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 Kush Haze

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PostSubject: Kush Haze   Tue May 18, 2010 8:47 am

Name: Kush Haze

Rank: Captain or Vice Captain or Regular Shinigami, doesnt really matter.

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Kush is a very nice person. He would be the person to come up to you, and greet you warmly while giving you a piece of candy. He isn't the type of person to sit back and wait, he is usually doing something. He gets all his work done first, then relaxes. Even if he "chooses" what work it is, he still gets it done no matter what. Kush isn't the type of person to let punishment go easily, he is strict when it comes to buisness, but is pretty laid back either way. Kush is very random, usually saying weird things that are off the wall most the time. He is the person to usually break the tension, the first one to talk, the last one to talk insults. He is very uptight sometimes, wanting things to go his way. Even though his relaxedness cancels most of it out, he usually will put his thoughts in any conversation, not caring if he interrupts most the time. Kush is a abismal, not caring what happens, laid back type of guy.

Specialties: Kush is a skilled cook and is usually at home cooking something to eat. He is a skilled swordsmen, and pratices alot with his Guns out in the forests where teh hospital is. He works on engines in his spare time.

History: Kush started out in the human world. He doesn't remember to much about it, but he does remember the faces of his family. There was... His sister, his mother, and his dad. After that, nothing. It seemed like his family was extremely weathly, but his memory is to hazy for that. He didn't remember how he died, he remember a accident, he remember... sitting in a hospital bed... after that, nothing. Begining his life in Seireti, he started out at the academy. He was very quiet in school, always trying to get his work done and always trying to fit in the crowds. He felt like he was different somehow from everyone, maybe thats how everyone felt, but he could never shake that fact. It still haunts him really, but graduating the academy he worked with the 7th division, then got a seat with the 6th division.

After going on hollow hunting missions, he got to the top 5 in the division, gaining some respect here and there, but effortlessly getting to the top. It seemed like he could outshine everyone, his Zanpaktou was very unique, even though he couldn't release his Shikai. His zanpaktou's spirit was that of a alien looking creature, it looked like a gray really, but either way, he and his spirit were one and were extremely close. Kush even had some kind of conversation with him every day almost. "Hayashi, how's it going?" "...Kush you have things to do." "...So?" Kush was in the middle of a little spar between squad members. He wasn't having trouble, but the newbie was. After sparring, they went back to the barracks.

Kush got two the Lt. seat pretty quickly. His swordsmenship was extraordinary, his kido was all that great, but he never stopped training. After years of being at Lt, the captain of the 7th division ended up having a accident on a mission, dying in the process. Kush, being a great canidate, was appointed Captaincy after showing that his Zanpaktou infact had reached bankai level, and beat most of the runner ups for the seat. His whole universe was basically devoted to the 7th Captained seat, being very close to the members and to the SS. Kush ran the 7th division greatly, not wanting to look like a show off, he usually would make jokes about anything and everything around him. Even though they might be stale, he tried to keep the moral of all his subordinates high. It was good to keep everything that way, it just seemed like a nicer place.

After one lazy day, Kush was lying down under a tree, wishing there was something to do until his vice captain came up yelling. "Sir! SIR!! Theres alot of paper work here to do, and theres alot of things you have to sign! Where have you been all day?!?" Kush looked up at the overly dramatic vice captain. [b]"...Well how are you Yazi Shasi? I havent seen you all day..." The vice captain looked real mad at Kush. "Are you serious?!? Did you not just here me?!?!" Kush turned over and looked out into the court yard filled with trees with pink pedals and bushes place perfectly, making a perfect seen. "...Well i heard you, but you were yelling, so it kind of distorted you voice... What is it you wanted?" The vice captain looked extremely mad, and walked away. Just another ordinary day for Kush. After a couple of hours of sleep, Kush got up and eventually made his way back to his little office space. It was his home away from home. Kush eventually got around to doing his work, but he just wanted to take a little nap before he did so. He was technically dead, he had time.

Picture of Character: Avatar soon

Sample Chapter: The fairly tall man walked through the lush green forest. The smells of fresh leaves and dew in the air leaves a faint smile on his face. He could here the low whisper of a creek nearby, the smell of crisp clean water hitting his nose every so often. He loved nature, even though deep down his heart was filled with sludge and grime. His love for life was ironic enough for his love of death. Even though he doesnt take life's for no reason. He is a complex man, and his complexity leaves him to where he is today. In a deep, wonderful forest with no where to go. The man doesnt look back though. He believes that everything happens for a reason and the reason "abnormal" things happen to him is to make him stronger. He laughs at the thought. Maybe things that happen abnormally happen because he makes them happen. He shrugs, and gazes at the sun as its rays bounce off everything. Making it seem like the sun had an eye on him. He smiles, looking up at the sky. Its white hue's smearing across the light blue sky. He looks back down and keeps heading down his own path. Leading to where? He doesnt know, but what he does know is that he needs to look out for rogue ninja. They're not to much of a problem, but sneak attacks are fair play in a world without rules. His path takes him to a rickity old bridge. Its wood looked rotted with a dull brown with faded in white, its posts ate'en(?) away from years of water coroding(?). "Hm." He walks onto the bridge without worry. Each step is hollow and light as he walks along the shakey crossing. He can hear the boards cracking under his feet, but pays no attention. The last couple boards buckle under his weight, but he hops up quickly, hopeing no one heard him cross. He takes a couple steps out, his eye's focused forward into another opening in dense foliadge(? cant spell today). When he enters, pushing away twigs and branchs in his route, he hears something rustling. He hops behind a tree, pulling a kunai and grasping its handle tightly. The man peaks around the tree, seeing the widen path stretch and curve into foliadge(?) it disappearing. He notices the same rustling, and hugs the tree tighter, in a striking postion. The sound gets closer. "...To big to be a rodent... not big enough to be a deer..." He points out, as the rustling turns to shuffling, and the shuffling turns to mumbling. "...I heard him! He was spotted coming in eastward, so he cant be to far." Said a short, stocky shinobi with a big ugly smile. He wore all grey, and had a two large shuriken on his back. His jet black hair slicked back like a greasers. "Well, if you were any louder..." Says another short, slightly taller young ninja. He has black hair, and wore a blue vest with grey pants. "Well come one." The greaser snaps, and they walk out the same path as the man. "Hm. My que..." He pulls another kunai, and walks silently behind them. The man had jumped onto a tree branch, with a perfect view of the two. He smiled. A part of him liked the hunt. "...I dont see him." Says the boy, looking around the area of the bridge. "..." The greaser just seems angry, looking into the forest, then back to the bridge, then the water. The man ties a exploding tag onto the kunai silently. "Lets go back. He isnt here." The greaser heads to the opening. "...Alright..." The boy says with disappointment, heading toward the opening. The man waits for the the opening, pulling another kunai and placing a exploding tag on it. When the two bend down, right when they start pushing the twigs and branchs away he leaps from the branch. Soaring through the air, he launchs the kunai with a downward swing, using the momentum to flip and land perfectly on a branch. The kunai wiz to their targets. One piercing the greaser neck, the other going into the chest of the boy. "Gack! Guh!" The greaser spits blood trying to speak. "Gack!! Garggle!!!" He spins alittle, gasping for air. "Oww!!" The boy notices the tag, and his eyes widen. "I don-... I dont..." Then BOOOM! Two large explosions occur. The man doesnt look, and hops down a few branchs, then onto the path. He starts his journey again. He wonders why he must run. He wonders why he cant return to the good life. Helping others. Helping the community. He realizes something, and for the first time in years he looks back. He looks back at the opening, seeing the carnage he just created. The blood splattered green leaves. The brownish crimsion dirt, brain matter mixed in with grains of soil and leafs. He realizes why he can no longer go back to the peaceful community. He realizes why he cant go back to have a family. He knew why he had killed his best friend... The minute he is angered... there would be no rules... no holding back... no regrets... His eyes wide, and facial features without expression. He holds back tears... and walks down the same, going no where path... the path of a missing ninja. (This is just an old rp sample, i can put alot more if needed)

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PostSubject: Re: Kush Haze   Wed May 19, 2010 4:09 am

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PostSubject: Re: Kush Haze   Wed May 19, 2010 4:57 am

Nachos wrote:

Rank: Vaizard Elite

No just normal vizard. This app over all is not elite material. The only diffrence between and elite and a non elite is the amount of spirtual energy thay have so that little rank is a no.

Nachos wrote:

Picture of Character: Avatar

What avatar?

Nachos wrote:

Shikai Ability: Kush will be able to control and manipulate most nature around him mentally. He can make root systems that tunnel under intense conditions, even in air and water (airoponics and hydro/bubbleponics). His blade will disperse a special soil, that on contact with air or water, will grow roots. These roots are extremely strong and wide, being about 6-7 ft in diameter. They grow at a rapid pace, but cannot support the actual tree/plant systems that go with the roots. The roots are about as strong as steel, but can only grow a short distance at about 15-20 feet. They create a tip and spin around to create spear like projectiles. Controlling the plant life around him, he will be able to create many different types of anti-venom and poisons alike, even though poisons will be smaller less affective poison. (Like paralyzing, sight affected, hearing affected, memory forgetting, etc. Nothing like the person dies. Antidotes, enhancments, etc.) He can make whips out of vines, he can make grass into tiny missle like projectiles, etc. He can distribute the greenish, super nutrious mist at will in small areas.

No. This is way to many powers in one. If you want it so your blade makes roots thats fine. However no poison. You cant be able to cure poison and make it all in the same move. Ones an attck the other is defense. So either pick one or neither. The roots are as strong as titainum for all i care in a battle with spirits steel wont mean crap. So there strong as spitual pressure meaning they cant be damaged by anyone under arrancar level. So shinigami captins, espada, and vizards can all destroy those roots with ease. You wanna make it so they cant break the roots? fine but that means you ahve to focus your energy into them which means you cant move while there unbreakable. Even then thatonly lasts for 5 posts tops. Grass destroys itself at speeds way below tiny missle level so no lol just no. No mist what so ever mist contorl is air and or water control hasnothing to do with nature which refers more to earth.

Nachos wrote:

Bankai: His doubled bladed Zanpaktou will gain a green glowish color, always creating a mist like chemical that makes plants grow at a extreme rate, making them grow to their full potential in seconds. This mist will spread wildly around the area. His hydroponic and airoponics double, making it so he can create a forest on a whim.

As stated above mist is fricking water control not nature so no.

Nachos wrote:

Bankai Ability: A large and tightly woven forest will grow around a radius of a half a mile or so. The size matters on Kush and the enviroment. If there in a enviroment that has no support for wildlife, Kush will create withen the mist that comes with his Zanpaktou, and create a soil thats super nutrious, and can stablize wildlife for long periods of time. The forest can even stablize themselves off reiastsu, making it so the forest can appear in mid air. The forest is extremely humid and hot, creating a small pathways and low air space. The forest is extremely dark, only being able to see through the small openings of the top from the sun. Trapped withen the forest is something of a death wish. The forest itself is alive, being tree's and wildlife. The forest is a full illusionary world, in and out, that works off full kinetic or reiatsu or reishi energy. The energy will affect the forest in a way, and create a illusion to keep itself safe. It can, on some occasions, cloak itself and Kush, leaving the opponent out in the "open". The tree's itself create a type of resin thats intuned to reiatsu, and will feed off that source of reiatsu if possible, as long as the source is in the forest or 10-15ft around the tree. The trees are almost as strong as the 3rd strongest thing in the world, and are extremely tall at about 30ft. The treels are about 6-9ft in diameter. The resin is also a reiatsu deflectant, deflecting fire, ice and other harmful natural elements that affect it to a point. Reiatsu based attacks will not be stopped, but will be aten or torn apart or weakend from the resin. Shikai attacks will be stopped fully, while bankai attacks will be weakend and decompsed while travelling, in pursuit, or forming/gathering. The plants and tree's will be fully under Kush's control. Kush can make illusions or the tree's themselves will make illusions to protect themselves. He can make full blown antidotes to most poisons and venoms, make enhancment concoxtions. (Like paralyzing, sight affected, hearing affected, memory forgetting, etc. Nothing like the person dies. Antidotes, enhancments, etc.) Kush can move about the forest freely, by illusion, and knowing the forest completely.

Mid air? No. If a forest appers in mid air then you can simply fly down or up out of it. Also to create something this large and keep it floating would drain all your energy within less than 2 or 3 posts. On top of that your pulling in illusions and absorbtion? BIG no no illusions themselves are the own zanpakto nature. Make all the trees you want but there not animated. There simply trees unless your picking one and adding your reitsu to it to make it grow you bankai needs to be redone.

Nachos wrote:

Haidoroponikku - Hydroponics and Aeroponics
(This is in more depth description about the hydroponic, airoponic that the blade uses. Its more for me to read anyway.) This uses the super nutrious soil that Kush has. When a large amount of the soil is in a body of water, root systems will grow extremely fast and absorb most/all the water used. Then, new forests will grow from that large body of water, or will counter attack by cutting through the body of water. The forest floor will be sturdy on water from the soil and roots that make the forest. The same things happen in air. The soil will be applied to the air, the mist and soil that comes from Kush's Zanpaktou will make roots grow extremely fast, eventually hitting the ground and continuing to grow downward. Even in mid-air, the roots will be able to survive off of the mist that super nutrious.

....im not going to repeat myself

Nachos wrote:

Tenkei - The Gift of Nature
Kush will be able to use the suns energy or reiatsu to create energy blasts. In Shikai, Kush can mimic a photosynthetis and build up large amounts of energy onto his blades. The blades can now shoot a large blast of energy (like a cero) with about a equal strength to one. In bankai, the tree's will store up massive amounts of energy to there trunks. Kush can launch several blasts from different directions with this, and/or, shoot out one very large blast of energy all at once. The blasts in Shikai can be guided through plant life, and shot from different places with plant life. These attacks can be shot from anypoint out of a tree trunk or plant life.
Charge: The tree's continuely make energy, due to them being trees, but will have to charge for three posts after 3+ blasts. There can be a minimum of 4 blasts all together. (So each blast has a one post charge.)

Suns energy? Hell no

Nachos wrote:

Toudo - Frozen Soil
Using the resin that the tree's create normally, the roots will start to emite this resin. The resin will stick to most of the earth around the whole forest, creating roots that literally "stick" to the earth/sand around it, making the tree's almost impossible to move. The resin is almost as strong as the bacteria "Caulobacter Crescentus", which creates the worlds strongest "glue". After moving deep into the earth and supporting the root systems fully, the resin will slowly begin its way up to the surface. The ground will begin to mist up, creating a large fog of greenish mist. This mist can rise to about 5ft or so above the ground, and start to collect reiatsu from the source. The tree's will become slightly stronger as well, being filled on the inside of the tree's "veins" with the substance. The forest will have about a 40yard coverage from the support out side of the tree lines, and the mist will come up in the forest and about 10ft or so out of the forest.

Im not even bothering to read the third one. Simple as this your pulling on powers fromacrap load of diffrent zanpakto natures so no. Oh and this is a Vizard app right? then how come you forgot the biggest thing of all YOUR MASK! Oh and i didnt read your backround so if theres sutin in there about loseing it then what the fucks the point of applying for vizard?
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PostSubject: Re: Kush Haze   Sun May 23, 2010 12:40 am

1. How long should a app be for elite vaizard?

2. I'll get a avatar up, i copied and pasted from another site

3. The mist isnt really a mist, its just the best way to describe it. Its more like a combination of things creating a fertilizer. No water needed =D

4. I'll change the poison.

5. The trees sustain themselves and arent even controlled by the user, they move to protect themselves and can make illusions to protect themselves. The illusions are apart of the zanpaktou themselves. I dont see the problem there.

6. Why cant i use the suns energy to power a cero? Its not a overpowered cero, just a normal one.

7. All the mask stuff will be put up too, i just havent got around to it. And i haven no clue what your talking about when you say "Oh and i didnt read your backround so if theres sutin in there about loseing it then what the fucks the point of applying for vizard?"
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PostSubject: Re: Kush Haze   Sun May 23, 2010 2:25 am

1. Dont bother no real diffrence between normal and elite you can be a normal with a bankai.

2. XD

3. Ok....i need more detail then that ...

4. XD

5. No. Illusions like i said is a zanpakto nature of its own its fine if the trees handle them selves but no illusions AND trees. There two diffrent natures. So pick either trees or redisgn zan around illusions.

6. The sun is a star a giant ball about 32x the size of the earth of hot firey plasma which is also known as the 4th state of matter. Something with that much energy powering a cero...that cero would be strong enough to destory the human world, soul soceity, and henco mundo all in one shot. So...NO! And besides how are you gonna collect energy? the sun is an 8 year trip away. If it blew up tommarow we wouldnt know for 8 years. Which is my other problem so basiclly NO!

7. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Kush Haze   Sun May 23, 2010 2:57 am

3. The "mist" is just nutrition for plants x 100, making it grow faster, sooner. Thats why i need the "soil" and the "mist" to create the roots. Its like super miracle grow.

5. My zan is made around illusions, it revolves around illusions in bankai. My zan is nature/illusions

6. lol Its just a normal cero, collecting the energy from the rays of the sun to make it. Its not super strong or anything. Its just a normal cero lol
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PostSubject: Re: Kush Haze   Sun May 23, 2010 3:23 am

3. fine jsut dont op it or use it on anything other than the plants

5. no, your shika is all nature and then your bankai is nature/illusions. NO FUCKING ILLUSIONS. Illusions was proven by aizen to be an extreamly powerful class in its own regard. Which is why im not allowing it to work in part with anything else so either get rid of the illusions or make and entirely illusions zan. This is what you will do im not argueing with you about it anymroe.

6. If its a normal cero then you can just use your normal spirtual energy -.-
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PostSubject: Re: Kush Haze   Sun May 23, 2010 3:49 am

Forget it, i'll make a whole new zan.
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PostSubject: Re: Kush Haze   

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Kush Haze
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