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 Asirion faustus

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Asirion faustus


PostSubject: Asirion faustus   Tue May 11, 2010 2:09 am

Basic Information
Name: Asirion faustus
Age:Collectively, his age measures in the area of three-hundred.
Gender: He is a male
Arrancar or Espada:Espada
Number: Primera
Looks: Coat/Skin/Scale color: Near the upper regions of his face, thin, smooth scales reflect a select few of the demons held within his body. Soft, and a pale cream color, the scales are hardly noticeable unless one was to closely examine the male. The rest of his body is covered in supple and somewhat fragile skin to blend with the scales, all accented by the pitch black horns curling about his ears.

Hair Color: Like pure silk, his hair consists over very thin, yet steel strength strands, a translucent silver in color.

Hair length: As it winds about his head, fitting along the curve of his horns while leaving room for his ears to fully protrude, his hair tends to reach just above his bottom. When released from the bridles of his ponytail, however, his hair can reach up to an inch below.

Eye color: An eerie grey tone to match his skin, accented with iridescent specks of red, blue, and yellow upon close examination.

Size: Though composed of many, the male is actually quite lean. About five foot eleven, his lithe form weighs no more than one-hundred nineteen pounds, not including the weight of equipment he may be carrying at the time.

Build: Lean and efficient, the male is well muscled without becoming bulky, and agile without sacrificing sturdiness.

Description: From head to toe, the male represents a demon at their physical peak, while maintaining the overall appearance of a human, save for the two backward curling horns protruding from the males head, as well as the two, pierced imp-like ears. Piercing, being a hobby of the male, mark many points along the upper cartilage of his ears, making them all the more sensitive to the touch; in a pleasurable way. Piercing’s along either side of the males lower lip, as well as eyebrows mark the only visible additions to his body. A deep, visible scar stretches from ear to ear, spanning across the bridge of his nose and poorly stitched. Scars like these can be found on other parts of his body, all a result of his being pieced together from the corpses of others. While overall dressed in a pair of slacks with cotton sleeveless shirt, the male also wears a long trench coat, reaching down to his ankles and concealing many small tools and trinkets. Made of a special demonic fiber, when torn, his clothing release small demonic bodies into the air around them, which attempt to consume or destroy any matter or energy they come in contact with.His hollow mask cannot be seen anymore he is an complete Espada

Resurrection Information
Name: Rey Oscuro (( Dark king ))
Represent: Represents a avian or Evil-ish snakey creature with wings
Family: Darkness And Gravity
Techniques (Optional, but good to have)
Name: Cero Vacio
Description: Asirion is able to fire the ultimate form of cero when he has his blade released. Cero Tenkai is an intensely powerful blast fired from his finger, that manifests as pure energy that, as it's name implies, is pure black in color. And also able to attract gravcity The blast has a radius of about 7 km , and demolishes anything in it's path. Even 5 vizard using all of it's strength to block the blast, might find it easier to dodge, as it's power is to intense for most to survive. The drawback is the charge time takes about two seconds, long enough to move out of the way for most. Should someone be hit with this blast, they would find it feels like being Killed with an incredibly powerful Void power, as it eats anything it damages, leaving only a hole.

2nd techniques

Name:Vacío lanza
Description:Asirion's 2nd ultimate ability, his most powerful weapon reserved for only the most dangerous enemies. This is the last resort weapon, as it has several drawbacks. This attack is strong enough to incinerate almost any Captain level shinigami in one blow, plus it's speed is undeniably fast. This ability is almost impossible to dodge by anyone less than a vaizard, though a lucky Captain might be able to avoid it with a major injuries. The major downfall however, is that aiming this Throw of pure reishi is nearly impossible, but Asirion has been able to at least manage mostly accurate firing of this blast. Even if the blast misses, the resulting explosion could still kill captain level to even Captain level shinigami, and the sudden release of reishi would be enough to drop anyone less than that to their knees.

History and Personality:
History: Although little is recorded about Legion, he was born on a cold winter night two Shige and Tokiko Hamada. The baby was ill at birth, and the doctor did not expect him to live a long time. Although he wad born ill, Shigekazu was able to survive longer than expected, by a long time. As a baby, he was constantly brought to the doctor to try to suppress this unknown illness, which medical science was not strong enough at the time to beat. They were successful in extending his life, but to what end? Would keeping a sick child alive be worth it for much longer? These questions plagued the baby's parents for years.

Even though Shigekazu was not the healthiest baby, it would be hard to tell he was sick through his childhood. He seemed ordinary in every way. As a child he was solemn and quiet, often a bit overly analytical of situations at hand. He knew he wasn't well, and his parents believed he was analyzing situations because he wanted to make the best of his time. It must be hard born knowing you won't live very long. Shigekazu would often do mediocre in school, seemingly his mind was on other things. He never made friends, and didn't bother to work towards any set goals. His life as a child was actually pretty hollow.

Graduation day came and passed, Shigekazu didn't much care that he was out of school, now he just needed to get a job and try to survive. His illness was getting worse, and you could see on his eyes that he had not come to terms with impeding death. He was constantly sad, an impervious state of depression that would not lift. For two years all he could think about was his sickness taking him. At the age of twenty two, the doctors claimed they might have a cure, but the treatment was dangerous. No longer able to be excited about things, Shigekazu went in for the treatment. They laid him down, and before they could even begin the treatment, he had already passed away.

Shigezaku was enraged, the first time he could feel emotions in two decades, and anger filled him. He found himself chained to his own body, but instead of the chain being attached to the broken link sticking from the chest, his inga no kusari was wrapped around his own bodies throat. He was bound to the one thing he thought had a chance, and for this he would not be able to pass to the next world. Shigekazu screamed out at the living, though they couldn't hear him. He yelled, "Fix me damnet! Fix me now!" His screams were in vein, but they continued. For years the screams didn't stop, day and night they continued, until the voice began to change.

It was something even Shigekazu did not realize, his voice had become that of a hollow. He was almost ready to transform. Shigekazu suddenly screamed out in pain, a hunger filled him that he could not explain and the plate on his chest wore away. He was free from his body, but the hunger drove him mad with rage. He screamed out in a mindless manner, having gone completely over. While screaming, white fluid began to pour from his mouth nose and eyes. They coated his face thoroughly, forming a white mask with deep green eyes piercing through. His body contorted and formed wings, and claws as big as a human head grew from his arms and legs.

The beast ravaged the souls of the living, going in to an abrupt feeding frenzy that caused people to think an epidemic had hit the town. People began to fear for their lives, and the shinigami had to step in. They sent a shinigami who they thought would be able to quench the beast, but in the end his fight was in vein. After that event, Shigekazu earned the code name Koumorikuroi (Koumori meaning bat and kuroi meaning black). He was slowly regaining his consciousness, and realizing he was sentient, soon he would begin a dangerous path of power. Koumorikuroi found himself hungry for souls, though the more he ate the less they satisfied his great desire. This was the issue that caused him to change further.

Suddenly, Koumorikuroi found a calling, a grouping of souls that seemed adequate. He went to the Menos hunting grounds where mass chaos had ensued. He fought with many menos to be hollows, feeding on as many as he could. His hunger drove him made with rage as he finally felt this would be enough. The more he ate the more power he felt. The faster he grew the easier eating became, feeding on the weak, and destroying the strong. Though he never failed in these fights, he found that his body was growing to strong, and his form changed once more. He began to grow tall, very tall. Spikes jutting from his chest, and his body began to grow much more powerful. Though one oddity was that he noticed he continued to have sentience, something all of the other gillian did not seem to have. His mask was also unique, it had not changed.

As he gathered himself up he began to realize that eating these other Gillian was the answer, it brought much more contempt to him than the menos could, or rather, it seemed he hungered more, and this was the best answer. After years of feeding, Koumorikuroi grew more and more hungry. A fear swept over him that he would eventually starve. This, and all emotion was becoming annoying to him, and he set aside his fears and emotions to feed. After many more years, he found that his body had grown so powerful that the form he was in could no longer survive, and his body began to change once more. His body grew small once more, taking on the form of a huge bat, about six feet tall with a maw filled with razor teeth. The hunger began to grow once more.

Although he did not realize it, Koumorikuroi had grown quite powerful. He was nearing a stage in his evolution that would be his pinnacle, and he didn't even know what he had become. Koumorikuroi was one of the few to travel alone, feeding on other adjuchas, the hunger once again settled by only this new form of cannibalism. Having eaten so many souls, Koumorikuroi found that emotions were beginning to seem pointless. Why cry for the lost? Feel nothing and strength increases. With that, Koumorikuroi ate countless adjuchas, years and years of constant feeding brought him closer and closer to a new unknown goal. How stupid of him to realize he was going to be in such a constant struggle, but it paid off finally. After almost fifty years of eating adjuchas, he finally found his power was beginning to grow to strong once more. A new change happened. Horns sprouted from the top of his head. His body began to take on the shape of armor and the hole had moved to the center of his chest. In this form, Koumorikuroi took on a new challenge, how he would grow stronger. He realized he was at his peak, no more transformations could possibly come his way. That is, until he found about the stage known as Arrancar.

Koumorikuroi wandered through the deserts of Hueco Mundo, seeking knowledge of this form. He fought everything that came his way, his power unmatchable by most hollows. The Vasto Lorde had perfected the art of cero, and soon he would learn many more skills to aid him in his fight. As he fought, Koumorikuroi grew stronger, finally taking on enough power that it made him almost feel ill. Having replaced his emotions with strength, Koumorikuroi had become quite the intelligent being. He learned that the mask must be broken to advance in the next step. While it seemed crude to break the mask with his hand, Koumorikuroi decided he would strain himself until he knew he was ready. A fight with another Vasto Lorde brought him to that point. The Vasto Lorde he fought was very strong, they were equals in all ways. It came down to who would push harder, and Koumorikuroi decided it would be him.

The moment came, it would be one last strike that would end the fight, but before it could happen, Koumorikuroi felt it. A crack had formed in his mask, it was read to be broken. Koumorikuroi reached up to take the mask in his hand, and with a sudden growl of pain he ripped away half of his helmet, leaving only the left half in his place. A sudden explosion of power hit as he had hit the final stage. A glow enveloped him head to toe, transforming him in to a human shape, with half of his Vasto Lorde helmet still attached. The hole once more moved, though unusually it moved to his neck. Koumorikuroi found that there was a sword at his side, and he was wearing only the crudest of robes. This fight was over, and Koumorikuroi would be the victor.

Saisegawa sought out Koumorikuroi, having decided to make him one of the elites in his army. Aizen promised power, and comfort. Koumorikuroi accepted, and was promptly renamed once more, Asirion faustus. This name was brought to him before Saiyagawa took him in. Saiyagawa gave Asirion the right to be an Espada, the 1st Espada. With it came great power, but also harsh rules. Asirion obeyed them, and followed Saiyagawa 's orders without fail. He would be one of the strongest beings in Hueco Mundo, thanks to Saiyagawa 's army.
Personality:Asirion is quiet, calculating, and always serious. There is a lack of visible emotion in him, showing only a solemn face to all who see him. With no sense of humor or concept of happiness, Asirion does he feel any emotions. Instead, Asirion only finds satisfaction in the lack of emotion, having trouble understanding them at times. If someone cries over a death, Asirion only wonders why they'd cry over something so trivial. When Asirion is placed in a situation where most people would be scared, the only reaction he might have is surprise. Though Asirion has been surprised about things before, it takes a lot of effort to do so.

There is no being that Ulquiorra is different towards. He leaves everyone at an indifferent state in his mind and carries no friendship. The only loyalty with Asirion is to Saiyagawa , and beyond that there is no care of friend or foe. If someone is weak, they are nothing but trash, or expendable. An ally who gets in the way of Asirion or Saiyagawa immediately becomes an enemy with no regard of past memories. This makes Asirionterrible enemy, or a good ally. If someone follows Saiyagawa 's path the way Ulquiorra does, then he has no fear of keeping them on an indifferent stage, but as soon as they cross paths, Asirion takes action with no regrets.

Unlike most Espada, Asirion is neither violent nor hasty. Asirion is not the first to begin attacking, unless provoked or commanded by The new leader. Asirion never attacks randomly, only doing so if it is part of Saiyagawa 's plans. This means that if passing by a lot of people is his goal, Asirion would sooner use sonido than attack them, if they won't let up, they would then be considered in the way and disposed of. Because of this nature, some Espada even think Asirion is afraid of fighting, but the ones who have been lucky enough to see him fight know he doesn't know fear.

There is no friend for Asirion, though the same can be said about enemies. Asirion never carries a grudge, simply killing who he's ld to, and letting live the rest. The only bond he shoes is in death. If someone is qualified as a good fight, Asirion shows them by cutting a hole in their chest where his hole is. This is not a sign of companionship, but rather, a symbol of acceptance. This means that although Ulquiorra is stronger, the one he defeated was not trash. Though this attack is incredibly rare, it in a way is a form of honor toward the fallen foe's strength.

When Asirion is out of options, he will draw his blade and activate his resurrecion. In this form he is much faster, and can take much harder of a hit. On top of that he can use the ultimate form of cero, a black cero that is far more powerful than any other form. On top of that, he can hurl any type of energy based weapon at his opponent, making his attacks non stop from every angle. With that much power, Asirion moves to get right in peoples face, striking with nearly impossible force to destroy them in every way. It is regarded as one of the most dangerous tactics among the Espada, though actually the most powerful.


Role-play Sample:The night sky of Las Noches, how it sickened Erra. He had once heard rumor that the artificial sky existed because it allowed Saiyagawa to watch over his entire kingdom, a rumor that had stuck with Asirion. Even if it wasn't true, it presented a rumor of power that Asirion could only dream of. The power to control the very heavens; that power would be grand.

Asirion caught himself salivating at the thought of possessing a power such as that. But alas, he did not yet have the means for it. Already three Espada were gone, and his own position of power kept getting better. After all, Asirion now had control of the Arrancar forces, a feat that allowed him to now match that withered piece of meat Royal guard in terms of symbolic power.

His nostrils flared, taking in the stench of Saiyagawa's kingdom. Too polluted by those three Shinigami. How he would love to feast on their flesh, but Asirion wasn't quite yet ready for that. Perhaps the blind one, or the sneaky white haired one, but not Saiyagawa And no doubt, Asirion would have to be ready to take down all three at once in order to claim their power.

So for now, he grunted and snarled as he sat on his white throne in his large, dark room. How ironic, he thought, that Asirion controlled the Arrancar forces, yet he couldn't get a single light put in his throne room. Anyone who entered the room stood no chance of beholding his grand throne, and it sickened Asirion. Why have power if you can't flaunt it?

Still playing the part of good dog for the time being, Asirion got out of his throne, and made his way across the gigantic room. Furiously scratching his head, he started cackling as he crossed the room. Today would be a grand day, after all. He would be presenting the first of his own "Taicho", to put it into the terms of those heretics.

Nikon Fausto would make the ideal Fraccion. He was an incredibly loyal soldier already to the Arrancar cause, and as the 102nd Privaron, Fausto more than had the power necessary to join Asirion's ranks. If given the task, Asirion was almost certain Fausto could carry it out. Which would serve well for the Espada's plans well.

The smile on Asirion's face stretched ear to ear, his teeth reflecting the light as he opened the door to Las Noches. His maniacal laughter bounding out from deep in his body, Asirion set out to find Fausto for the introduction ceremony he had set up.

(( note : it was just a roleplay i made but he Won't pull anything like that ))
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PostSubject: Re: Asirion faustus   Wed May 12, 2010 4:13 pm

Well, your Cero seems OP
Does it have any kind of cooldown?
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Asirion faustus


PostSubject: Re: Asirion faustus   Thu May 13, 2010 4:46 am

I think it does im not be able to use it for another 2-3 hour

Well i think i could change some of it
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PostSubject: Re: Asirion faustus   

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Asirion faustus
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