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 Zanki Character Creation Application

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PostSubject: Zanki Character Creation Application   Mon May 17, 2010 10:17 am

Basic Character Info
Name: Zanki
Age: 18
Visual Age: 21
Gender: male
Ex-Division: soul society
Appearance: medium height with long black hair with eyes bandaged

Personality: Zanki is a quiet and distant character who will fight with all his strength to eliminate his enemy but when it comes the social hour hell be off by himself relaxing under a tree sleeping off somewhere when it comes to his friends he's funny and carefree but in a formal setting always mannered but still shy and distant

Background/RP Sample
RP Sample: Wandering trough Karakura Town on a lonely night Zanki spotted a small girl leaning on a street lamp about twenty feet away as he slowly approached he sensed an unusual presence but out of curiosity he ignored his senses and continued forward about five feet away from the girl he asked her are you ok someone so young shouldn't be out so late at night as the strange girl turned her eyes were almost devoid of any signs of life and as she fell Zanki reached his arm out and stopped her from falling to the cold concrete sidewalk as he looked at her he was wondering what could've done this to her as he looked up he saw the same strange man from his past and out of anger confusion and curiosity he dropped the girl and ran after him yelling STOP WHO ARE YOU WHY DID YOU HELP ME and as the strange man disappeared he just laughed hahahahaha mwuahahah
Background: Zanki wasn't born in one of the Noble families but started out in rukongai district but there was something different about Zanki his eyes were crimson red like blood & for this small reason children and adults hated him treated him like an omen now what child could ever deserves this so and his life continued like this for awhile until one fateful night when returning home he noticed something strange about the atmosphere almost an ominous warning was telling him to not go home but he ignored this knowing that he needed to go home for the night after home is where the heart is but as he entered the door he looked upon the ground and saw blood blood as red as those eyes and as he saw those bodies lying up on the wall to his devastation it was his parents but he had no time to mourn for he heard two voices slowly approaching and they were the same men who killed his parents so Zanki hid in the closet and as the two otherworldly creatures (note: its still the same men) enter he cracked a small peek to see his parents killers and as he gazed upon them a fire a true rage festered inside of him and as he thought about them a small voice echoed within his head and it said "if you want power find me" and as the two were still looking around the house one of the men said "come out you stupid brat I'm gonna take those damn eyes from you" (please pardon the language) and then as those remnant words left his mouth a crushing almost malevolent spirit pressure filled the house and as the two figures turned they saw him that almost wrathful spirit pressure was coming from the boy and as they threw him out of the closet and onto the floor one of the men raised his sword and swung but before it could strike Zanki an enigmatic figure popped in saying "so whats happening here i see two dead figures a small runt and two scumbags who don't deserve the second grace they've been given" and before thos words could reach Zanki both of the men fell like dogs and as the strange man left he turned and said "if you never want this to happen again become stronger and find "it"

Zanpakuto Information
Name: kuroraikou (means Black Lightning)
Release Phrase: strike and awe Kuroraikou!
Element/Family: Lightning
Manifestation: a cloaked figure with a particular sense of humor
Sealed Zanpakuto: like a regular katana
Shikai Ability:(Shikai Black lightning forms around the blade and wielder and if slashed by the blade the enemy is surrounded and electrocuted if directed by the slash will only electrocute for a brief moment but it feels like you're insides are on fire
[Bankai applies only for Captains, Advanced Vice Captains and Elite Vaizards]

Hollow Mask
Name: Byakurai
Manifestation: looks like Zanki but with white hair and white eyes
Ability:mask enhances Zankis lightning & speed for max efficiency
Hollow Mask Appearance:
Duration/Cooldown: can be used for 5 posts cool down is 7 posts

Name: Inazuma Sakebi (lightning cry)
State: Shikai
Description: technique is Inazuma Sakebi it allows Zanki to use high speed combat and free flow to allow him to do whatever he needs in combat
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PostSubject: Re: Zanki Character Creation Application   Mon May 17, 2010 11:43 am

No....just no. My backround alone was longer then your entire app. If you want vizard your gonna need a shitload more work
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Zanki Character Creation Application
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