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 The Quincy Council

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Alfonse Alborn

PostSubject: The Quincy Council   Mon May 24, 2010 7:17 am

Council of Quincy

Ceo: The true leader of the Quincy. Known for his/her Strength as well as leadership.

Quincy Ceo:

Board Members: These are on par with Captains when not in Final Form, once in Final Form, they can easily defeat a Capatin in Bankai state.

1: Alfonse Alborn

2: Kazu Ikeda




Apprentices: These are on par with Vice-Captain

Apprentice to 1:

Apprentice to 2:

Apprentice to 3:

Apprentice to 4:

Apprentice to 5 :
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Alfonse Alborn

PostSubject: Re: The Quincy Council   Mon May 24, 2010 7:18 am


are given Legendary Rings that signify their role and position within
the Council. However, the true establishment of the rings are so that,
those whom are worthy, can attain power far greater than an average

Only 1 given to 1 Board member. CEO has a ring that has abilities of all rings.

Ring of Starke:

This ring enables the Quincy to have arrows that are double the
strength of average Quincy; arrows are capable of eating through all
shields and hierro

Ring of Schritt:

The Quincy's Hirenkyaku is at it's peak, they are capable of leaving
after images that, even when harmed, bleed. These images are left after
use of the technique. Furthemore, the speed of the Hirenkyaku is
extremely bolstered, superior to that even of the 2nd Division Captain.

Ring of Heilen:
Collecting Reishi particles, the Quincy can focus them on a wound,
causing a high speed regeneration to take places. Small wounds are
healed instantaneously, larger wounds take 2 posts to heal while
moving, but only one if they stand still. Regrowing a limb or an organ
(excluding heart and brain), takes 4 post while moving and 3 while
standing still. Bear in mind they can grow multiple organs and limbs at
the same time, with same duration to heal.

Ring of Kenkai:
The user can focus his/her's Seele Schneider to cause an increase in
RMP by double, becoming the most sharp tool, every known in bleach
existence. The user's general abilities slightly increase due to the
fully fermented Reishi particles from the atmosphere. Also their
Sprengra only requires 3 Selee in a traingle formation while still
maintaining the strength of 5 Selee when the explosion occurs and
requires no Ginto tube to catalyze the reaction.

Ring of Genie:

The Scientist of the Council, they can build anything they wish;
limited only by their genius mind. They also are know of being able to
not need to use Ginto incantations before casting them and can mix
Ginto together for interesting effects.
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PostSubject: Re: The Quincy Council   Sat Jun 19, 2010 7:25 pm

he 2010 Quincy Farmers' Market Season opens on June 25th. The market is open rain or shine until the first frost from 11:30am – 5:30pm at the Hancock Lot, Quincy Center. Featured produce at the Market includes local strawberries, spring greens, free ranged eggs, baked goods and more.

The City of Quincy adopted a "Plan A" form of government, whereby a city government and legislative body are composed of the Mayor and a City Council. The Council consists of nine members, three elected at-large and one from each of the City's six wards. Under this form of government, Quincy is governed by the general provisions of a "Plan A" form of government.


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PostSubject: Re: The Quincy Council   

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The Quincy Council
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