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 Mayuri Kurotsuchi

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Mayuri Kurotsuchi


PostSubject: Mayuri Kurotsuchi   Tue May 04, 2010 10:24 pm

Basic Information
Name: Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Age: About 300 years old, looks rougly 26-28
Gender: Male
Division: 12th division
Rank 3rd seat

Techniques (Optional, but good to have)
General techniques


Mayuri Kurotsuchi is a body modification expert and is very experienced in making various serums and other chemicals. Thus he has modified his body greatly, even creating, so to say, techniques.

Extension Arm: His left arm can extend out like a grappling hook. When the arm is attacked it explodes on impact, but with his regenerative serum, this is not a problem (though it does cause him serious pain).

Hidden Kusarigama: He is able to pull part of his ear out to form a scythe attached to a rope-like ligament for use as a kusarigama. It is easily as sharp as a standard Zanpakutō, and he is quite skilled in its use.

Environment Melding Technique: Another one of Mayuri's abilities likely achieved scientifically is his ability to meld with the color and texture of the environment. It was shown when he was attempting to track the Ryoka in Soul Society.When he reveals himself, the topical camouflage flakes away.

Hojiku-Zai (Regenerative Serum): Mayuri has also developed a "regenerative serum," which can regrow limbs upon injection, and looks like some sort of green chemical. It can also be used to heal less severe injuries, as seen with Uryū and Renji.

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name: Jizo
Zanpakutou Appearence
It's broken in this picture, but you get the idea.
Shikai Appearence:
As Mayuri releases his shikai, two more handles grow between the middle one, the actual sword becomes a sort of a statue of Jizo, followed by three poisonous blades.
Shikai Ability:
The weapon works like the venom of a spider bite; when an opponent is stabbed by Ashisogi Jizō, it severs the brain signals controlling the neural impulses for movement in the limbs of the victim, regardless of where they were struck. But unlike regular paralysis, the pain receptors and nerve endings are unaffected by the weapon, so the victim can still feel pain, even in a paralyzed limb.
Bankai Appearence:
The Baby's head on the guard opens its mouth as it produces a giant creature with the body of a caterpillar in a red cape with a grotesque golden baby's head and arms with a silver halo hovering around its head, near the back of the halo are 4 bells, 2 on each side. It emits its own individual, red reiatsu upon release.When in this form his Zanpakutō returns to its sealed state. In this state the creature seems to follows Mayuri's verbal commands.
Bankai Ability:
The creature breathes a poisonous derivative of Mayuri's blood which is lethal to anyone who breathes it, aside from Mayuri and Nemu. The poison spreads through such a wide area, and it is almost impossible to avoid it. The poison has an antidote, which Nemu keeps behind her lieutenant's badge, and which Mayuri keeps on his person.Mayuri can change the composition of the poison as well, ensuring that no foolproof antidote can ever be manufactured to cure it, and no immunity is developed against it.Even if the opponent does not breathe, the poison will still enter their body.

Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō can produce numerous blades which can also extend from its chest, allowing it to run through and skewer opponents. This, used simultaneously with its poison makes Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō particularly lethal to anyone that cannot keep a safe distance, which is also difficult due to its immense size. Instead of the blades, it can also apparently devour an opponent after it charges into them, killing them.

Zanpaktou Release Phrase: Rip

Kido/Ginto: Advanced
Zanjutsu/Marksmanship: Intermediate
Hoho: Advanced

Background and Personality
Little is known about the early history of Mayuri, except that 110 years ago he was the only prisoner in the Maggot's Nest who was considered dangerous enough to necessitate confinement in a small prison cell, chained to the wall by his ankle. However, he was often visited by Kisuke Urahara, who eventually offered him to co-found the Research and Development Institute.

Upon Kisuke's departure, Mayuri quickly advanced in rank, and became the new captain of the 12th division, aswell as the leader of the RADI. However, because his violent behaviour towards some of the unseated members of the division was exposed, he was de-ranked into an unseated officer and could only go up in rank after one year. Now, Mayuri wants re-claim his title and is currently the 3rd seat of the 12th division.

In his lifetime, Mayuri has experimented on many lifeforms, especially quincies.

Mayuri is a genius, a mad genius. He has a very unstable personality, and lacks human emotions such as love and care. He only fights someone that interests him scientifically, and when he does, he makes sure that he withnesses all of his abilities.

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PostSubject: Re: Mayuri Kurotsuchi   Thu May 06, 2010 10:39 am

Approved!! ^^
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Mayuri Kurotsuchi
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