A Bleach RPG with a new plot. You can play as your favorite character, or make a custom one. Have fun!
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 Corrupted moment

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CM Admin

PostSubject: Corrupted moment   Wed May 05, 2010 3:52 pm

Welcome to a universe with distorted time

In the year 1996 time has all but stopped. The Gate of Truth has been randomly opening up in different worlds and dragging people to other dimensions -some with a purpose some with no reason other than to see their reaction. The worlds of Bleach, Kingdom Hearts, Fullmetal Alchemist and Miuyzaki's creations are now linked by the Gate of Truth, causing mass chaos and confusion among the people living in those worlds.

In this unique role play you choose your own plot path and home world. We start off with four worlds and with the more activity and members we gain, more worlds will be added, original and canon, all are voted on by members so you only get the worlds that YOU want. Corrupted Moment has friendly staff that will answer any and all questions you might have and will help you if need be with character creations. Most of the time you can find the admin in the chat box, located on the site, if not we have a guest-friendly board you can leave a message in and we will respond, you may also send off a PM to the admins; Haku and Twist if you have already registered.

Limited Time Offer!
Bring a friend, or take a canon, and get a special bonus!

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Corrupted moment
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