rin. Rin has the ability to sing a lovely song while Gakupo is now dressed in his masquerade form. While in this form he can shoot out many destructive power shards. These shards are called out by saying the words, "My blessed star, break free from your torment!". Gakupo's female side Rin on the other hand is charming the target through song trance. This helps steady out the fault in its random strikings.

-Wolfy: Gakupo summons up wolf ears and a tail to his body. Immediatly following, his physical strength and speed are doubled, alongside this, he grows claws that help out in his fight.

-Black blade: Gakupo summons up a long 12 yard katana that is pure black and very light. The blade can cut through very hard things such as cement, steel, and iron. This is a basic blade other than the fact that its sharpness is affected by how much spiritual power is active inside Gakupo at the moment.
-Advanced Ability-
Grand Summoning

-Elkoid: Gakupo summons up one of his favorite creations; the Elkoid. The Elkoid has a very fast agility and great strength found both in his hooves and his horn. It can pummel targets down quick and easily and also can be used as a distraction for Gakupo to get in close and damage his targets.
-Zebra speed: For a short period of time, the Elkoid can triple his speed up, but afterwords is left quite exhausted.
-Bison's Gift: For a short period of time the Elkoid can triple his weight.

-Ammon: gakupo summons up one of his best healer's; Ammon, the lionhearted. Ammon has the ability to heal targets with quick succession. Ammon can heal anyone he wants but is way to fast to touch. For three posts Ammon heals greater wounds, cuts, and diseases from the people arounf=d him.

-Hunter: gakupo summons up one of his fastest creations; Hunter, the shade shark. Hunter has the ability to dive into shadows and use them to attack prey through their own shadows. Hunter has very sharp claws and teeth and can control the water in the surrounding areas.

-Elegant panther: gakupo summons up his weakest of creations; the Elegant panther. It has the ability to control the way the surround terrain is shaped and that is all. He can mold hills, break down valleys, and twist the shape of the field into a spiral.

-Drider: Gakupo summons up one of his weapon Spiders also known as a Drider. The drider wields a mid-sized sickle blade and uses it to quickly hunt and slay targets. It drink the blood of it's targets and then later consumes the full corpse to gain higher fighting power.

-Snake King: The Snake king is one of the hotter animals that Gakupo can summon. It is very quick with its speed and likes to stalk and hunt it's prey. It doesn't like to kill it's prey but paralyze it then rape it hard. It is a very sexually empowered being.

-Dark Lamb: The Dark lamb controls darkness and chaos. The power of the show bolts and chaos bolts are tremendous and quite destructive.
-Shadow Bolt: The Dark Lamb absorbs the surrounding shadows in the area and uses them to create a deathly attack. The shadow bolt explodes on ontact with an area and blackens it. If someone is hit with a bolt, the body part is most-likely gonna be broken down or dissipated. All damage caused by the Dark Lamb is absorbed into Gakupo as health and nourishment.
-Chaos Bolt: The Chaos bolt is a creation of reishi, soul fire, and darkness, as well as the health of Gakupo and the life of the Dark Lamb. This ability is used to sacrifice the dark lamb and destroy an entire area with the ultimate power of fire and brimstone.

Ark: Ark is loyal arrancar who works for Gakupo. Ark was betrayed by his previous master and was accepted by Gakupo as a worth ally. His past is shrouded in mystery for he will not tell gakupo much info. Ark is strong and clever and also smart, this is for he used to be the Smartest Espada's fraccion.
-Res Form: Ark has the form of humanoid octopus hollow. He can control water and shoot out thick black ink everywhere. He can control basic ceros and bala as well as use a mid-level pesquisa.
Ink trap: Ark builds up a strong amount of ink and

Conjurations: 2 per topic
Summons: 1 per topic
Servants: 1 per topic
History and Personality:

Role-play Sample: (Only if playing an Espada)
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Love is full of Lies *WIP*
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