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 Wonderweiss Margera

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Wonderweiss Margera

PostSubject: Wonderweiss Margera   Tue May 18, 2010 7:08 am

Name:Wonderweiss Margera
Age:312(Looks 13)

Wonderweiss has a thin and somewhat child-like body. He has light blond hair, parted to one side, with the tips fanning out from his face. The remains of his Hollow mask consist a three-point tiara on the top of his head. He only has two teeth visible when smiling, freckles and bright purple eyes. He wears the Arrancar jacket with a hole in the middle of his chest, revealing his Hollow hole and the tip of a mark on his chest. The outfit also has large arm cuffs on the sleeves.

As a Hollow, he was roughly humanoid in both size and shape. Even though his body was wrapped in bandages during his birth, with several protrusions throughout his body.
Resurrection Information
Represent:The Prince of Extinguished flames
Looks: * Resurrección: The release command is unknown. After releasing, Wonderweiss becomes a somewhat mutated version of himself. His shoulders and thighs grow significantly larger, with the shoulders popping out upwards. His arms and legs are also altered in size, being much skinnier than before. There are five holes in his abdomen, with two or three lines within each hole, except the middle. His face is covered from the upper half by a tall mask with three small horns, which seems to make his eye sockets hollow.

Name: Cero
Description:Cero: Wonderweiss generates a Cero from his mouth. Its full potential hasn't been shown as Mashiro extinguishes his Cero while he is charging it.

Description:This technique hardens the users spiritual pressure and fires it from their fist like a bullet. The power emanating from his hand after his attack was pink and static-like, signifying his Bala is pink.

Description:Wonderweiss' Hierro is shown to be very strong being able to pierce Ukitake's chest with ease.[30] He can take a beating and being thrown into buildings with extreme force without barely being fazed

Description:A method Hollows use to move from Hueco Mundo into the Human World. It tears the dimensional space and reveals a portal of whirling energy. Wonderweiss is able to move between worlds using this technique.

Name:Immense Spiritual Power
Description:All of the Arrancar invading Karakura during Ulquiorra's mission to capture Orihime Inoue were stated by 12th Division observers (using spiritual power measuring sensors) to be Espada level.

Description:Wonderweiss can even emit a loud battle cry that shattered Hitsugaya's ice obelisk, as well as countering Mashiro's Cero. With his battle cries he seems to be able to control Fūrā; as Tōsen said, "his words have meaning".

Name:Expert Hand to Hand Combatant
Description:During battle, Wonderweiss relies primarily on his hand-to-hand combat. He seemingly possesses no formalized skill and simply uses instinctual force punching and grabbing at his opponents offensively. He commonly launches directly into battle with no care for any physical attack he may receive with no physical defensive technique other then dodging which he shown skill in.
Extinguir Powers

Name:Ryuujin Jakka Seal
Description:The main ability of Wonderweiss is to "Seal" the power of Ryūjin Jakka, so that all new flames would be sealed within the blade and all the flames already produced are sealed within Wonderweiss himself, so long as he lives. Should he die, the flames he sealed within himself burst out in an explosion. In exchange for this ability, his speech, memory, intelligence, and reason were discarded.

Name:Enhanced Hierro
Description:He is later shown capable of grabbing hold of Yamamoto's Zanpakutō's blade as it is swung at him while sustaining no injury.

Name:Enhanced strength
Description:He is also shown capable of throwing Yamamoto with relative ease.

Name:High Speed Regeneration
Description:Even after having half of his mid-section knocked out, Wonderweiss is able to easily regenerate the damage.

Name:Extra Arms
Description:From his back and shoulder, Wonderweiss is able to produce multiple large arms that can stretch to large lengths.

Ressacurion Abilities:Resurrección Special Ability: As the only modified Arrancar in existence, Wonderweiss was made with the sole purpose of nullifying Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto's Zanpakutō abilities.

History and Personality:According to Aizen, all forms of rationality, memory retention, speech, and intelligence was purposely removed to enhance his power.[3] Because of this, Wonderweiss's personality is very childlike, comparable to someone with autism; for example, when sent on a mission to kill, he instead played around with a dragonfly. He shows some hostility, firing a defensive Bala blast at one point, but quickly reverts back to his usual childlike state after doing so. In a later confrontation, Wonderweiss displays a higher level of hostility by stabbing Ukitake through the chest without any warning or provocation. Despite his childlike demeanor, he also displays some compassion by freeing Tia Harribel.

Wonderweiss does not speak in sentences due to his modifications, only saying a few drawling syllables at a time such as an infant would. The only coherent phrase he has ever spoken is his own name, immediately after being "reborn" as an Arrancar. Kaname Tōsen remarks that Wonderweiss, like himself, is a pure being (though he remarks he doesn't quite know what exactly is pure about him) who often tend to stick together; he claims this is why Wonderweiss follows him everywhere. It is implied that he tried to restrain Gin Ichimaru from approaching Tōsen because Wonderweiss was wary of him.

Spent almost an hour on this well this is the Application
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Wonderweiss Margera

PostSubject: Re: Wonderweiss Margera   Wed May 19, 2010 3:21 am

Role Play sample:
Ever since the Battle of Fake karakura Town Fura was killed so he greived for his partner he was also sad that Tosen Left him without a word.

Wonderweiss Left Las Noches and Hunted Gillians in the Menos Forest
Wonderweiss slowly Walked into the Forest of Menos and encountered a herd of Gillians with 2 Adjuchas Leading them

"Wonderweiss Shunpos and and Cuts down some Gillains and 10 Gillians started to shoot ceros at Wonderweiss,Wonderweiss Quickly dodged and shoot a bala at The adjuchas Killing one of them wonderweiss Got bored of this fight already so he battlecried Killingthe horde of Gillians

Then a while later A huge hollow came using a Garganta Bigger than Fura The hollow was drawed by the Battlecry

Part 1 Complete
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Wonderweiss Margera

PostSubject: Re: Wonderweiss Margera   Wed May 19, 2010 6:41 am

Part 2

The hollow was twice the size of Fura Wonderweisses previous partner.

The hollow was drawn by Wonderweisses Battlecry

The hollow was Furas Grandfather when they were living in the Real world

Wonderweiss Was suprised he thought Fura was the Largest Hollow until he has seen this hollow

The hollow was friendly to the Arrancar since he had a bit of reatsu of Fura

Wonderweiss thought he could be his new partner and he named him Fyura.
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PostSubject: Re: Wonderweiss Margera   Thu May 20, 2010 12:27 am

First of all you only to need posted once that is the point of the rp example also We (The admins) don't care how long it took you but approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Wonderweiss Margera   

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Wonderweiss Margera
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