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 Okashii Hansamu [shinigami] [complete]

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Okashii Hansamu

Okashii Hansamu

PostSubject: Okashii Hansamu [shinigami] [complete]   Tue May 18, 2010 8:59 pm

Basic Information
Name: Okashii Hansamu
Actual Age: 200
Appearing Age: 20
Gender: Male
Division: 8
Rank: Captain

Appearance, Background and Personality

Okashii has slightly sun-kissed brown skin that isn’t dark enough to really be called a tan. He has slightly long dark blonde hair that sits in a messy style on his head where it falls down across his forehead and ears and his eyes are big and a very pure shade of blue; they are sometimes described as ‘boyish’. He has a strong jaw line, but his facial features aren’t overly sharp, yet they aren’t soft either. He has muscle tone, having broad shoulders and very firm muscles that are visually obvious when looking at him. He is thin, but healthily so with a weight of 72kg. He is average height for a male of his age at 6 foot, which is within a healthy range of his weight. Okashii’s overall physical appearance is described as being naturally gorgeous.

He wears the standard Shinigami uniform with no added accessories, preferring not to have to deal with the unnecessary hassles of putting unneeded accessories on each morning. His Zanpakuto is worn on his waist tied to his obi on the left side as he is right handed and it hangs slightly diagonal with the end of the sheath pointing backwards slightly so that it doesn’t just hang straight.

Okashii is very laid back and he loves a good joke or anything that is funny, but he isn’t immature. However, if he was to be approached and asked if he wanted to participate in a prank he wouldn’t hesitate to say yes. He doesn’t very much like working, but he realises it’s something that needs to be done so that he can have more free time, so he tries to speed through it as quickly as possible. He’s a major flirt, and when he sees a pretty girl he can’t help but flirt with her, but he’s a gentlemen - though he is extremely stubborn when he wants to be - and so respects girls and he understands the meaning of ‘go away’ most of the time, though he doesn’t usually hear that too often because of his good looks.

Okashii isn’t the smartest person, but he isn’t the dumbest either. He has an average intelligence, but if he actually takes the time to think something over he can also be a good strategist – though he prefers not to try because that would just mean extra work. But what he lacks in smarts, he makes up for with his amazing leadership abilities and charisma. He relies more on strength and power rather than speed in a battle, and he tries not to think before running head first into a situation – so it isn’t that he’s an idiot that can’t help but not think, it is a very conscious decision. His philosophy is ‘life without danger isn’t much of a life’, and to achieve this he throws himself head first into everything, no matter what the situation, without thinking it through or whether there will be any consequences.

He is extremely honest, and sometimes that honesty gets him into trouble because he can come across as brutally honest at times. However, in saying this he actually is pretty sweet and nice, and he’s also modest, if not a tad arrogant because of his upbringing. Okashii also always tries to be as selfless as possible, risking whatever it takes to save someone, especially those he cares deeply for because he can’t bear the thought of going through what he did when his brother died.

Okashii was a still-birth baby so he never knew a life before Soul Society. He was adopted by a young couple that were very well off financially and socially. They weren’t nobles but they were still fairly high up on the social ladder. Because of this Okashii was brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth and taught that in life he was better than most because of his family heritage. As he grew up he found that he could buy whatever he wanted and he was extremely spoilt, getting whatever he wanted whenever he wanted from whomever he wanted. As a child he was a terror, always picking on the maids and butlers and other house staff for his own amusement, his parents words always coming back to him – he was better than these lowly servants. Nobody ever dared tell him no in fear for their lives from the ‘evil young master’.

One day when he was still young, not quite a teenager, Okashii was walking through the marketplace with his air of superiority, looking down at those around him. However, he made a wrong turn and ended up in an alley with no idea how to get back to the well-lit streets. He cautiously turned to walk back the way he came when he heard a small rustle. On guard he turned and went over to the noise very slowly in case it was a trap – because in his little world everything revolved around him, so it was perfectly reasonable to him that somebody had gone out of their way to set a trap in the middle of nowhere on the off-chance that he would come this way. He reached out a fearless hand and moved a few boxes aside to reveal the source of the noise – a young boy.

He wasn’t too much younger than Okashii himself was, but he was deathly thin and looked as though he had been through a lot. For the first time in his selfish life Okashii felt something that was completely new to him – concern for someone other than himself. He looked on the boy who was obviously of a lower social rank than him, but the words of his parents for once didn’t ring in his mind and he helped the younger boy up and took him out of the alley to his own house. It turned out the boy didn’t have a name so Okashii named him Sukoshi because of how small he was. Sukoshi became an unofficial member of Okashii’s family and when he was well-fed he lost the air of starvation and death that had surrounded him. With the introduction of the new boy Okashii’s very views on how the world worked were questioned, and he soon learnt to become less selfish and to give more to those around him. It took a long time, but as the years passed and the two brothers grew closer Okashii’s entire mannerism and way he acted had changed after being heavily influenced by Sukoshi, who had seen too much of the world, experiences with which he shared with Okashii.

The maids and butlers loved Sukoshi because of how he had changed the young master, and Okashii turned, instead from gaining pleasure out of tormenting others, to jokes and humour, a much more pleasurable pass-time he found. His parents weren’t too pleased with the change however, because they had wanted a ruthless son to be able to take over the household one day and to keep its wealth and status. But they soon came to love Sukoshi as well because it was hard having a grudge against the gentle, fragile boy. They also soon came to accept the new Okashii as well and life was great for the household. That was until Sukoshi fell ill. Okashii acted as nurse maid for the sick boy, praying every day that he would get better. But he just kept getting sicker and sicker.

Both boys knew that he was dying but Okashii wouldn’t accept it, even though Sukoshi had. The small had already escaped one death because of Okashii and he was just glad that he had been given the chance to live and to have met his brother. Sukoshi died not to long later. Rather than going into an emotional spiral into depression as everyone had thought he would, Okashii instead made a promise to his brother to be as selfless as he could and to never go back to the way he was. And in order to do this he was determined to become a Shinigami. The two boys had found out that Okashii had spirit power a few months before hand, but neither of them had said anything in case they took him away and forced him to be a Shinigami. Now that his brother was dead he would become one.

His entrance into the academy was extremely easy due to his family’s wealth and he was accepted easily into student life. Because of his easy-going and laid back attitude he easily became very popular with many, many friends. As he got older and became very good looking he found that he also enjoyed flirting with the girls and he had lost count how many girlfriends he had had - it was that many. He was very good at sword fighting, that being the thing he was best at, but he also found himself very good at kido and reiatsu manipulation – an area he hadn’t thought he would be good at. However, he was let down in his hand-to-hand combat skills, but he took it in his stride and figured he would just practice it later.

During the year before he graduated Okashii was pulled into his inner world for the first time – it was not what he expected it to be. His first experience there was very frightening just for the simple fact that his Zanpakuto was not present, and also because the world was just downright creepy. He didn’t hesitate to leave as quickly as he could, hoping that it had been some kind of mistake and that wasn’t actually his inner world. However that turned out to be not the case when he was pulled back there a few weeks later. This time his Zanpakuto was there and Okashii found out that he had been better off not meeting the demented spirit. After much talking and five more trips to his inner world Okashii found himself slightly more accepting of his other half.

Near the end of the year before graduation Okashii found himself in a familiar place – his inner world. He tried to avoid where possible, but apparently his Zanpakuto – Youki – didn’t like this and practically forced his sword into Okashii’s unwilling hands, telling him to take it. Reluctantly he did, but when he did Youki told him that he would also grant him Shikai so that he could watch the people that Okashii fights against crying out in pain; it made him sick to think that this spirit was a part of him.

In the last task of his academy life Okashii was sent to the living world with a group of other students – eight in total. The eight of them were to clear the area of hollows and to show that they could work well in a group. Things were going smoothly until a group of larger and stronger hollows turned up. The group was unprepared, but Okashii stepped in and immediately took the lead of the group, instructing them what to do and when to do it. With a leader in place the group was able to work efficiently against the hollows. That is until one managed to break through the students, sending them flying.

Okashii saw one smaller boy, who looked very much like his late brother Sukoshi, land away in one place and his sword in another place much further away, with a hollow heading straight for him. He appeared to be injured yet he still moved to stand up and fight, but Okashii knew he wouldn’t be able to hold his own against the big hollow. In a strange feeling of protectiveness Okashii did the thing he had denied his Zanpakuto for weeks – he unleashed his Shikai, killing the hollow outright. The other students, when they got back, looked at him in awe, but he just brushed it off feeling slightly uncomfortable. He hadn’t known why he had protected that boy so fiercely, but it was obvious why when he thought about it – the boy had looked like his beloved Sukoshi, and for a split second it was as though he was fighting to protect his brother. He was accepted into a squad and he became an official Shinigami after his graduation from the academy.

Being a Shinigami wasn’t nearly as hard as a few of the other academy graduates before him had made it seem – in fact he felt that it was strangely easy. But maybe that was because he never took anything seriously, and because of his laid-back and easy-going personality he had become very popular – very much like what had happened in the academy. He didn’t really care much for the fighting as that would require him to use his Zanpakuto – something he tried to do as little as possible – though Youki constantly hounded him to get stronger. He had been a Shinigami for a while but he was suddenly sent on his first Rukongai mission, though it was only to get rid of a few rouge hollows that had somehow managed to find their way to Soul Society. When he got back to the gates to Seireitei however, he saw this most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. Her dark brown hair framed her almost pixy-like features and her extremely dark brown/almost black eyes appeared very large in contrast to her pale features. He noticed her looking at him and he couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his face and his hand raise in greeting

“Hey there!” He started to walk closer to her and the closer he got the more he could sense spiritual pressure emanating from her.

“You know, you should enrol in the academy with all that reiatsu you’ve got, I could sense you from over there.” He saw her eyes widened before she ducked her head, as though in shame.

“I already tried but they told me not to come back.”

“Are you serious? They would be crazy not to take you. I think you should give it another try. Oh, by the way my name’s Okashii Hansamu. Ja ne.” He felt little butterflies start to fly around his stomach, a completely new and unfamiliar feeling, and he needed to get away from her as quickly as possible, as though that would cure this sensation – and it did. The further away he walked the less butterflies he felt.

Over the years as he continued his duties he couldn’t help but continually check on that beautiful female whose name he had learnt to be Koori Yuki. He watched as she grew and became stronger. He knew his habit of watching her was unhealthy but he couldn’t help it, he felt compelled to be near her; drawn to her like a moth is to a flame. As she neared the graduation of her last year in the academy he watched as her training became more intense as she trained almost every free hour of the day – including hours meant for sleep. As she pushed herself to the limit he felt oddly protective of her as though he wanted to tell her that she didn’t need to train so hard; that he would be there for her and protect her.

However, it wasn’t until she literally collapsed during one of her training sessions that he could finally admit to himself, after so many years, that he felt something for her, a feeling stronger than any he had ever felt before for any other female. He started to panic when she didn’t immediately get back up, and his worry clouded his ability to see that she was releasing an unnatural amount of spirit power consistent with someone in their inner world. When she started to stir he immediately jumped into a tree as though to hide his worry and to act nonchalant, though he couldn’t fully get rid of the butterflies which had chosen to take up residency in him. She slowly picked herself up off the ground and rub her nose.

“You should be more careful.” He felt like laughing as she spun violently on her heel to face him.

“I see you took my advice. I figured you’d get in, and I would’ve visited before now, but, you know work and all...” He looked at her sheepishly as she frowned slightly.

“Do you even know my name?” The question took him by surprise and he thought for a few seconds. Of course he knew her name – he thought about her enough.

“Yes, you’re Koori Yuki, the Ice Princess.” Her frown deepened as he said this and he laughed, but inside he was thinking damn! He hadn’t meant to call her by the obviously hated name but it had slipped out.

“Don’t worry, I don’t think you’re an ice princess, though you may be a princess.” He laughed again as he jumped down from the tree. He saw a glint behind her and recognised it to be a sheath.

“Is this your Zanpakuto? It’s pretty cool.” The scabbard was a dark blue colour, and the hilt was powder blue with flecks and swirls of darker shades of blue swirling randomly around like a snowstorm. He watched as she gazed in awe as she slowly unsheathed it. He whistled softly, but he noticed that she was too enthralled by her sword to notice. Blue tendrils reached down the blade and she ran her finger down one of them.

“Well, it was nice seeing you Okashii-san, but I need to practice now.” She turned her back in a clear indication that she didn’t want to talk to him but he didn’t move.

“Why don’t we fight? Wouldn’t that be good training? I mean, it has to be better than when you come out here by yourself to practice sword positions.” Yuki nodded her head slowly in agreement and then looked at him sharply.

“Have you been spying on me?” He looked sheepish again and shook his head. Damn, another slip! It was as though he felt the need to just speak when around her to get rid of his own nervousness, and his mind didn’t always process his words.

“No, I just see you sometimes, that’s all...” She ‘hmphed’ before assuming a battle pose. The two of them sparred and e couldn’t help but think abou how good she was; how elegant and graceful when fighting. As he fought her he made the promise that he would get to know her – the real her – and be friends with her no matter what.

Choose one of the following for each: beginner, intermediate, advanced
Kido/Ginto: Advanced
Zanjutsu/Marksmanship: Advanced
Hakuda: Intermediate
Hoho: Intermediate

Zanpakuto Spirit
Name: Youki na Doukeshi – Youki for short
Translation: Hilarious Clown
Gender: Male
Spirit Appearance
Youki is a tall, extremely thin spirit with white skin. He is around 7 feet tall when he stands to his full height and his skin is pulled very tight across his bones. A bright red mane of messy hair sits on his head reaching down to his shoulders and it is very thick and un-brushed. His face has more make-up on it than a heavy handed female, and it looks as though he put it on blind-folded in the dark and with only a vague idea of what he was meant to be doing. His red lipstick is smudged across his lips and around the area around his mouth. Black eyeliner and mascara is thick and viscous on his eyes, making the white skin around them appear even whiter if possible. His face in total looks like somebody had come and taken a clown from the world of the living and twisted him until he looked like something from a child’s nightmare.

He wears baggy, bright, joyful clothing which seem to be vey out of place compared to the rest of his appearance and it’s almost a mockery of what a clown should look like, with the ridiculously over-sized shoes and patchwork clothes. His light green eyes are extremely bright and glassy, shining with a demented glee as he looks at the world around him.

Youki is a sadistic and demented spirit that takes pleasure out of the pain of others. He loves to watch people suffer and loves it even more when he’s the one causing that suffering. His personality isn’t very complex or deep, with the only trait in his personality that Okashii has been able to uncover is his sadistic trait. Youki is evil, but he also wants to be stronger and so lusts for greater power and does whatever he needs to do to fulfil his lustful desires.

The relationship only goes as far as fighting partners. They are not friends and don’t very much like each other, but realise the necessity that they get along in order to become stronger. Youki is always trying to encourage Okashii to tread the path of evil and to turn to the ‘dark side’ as he calls it, but Okashii always ignores it. The two are complete opposites as one is good while the other is evil, and at times they both find it hard to work together. But Okashii has a deeper understanding of his Zanpakuto and realises that he and his Zanpakuto are two sides of a whole – he was the side that he let show, the good, nice side, while Youki is his evil side, the side he always works to keep suppressed. Because of his dislike of his Zanpakuto Okashii has only learnt of one ability for both his bankai and his Shikai, though his Zanpakuto tells him when he finds the will to learn more he will be able to easily.

Inner world
Okashii’s inner world resembles that of the inside of a big top, circus tent. However, the atmosphere is a lot more sinister and dark, with very poor lighting casting large shadows everywhere like something out of a horror movie. All the items inside the tent – like a trapeze, tight rope etc – all appear larger than they are because of the shadows and make the perfect hiding spots for creatures of the dark. If everything is dead silent you can almost hear the rustling of little things as they move about in the dark, waiting for the right moment to pounce and devour the good inside the tent.

Zanpakuto Shikai
Unreleased appearance
It looks just like an average katana and it is 75cm long. The hilt is a red colour with splashes of random and clashing colours over it as though somebody had come along and dropped bits of paint over it at irregular intervals. The guard is a standard square guard with nothing strange or unusual about and it is also a red colour with many other different colours on it that clash horribly. The sealed appearance of Okashii’s sword is not attractive in the slightest. His sword has a deep blue sheath that is almost black.

Shikai call-out phrase: Kanawo kusugurinasai, Youki na Doukeshi
Translation: Tickle the enemy, Hilarious Clown

Shikai appearance
The sword becomes a twirling baton, still with hideous colours, and it extends to 100cm long to extend his reach. Along the baton are tiny razors covering the surface except for in the middle where there is a grip for Okashii to hold on to which is 40cm long. The razors are sharp enough to pierce skin but not do any damage, and if Okashii isn’t careful he can accidently hold an area where the razors are. The razors hurt if touched, and leave a slight stinging sensation, like getting a paper-cut.

Shikai abilities

Name of ability: Gomakasu Tama (juggling balls)
Description of attack: Three balls shot out of the end of the Zanpakuto and encircle an opponent. After they encircle the opponent they explode. This attack can really hurt someone of an equal or lower power tier, and it can hurt someone one power level above, but the effectiveness of the attack lessens the further up the power tiers you go, so somebody two levels above will only be mildly affected while somebody three power levels above him won’t be hurt by the exploding balls. However, the smoke left over from the attack that stays in the air for 2-3seconds can act as a diversion. They can be shot up to 10m away, however, they need to have time to encircle the opponent which, depending on how far away they are, can take a few seconds – the further away they are the longer it takes. As the balls are getting into position Okashii is left unable to use his baton stick because he needs to direct the exploding balls. If Okashii is standing within 3-5m of his opponent when he uses the attack he will also be caught up in the residual smoke, voiding his advantage, and it can also be turned against him and to the advantage of his opponent.

Zanpakuto Bankai
Bankai name: Yumi Touketsu Suru Hi
Translation: Gracefule Frozen Fire

Bankai Appearance
The razor sharp blades on the Shikai version of Okashii’s sword extend so that they protrude out of the baton stick about 2cm, with every 10th razor blade extending 5cm out of the baton. Each razor blade is extremely sharp and can cut through skin, but not too deeply so there is a lingering feeling of pain without it being deadly which satisfies the Zanpakuto spirit’s sadistic nature. The baton is still coated in hideous colours, though it is impossible for Okashii to grab the grip, which is 40cm long in the centre of the baton, the razor blades instead of the hilt because when the razors recognise his spirit power they flatten, but only if he is going to hold that area. It isn’t too much different from his Shikai except there is more possibilities to harm someone and less possibilities to harm himself.

Bankai abilities

Name of ability:
Description of attack: On the baton there are 48 5cm long razor blades sticking out of the baton, 24 on either side of the grip with each blade encircling one area so it looks like 8 blades is just one circular blade cutting through the baton, and when this attack is released the 48 blades form into 6 disks which spin very fast and can slice the opponent. They can travel up to 90-100mph, so are hard to outrun on foot, but not impossible to dodge using shunpo.

These disks can travel anywhere up to 10m away from Okashii and are not controlled by him, so there is a possibility that he will be caught in the attack. This attack is solely controlled by Youki, so if he decided that he wanted to kill Okashii – not that he would – he had the power to do it. However, though it can cut through things easily Youki deliberately dulls the blades so that it doesn’t cut through anything that easily, yet still cuts, for optimum pain for the recipient. This attack can only last for 10mins max depeding on whether Okashii has continued to fight with his baton or is just standing there not being attacked or exerting any spirit power. If he’s using his baton then the 10mins maximum becomes 5mins maximum. Once this attack is used and completed it takes a further 5mins for it to be usable again. Okashii uses this attack as little as possible because of its unpredictability and chance of injury.

Role-play Sample

Okashii stood in front of the practice dummy and bent his knees so that his centre of gravity was lower to the ground. He had never been the best at hand-to-hand combat yet he practiced it every day and he felt he was pretty decent at it. He swiftly brought his fist in an upper cut into the slightly hard dummy and followed through with a knee kick before pushing himself away to gain some distance. As soon as his feet lightly touched the ground he shunpoed forward and started a barrage of low, middle and high punches to the dummy, each time withdrawing slightly. If it was a real enemy then withdrawing after every move would be a good tactic so that you’re not close enough to be hit with a counter attack. He gave the dummy a glancing blow and stepped back before swiftly following through with a low kick which sent the dummy skidding across the room to crash into the wall.

Imagining it to be a real person Okashii ran forward and feinted to the left before spinning around and elbowing his enemy in the ‘gut’ as he completed his turn around the dummy. After four hours of intensive none stop training Okashii was exhausted and his muscles begged for a break, which he happily granted. He sat on the hard ground and took a swig of water from his water bottle, while at the same time trying to regulate his breathing so that it would return to normal. After a while of relaxing and stretching out his cramping muscles he felt ready to continue with whatever he wanted for the rest of the day, having already completed his work earlier that morning. He started to gather all his belongings together when he felt the familiar weight of a hollow pressing on his shoulders, from somewhere in Rukongai. Dropping his things Okashii started to shunpo towards the area with the hollow only to find himself surrounded by five when he reached the area. Unarmed Okashii had to dodge a swipe to his calf and then twist his body to just miss another hand soaring towards him. It was like a dance as he twisted and turned as he formulated a plan to get rid of the hollow.

Since he had no sword he would have to rely on his next strong point – kido. Just as another hand came predictably towards him Okashii used it as leverage to launch himself the other way into the air where he then shunpoed in the opposite direction to confuse the hollows who had expected him to land in the direction he had jumped. Raising his hands he pointed them at the first hollow before yelling out a kido.

“Way of destruction 31: Shakkaho!” A large ball of red energy shot out of his hands towards the nearest hollow, obliterating it instantly. The other enemeies in the area set their sights on him after their comrade was killed and they all started to come at him, which he dodged with finesse and ease. The new dance continued on – the hollows would strike, Okashii would dodge, feint and then use kido. But when it got down to the last two hollow they had wised up to his pattern and changed their own. One started to attack, and while he was busy with it the other one attacked from behind, catching him off guard. He only just managed to move out of the way of the potentially fatal strike before his entire chest was ripped away from his body.

However, he hadn’t got out unscathed and he could feel the blood from the claw marks seeping into his uniform. The pain seemed to lend him strength however, as Youki cheered inside his head, revelling in the feeling of pain; laughing at how much Okashii was and could have been suffering. With the extra burst of strength Okashii was able to kill the remaining two hollow with ease, and once they were dead he started to walk towards the fourth division. Sweaty, dirty and bloody, Okashii looked like he had been run through the mill, but damn if he still didn’t look great.

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Okashii Hansamu

Okashii Hansamu

PostSubject: Re: Okashii Hansamu [shinigami] [complete]   Wed May 26, 2010 7:02 pm

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Okashii Hansamu

Okashii Hansamu

PostSubject: Re: Okashii Hansamu [shinigami] [complete]   Sun May 30, 2010 11:10 am

Hey I've already had my character approved and everything - and also aprroved as the 7 division captain, but all those posts are missing from my application, so am I still approved?
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PostSubject: Re: Okashii Hansamu [shinigami] [complete]   Sun May 30, 2010 11:15 am

Hmm idk I never saw them...but yesh more then likely
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Okashii Hansamu

Okashii Hansamu

PostSubject: Re: Okashii Hansamu [shinigami] [complete]   Sun May 30, 2010 11:20 am

oh ok, do you know who i should go to to get reapproved? 'Cause the person who approved me last time was Izuru Kira
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PostSubject: Re: Okashii Hansamu [shinigami] [complete]   Sun May 30, 2010 11:35 am

get ahold of him and tell him I said that your still approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Okashii Hansamu [shinigami] [complete]   

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Okashii Hansamu [shinigami] [complete]
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