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 Akira Shinomu

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PostSubject: Akira Shinomu   Thu May 13, 2010 10:36 am

Basic Information
Name: Kuta Shinomu
Age: 134, but looks 19
Gender: Male
Division: 9th Division
Rank: Captain

Techniques (Optional, but good to have)
Name: Dai Kiba
Description: Akira creates kunais made of his reiatsu. They explode when making contact with an object.
Strength: 54
Speed: 46
Accuracy: 73
Stamina: 67

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name: Ginsho (Silver Star)
Zanpaktou Appearence: A regular katana with a circle shaped guard with a lions teeth description and an orange hilt.
Shikai Appearence:
Shikai Ability: Allows him to control the wind and air and cover the blades in wind.

Bankai Appearence: Shi no Ginsho (Silver Star of Death) Eight blade shaped wings made of wind hovering over his back.
Bankai Ability: Can shoot both real bullets and bullets made of wind and can use the wings to stab his enemies or immobolize them. He's able to control where the blades go using his mind. He also uses the blades attached to the guns for close combat.

Zanpaktou Release Phrase: Settle your fangs, Ginsho

Kido/Ginto: Intermediate
Zanjutsu/Marksmanship: Advanced
Hakudo: Intermediate
Hoho: Intermediate

Background and Personality
History: When Akira was an infant, he was left on the streets. Not having eating anything, he started crying, but no one payed any attention to him. One day though, a little boy found him and took him to his home. When they got to the boys house no one was home. Putting Akira on a table, he went to the cabinets and got some food out to make soup for the both of them. After making the soups, he started feeding the young infant. After being fed, Akira had then fell asleep. The boy then place him back in his carrige and placed a blanket over him. He went too sleep after putting a blanket over himself. Few years later, when Akira was old enough, his older brother became a Shinigami for the Gotei 13. Giving him some money, he told Akira to get some food from the shops. At the shop, he had bought some dangos and fruit. Running back home, he noticed some guys picking on a kid. Knowing that he'll be late, he decided to help the kid. Tackling one of the adults to the ground he started punching him. One of the others grabbed him and threw him against a wall. They started kicking him and calling him names. Seeing the kid crawl away to safety, he then smiled to himself and got punched in face. Then, one of them took out a knife and was about to stab him. Thinking that his life was about to end, he closed his eyes to await his fate. Opening his eyes, he saw his brother holding the mans wrist and kicked him away. Giving the others a menacing look, making them walk away. Akira then fell uncounsious and his brother placed him over his shoulder and took the food he bought with them towards their home. Waking up, his brother was eating a dango when he saw him awake. Seeing as though he won't defend himself from others, he enrolled him into the academy. The next day, Akira was full of happiness, entering the same academy as his brother. He did well using mostly destructive kido spells and using a weapon. The next morning, his older brother told him that he was planning on becoming the Captain of the 9th Division, which made him really happy. One night, when he was asleep, he often has dreams of being in on a mountain with the sun setting while in the same place, an orange sky, no clouds, and the wind blowing continuously. A tornado would appear and a silver fur woldog would appear in it with wings. It would sometimes tried to talk to him, but he couldn't hear what it said due to the noise the wind was making. He would tell his brother about, who then told him that it was his zanpaktou calling for him and that he must learn its name to use it. The day before the captain test, he had the same dream again. This time, when the wolfdog was speaking to him, he was able to hear it but it was faint. Then, a certain word came to his mind. By saying it, the animal nodded its head and transformed into wind and came towards him. Waking up, he felt something in his right hand, he smiled towards himself. The next day, his older brother went to take the Captain exam while he went to his squad quarters. In the afternoon, there were news about hollows attacking. Him and his other squad members were sent to eliminate the threats. Fighting one, he was able to use a technique he created and was able to destroy one. Then, thinking that they defeated all of them, he saw one get away and went after it. Following it, he learned that it was going towards where his brother was taking the test. Making four kunai like blades, he threw them towards its head, but only got its right arm and only destroyed its right hand. Seeing him, it swatted him and he landed into the ground. Getting up, he saw it starting to destroy the building. Then, its entire right arm was sliced off. He knew that it was his brother who destroyed due to seeing him practice. Planning to help him, him then fell back from what getting injured. Looking towards him, the hollow made its fingers extend into talon-like claws and planned to kill him. Knowing that he's going to die, he closed his eyes, preparing to die. Opening his eyes, he saw his brother being impaled, with shock in his eyes. When the hollow pulled its claws out, he did nothing as he saw his brother falling to the ground in a pool of blood. Scrambling towards his brother, he could feel the the pulse slowing down. When he his brother told him that he was glad to have him as a brother and that they were able to have fun with each other. Then, breathing his last breath, he had died. Crying, Akira became so angry that he released all of his spiritual pressure that was strong enough to bring the hollow to its knees. Releasing his shikai, and then began decapitating the hollow, with hate in his eyes. After it had disappeared, he took his brothers body to their house and buried him next to their house, using his zanpaktou as a gravestone. He then vowed that he'll become the captain that his brother wanted to become. In the next years, on the anniversery of his brothers death, he became the captain of the 9th division, while also learning bankai.
Personality: He tends to goof off alot. He can be found balancing things on his head and keeping his balance on things. He also walks on his hands while trying to balance. Also, he is mostly cool headed and barely lets things affect. Though, he tends to get angry with things that would really bother him and are things that would truly upset him. Can be kindhearted towards people that are innocent and aren't the type to hurt a person.

Role-play Sample: Akira was in his quarters, signing papers. Putting the one he had just finished on a stack, he looked at the other pile, which had more of them. Sighing, he placed his fist under his right cheek. "Man, I can't believe I still have this much stuff to do." he told himself. Looking around and seeing no one around, he leaned back in his chair and took out his zanpaktou and placed it on his right index finger. It would fall off a couple of times until he was able to keep it still for a few minutes before it had fell again. Feeling bored, he placed his zanpaktou back into the sash around his waist and grabbed his pen. He then started twirling it in his fingers and throwing it in the air. Sometimes, he would either catch it or miss it a few times. Thinking that if someone were to walk in and see him not doing anything, that he'll get yelled at. Grabbing one of the sheets from the pile, he began signing it and putting it in the other pile. After a few hours, he was finished with all of them. Taking a few pieces of paper out of his desk, he began making origami out of them. Some of them resembling animals with others looking like shapes. Seeing as there was nothing left for him to do, he used shunpo and was on the roof. Since he was tired from signing all of those sheets he plans on going to sleep. Just before he did he had mumbled "Kyomon." A glass like barrier formed around him, allowing him to sleep without any intrutions.
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PostSubject: Re: Akira Shinomu   Sat Sep 11, 2010 2:52 pm

I'm finally finished with my profile.
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Akira Shinomu
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