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 Blade w.i.p

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Shūsuke Amagai


PostSubject: Blade w.i.p   Sun May 16, 2010 3:45 am

Basic Character Info
Name: Blade
Age: 152
Visual Age: 16
Gender: Male
Ex-Division: 2nd
Appearance: Blade has black hair and he is always serious, He wears clothing that represent his division *2nd Squad Division* Blade makes himself look like a ninja/assassin type of guy because he feels that he should represent himself very truthfully.Blade shows his personality by what he wears not how he acts, people usually do the opposite but i guess Blade is just a different man. Blade keeps his zanpaktous on his waste and he has a tatoo on his arm that represent what he had in his past life. "L.E.D" was a international gang which was around the world. Lunar Evening Death or L.E.D was a gang that assassinated people which i will talk about in my history after. Blade wears some old bronze shoulder pads with bandages all around his body. Blade wore a long purple belt and navy blue baggy sweat pants.(xD).

Personality: Blade has a personality of Hitsugaya, how you may ask? Blade ask cool around people he does not know but he is easily irritated by people in his squad. Blade could keep his cool until someone does something really horrid like "take over the world using something they stole from him." Blade acts really shy because of something that happened in the real world which he can never forget even though he is now a shinigami of great respect, or so he was told he has great respect.Blade has a little model or I should say phrase,metaphor,statement the list goes on. It goes like "Those who try hard to earn respect will lose it but those who act like they don't need respect will gain more." Blade has been a man who make alot of quotes that actually inspired people. Blade is really creative man but he is still haunted by his past. In time of fights Blade would always have this 1 flashback, A man standing in a field holding a dagger near his eye, the man will then look back as a tear of blood will drip down from his face then onto his mouth.The man will then throw the dagger up in the air as it would fall down in a fast downwards motion as the blade points down directly after when it touches the first hair of the old man the man will vanish as Blade would get out of his flashback. Blade is really loyal to his family and his captains.

Background/RP Sample
Background: Human World: Blade was born in a small town outside of Japan, This town is not popular anymore because it was destroyed a very long time ago. Blade lived in a really dangerous town because some people call it the town of spirits, They called that the town of spirits because they were spirit particles all over the air which attracted alot of spirit particles. Blade every day he had to go to school to learn that he was a main target for a Japanese Assassination Agency.Blade got attacked alot and he didn't know what to do, they would go for his old beloved sister. One day they eventually got her raped her and then murdered her which left Blade with a hidden anger. A anger so big it might unleash on the one who killed her.

A few days later a phone call was directed to Blade's cell phone. Blade eventually found the guy and slit his throat. The reason for the attack was because Blade had a forbidden artifact that no one was aloud to have because of its power. Blade did not want to give it all up until the day a group of hollows attacked Blade. Blade was totally unaware because at his age he couldn't see anything that something to do with spirits, Blade was saved by a "Shinigami". You might want to know how he knew that he was saved by a Shinigami, When Blade was getting attacked the Shinigami saved him by killing the hollow but after the Shinigami got into his gigai and started to interact with Blade. The Shinigami was sent to this time to save it.

After the meeting with that Shinigami his whole life changed. Blade started to figure out what and why the artifact was so important. Blade then found out that the artifact had some ancient Japanese writing on it. "The light will block the darkness when the right time comes" Blade did not know how the light will block the sun but he didn't mind. Blade was again attacked by the J.A.A but Blade was protected, by a leader of the L.E.D Lunar Evening Death. Blade was grateful until the Leader asked Blade to join him. Blade knew that the ganging world was not for him because of his age (15) but he had no choice because of the J.A.A constant harassment towards him. Blade had to take that offer just for the safety of his life and his artifact.

A few years past as Blade was now one of the leaders of the L.E.D. Blade was in a meeting about the J.A.A, thats when Blade figured out that he has been played for the last few years. One of the leaders said "Blade you must run the L.E.D wants to kill you for the artifact!!!" Blade had no intentions of running until that leader was shot in the back. Blade thought he was saved by that Leader but then he kinda thought to himself, "The L.E.D is just another J.A.A" yelled Blade as he back flipped his way out of the door. Blade looked at the men there and was disgusted by there inadequate behaviour. They lead Blade on, made him leader just to kill him.

Blade was trapped as he stood in front of the Leader of the L.E.D and the J.A.A, Blade knew his time was up but instead he threw the artifact out of the window. Blade was then shot 5 times and that was the end of Blade's days in the Human world. The J.A.A was then under a big law suit which got the people in the J.A.A arrested. The L.E.D on the other hand was lead by a new man...A man who warned Blade. The L.E.D was now a orphanage but they changed the name. Blade's Orphans a group of the L.E.D has led this all in his honour, for being a brave man. Blade was honoured for all this attention but unfortunately the town was destroyed because the shinigami that was forced to work there did not fulfil his duty and he died in a ditch.

Life on earth as a spirit: When Blade was on earth as a spirit he only did 1 thing, Blade watched out for the guy who told Blade what happened until he died. After a few years later a group of hollows kept stalking Blade and wanted to kill him. Blade was not to dumb so he always dodged the Hollows no sweat until a shinigami chased him around japan. The Shinigami said he wanted to help but he didn't believe it so he ran until the Shinigami go him. That was when Blade's last day on earth was gone and until he found out he was in rukogai once and for all. He seen his sister who was in horrible shape as a spirit.

Life In Rukogai: Blade was really poor in Rukogai but he managed to find his grandmother, Katana Hayashi a female which believed in rights and freedom but she was executed for her beliefs. Blade every night would sleep in his grandmothers home hoping that he could be a shinigami. Blade trained all day and all night using a stick that was sanded to make a nice texture which also made it looks like a training weapon.Blade trained all day all night even during the rainy days, Some times kids on the outer side of the fence would point and laugh. Blade was discriminated because those kids were taught that the shinigami's are all alike, strong, merciless and unconnected with the world or the people in Rukongai.

When Blade is training he would some time have a false break down or some may say it as a flash back. Anyways Blade would get this flash back all the time, A man standing in a field holding a dagger near his eye, the man will then look back as a tear of blood will drip down from his face then onto his mouth.The man will then throw the dagger up in the air as it would fall down in a fast downwards motion as the blade points down directly after when it touches the first hair of the old man the man will vanish as Blade would get out of his flashback. Blade never knew what it was but at times he think that man is his zanpaktou.

The Promotion: Blade was promoted as the 5th division captain because the old one was slain by Blade, Blade secretly killed him but he has not told anyone, Blade was the asked to be a captain because he was the most fit to.

Rp Sample:
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Blade w.i.p
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