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 Xander Caulderfield

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PostSubject: Xander Caulderfield   Tue May 25, 2010 1:57 am

Basic Information
Name: Xander Caulderfield
Age: 510+
Gender: Male
Division: None; Never given one because of his attiude due to the fact of this shinigami didn't believe in teamwork or friendship. The fact remains that he never actually enter the Soul society but he managed to obtain a zanpakuto.
Looks: Because of the emotional scars/ painful scars done by all the experimentation done to his body. Xander was given experimental clothing to reduced some of the pain from the experiments. He does have on a light armor upon his body with red eyeballs placed upon his amor giving him increased sight
Rank Unknown Shinigami

Experimental Organs & Body Parts: He was told every part of him needed to be reconstructed because of the many failures within his creation. He was given a body with false organs filled liquid nitrogen and different toxic poisons so that he could live. Due to this process, Xander doesn't have to eat, sleep or breath ever again. His blood doesn't affect him at all but can hurt an enemy badly.

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: After some hardship and immense training procedures, Xander master his zanpakuto blade to his full potential. He's learned many tricks & styles that even an captain of those vizards would know. Using both intel and agility making both master and zanpakuto into one pure and deadly weapon against any enemy. Due of using his zanpakuto really if Xander had the chance he could about any sword to his advantage. An sword expert which took a half a decade to master everything about it.

Shunpo Expert: He trained constantly with his shunpo speeds. Really this was the first thing he trained for being faster then a vizard. He was improved his shunpo speeds to become faster then even a captain. He able to dodge attacks or appear behind/ in front of a person with his fast speed.

Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Without his zanpakuto, he had learned to master unarmed combat at full potential the best weapons would be his hands. He has good boxing & Jiu jitsu styles whhc took months every art of hand to hand combat.

Gateway: Xander has something similiar to Garanta, he learned this ability to help him and the doctor escapes the burning fire. He can create a black hole which literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy. He could travel anywhere Hueco Mundo, Las Noches, Karakura or the Soul Society.

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name: Boukun Enkou
Zanpakutou Appearence Boukun Enkou is a sword of basic size and construction. It’s designs are the most defining factor that distinguishes the zanpakuto from all the rest. The scabbard encasing the sword is a plain bright crimson red, and extending from the bottom of the sheath is a white flame design that travels a quarter of the way up scabbard.
Shikai Appearence: The shikai of the sword known as Boukun Enkou, has a form that suits it’s dark name. Taking the shape of large serrated scimitar roughly 5 feet in length and 3 inches in width. It bares considerable weight and adding momentum to it’s destructive potential. Along its dark steel sides are small designs of little white wisps of flames streaming all the way to where a hand-guard should be present. It’s handle is merely wrapped tightly together by a dark crimson fabric, with a metal ring roughly 4 inches in diameter severing as the pommel to this malicious weapon
Shikai Ability: Kashou Renda - With a simple spin of the zanpakuto, Boukon can create about seven burning rocks from the air swirling around the blade. They appears small at first but once the zanpakuto points at his enemy. The one the burning rocks starts developing heavy mass becoming stonger once it hits it feel like being hit with hot lava. The pain from it is strictly painful. He can only use this only seven times.
Kashou Kido - An ability where the zanpakuto can combine two or even three kido techniques allowing for a stronger attack or stronger slash attack.
Kashou Oshibakuha - This attack is accomplished by finding the black burning fissure between colliding burning flames. Once this fissure is found, the wielder of zanpakuto can swing the sword into the fissure, which releases a powerful pressure wave that has the strength to kill hollows or
seriously hurt enemies.
Bankai Appearence: Kenpei Boukun Enkou - This takes place after the release phrase is said while his spiritual energy erupts and his zanpakuto increases itself into a longer masamune crystal shaped red blade. A shadow spirit appears behind him holding a large scythe taking a dark form also like a grim reaper but in human form called Kenpei. This his bankai state.
Bankai Ability: Akki Wakemae - Developing his spiritual pressure, he can make Kenpei's scythe real for the duration of the attack. Once Kenpei and Xander slash down their weapons combine it will feel like a burning lava slash directly at the body of the enemy.
Kashou Kido - An ability where the bankai zanpakuto can combine two or even three kido techniques allowing for a powerful attack or powerful slash attack.
Saishuu keibatsu - True Power of his bankai where the zanpakuto which Kenpei starts gathering energy as the shadow spirit spits out two large burning golem which both create a giant lava bomb which can do massive damage to a enemy. This lava golems dissapears once the attack hits but accuracy is problem.

Zanpaktou Release Phrases: "Conquer Boukun Enkou", "Bankai Kenpei Boukun Enkou"

Background and Personality
History After the creation of the bounts, Dr. Elena Bosocrhe one of shinigami scientists finally had enough tools to create another bount. Actually, some of the bount formula was unstable in order to maintain a balance in the creation some enzymes needed flulds. The process but the creation was being formed into a bount but malfunctions were taken place as the other bounts were trying to escape. The creation was losing life fast but it needed blood which the doctors gave samples of shinigami. Finally the creation was born breaking out of test tube but it looked more hollow then shinigami but the blood samples were holding it together. Xander was born that day. Elena thought of giving her creation a name which she gave it yelling the name "Xander Caulderfield". They both escaped the lab while started going up in flames. Xander had pain issues to due his half breed skin the scientists did developed experimental clothing making it easy for him. He would never have to eat, sleep, breath or even worry about the environment hurting him.

Dr. Elena Bosocrhe was banished from the Soul society along with a few others due to some problems. In the last minutes, Elena took a zanpakuto given it Xander hoping that he'll become strong as a shinigami. Xander separated himself from the doctor training on his own with his dark desire for strength and power. These trainings would go on for days maybe years in a quiet and hidden area increasing his knowledge training with his zanpakuto trying to be the best he can be. The only objective that he would do everyday would be train and sleep because the shinigami wasn't ready to deal with any hollow threat yet. The scientists progammed him to be the best and still nothing would stop him from achieving his goal not friendship or any human emotion.

Two Decades Later
Xander came out of hiding trained hard in body nearly ripped from ther many exercises done over the years. Hopefully, Xander mastered all his lessons trained by himself on shinigami fighting styles and zanpakuto fighting skills. Onlly time and effort will tell if the shinigami is ready for fighting.

Months Later, The Soul society found out from one of the captured scientists about their creation the council called it an abomination. Learning that he was too dangerous to live and that the scientists and this abomination would have to be dealt with the punishment will be death. Xander was living quietly alone until being disturbed by a squad of shinigami with their zanpakutos drawn out. Xander didn't know what the hell was goig on until the order was given to have him executed. The shinigami squads attack but due to everything the scientists programmed and taught him, Xander drew his blade and attack quickly. Hour pass and Xander defeated the shinigami squads with his blade thinking they wanted him dead then wondering is his creator was alright. Xander rushed to Elena's home to find her lying dead in pool of blood, Xander couldn't believe it why would they do such a thing. Did his creator do something wrong to offend them? Everything that he cared about died that day taking on a serious but deadly attitude...he live by the shinigami's laws but he'll never trust them ever.

Personality Xander is a lone shinigami no more and no less. The scientists upon his creation created & instructed his behavior patterns. He doesn't feel pity, remorse or fear but truthfully the shinigami does have a code of honor in protecting people. Sometimes he'll listen to reason but then walk away in regret. Xander has a great desire to be the best & powerful shinigami on his own thinking the path of lone shinigami is his way of life. He'll often talk if necessary but very rarely he'll open his mouth and talk.

Role-play Sample: Decades had pass hearing the rumors that Sosuke Aizen the head leader of the espadas and arrancars had been taken out. This Ichigo Kurosaki killed him where had this shinigami gained so much strength to take down a powerful foe the soul society had ever seen. Xander was trying to make sense of all this maybe threw his attention but this was good. Ichigo Kurosaki was known to have friends which he despise the most really he didn't know why maybe it was programmed within his well being. Maybe some day he'll explore to find what friendship meaning was and what was it purpose something that will have to be postpone. The doctor was dead and knowing the soul society had capture the other scientists it would be a matter of time then they'll find him. He had done exiling himself knowing full well the Soul society will be gunning after him but things have cool down since Aizen's death. Maybe getting some knowledge about his surroundings might be good it just might lead him into some conflict.

He use his gigai body to finally explore Karakura town, he knew this would be a big risk but the guy had nothing else better to do.

Last edited by Xander on Fri May 28, 2010 6:09 am; edited 12 times in total (Reason for editing : changing some stuff)
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PostSubject: Re: Xander Caulderfield   Tue May 25, 2010 5:38 am

The vizard group is clossed until we fill all the espada and captin seats.
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PostSubject: Re: Xander Caulderfield   Fri May 28, 2010 6:13 am

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PostSubject: Re: Xander Caulderfield   Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:58 am

What happened?
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PostSubject: Re: Xander Caulderfield   

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Xander Caulderfield
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