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PostSubject: Shal   Tue May 25, 2010 3:44 pm

Basic Character Info
Name: Shal'atin Valte'cas (goes by Shal)
Age: 79
Visual Age: 21
Gender: Male
Ex-Division: 11

RP Sample: Shal and his two companions entered the world of the living. Shal's two companions were
Beniko and Kazuko. The were sent to the world of the living to take out a hallow in the northern part of Karakura town.
“Beniko I sense the hollow in that direction” said Shal pointing towards the North.
“Ya I sense it to Shal” said Beniko.
“Lets go,” said Kazuko.
So they head towards the reiatsu they sense.
With in a few minutes they locate the hollow. It was like a big white beatle.
“Lets do this quick” said Beniko.
“Ya it's weak let's blow it away,” said Kazuki.
They easily kill it. But they released more spiritual pressure than what was necessary.
“Soul Society Mission Accomplish Waiting For permission to re- enter the Soul Society,” said Beniko.
“Roger,” I heard a voice squeak from the the other end.
Then we heard it a great bellow of many hollows. And the Reiatsu was immence. And we saw them there was twenty of them.
“Run,” I said.
We began to run.
“Soul Society we need backup can you here me, a swarm of hollows have appeared and we are running
for our lives,” said Beniko.
“Awrrrrrrrrr............” I heard Kazuki scream.
I ran harder. And a few moments later I heard Beniko's Scream follow.
With tears in my eye's I ran for my life.
Personality: Quite and thoughtful. Very good at hiding his emotions.

Background/RP Sample
Background: His friends on a mission with him in the world of the living got ambushed by hollows his friends where all slautered and he survived. He has remained in the world of the living ever since.

Zanpakuto Information
Name: Infernal
Release Phrase: Burst Forth.
Element/Family: Fire

Sealed Zanpakuto:


Shikai Ability: Raging Infernal= I swing my zanpacto and it shoots a wave of flames.
Bankai: (Chaotic Infernal) I get my shikai blade, and I have fire wings.
Bankai Ability: Apocalipic Infernal= The sky becomes living flames and fireballs fall out of the sky at my opponents.

Hollow Mask
Name: Draconis
Manifestation: A white Demon with Black bat wings.
Ability: Shadow Demi Dustructo= A black energy ball with red lightning moving inside forms between both of my hands and I throw it at my opponent.
Hollow Mask Appearance:

Duration/Cooldown: 5 posts, 8 posts cooldown.

Name: Flash Explosion
State: Both
Description: I use a flash step towards my opponent. Then I strike him with my blade, my blade makes an explosion of fire with a 15ft. radies around what I struck. If I hit opponent or not. 4 Posts cool down.
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PostSubject: Re: Shal   Tue May 25, 2010 8:52 pm

Vizard group is closed and even if it wasnt this app is to weak for that of a shinigami vice captin let alone a vizard.
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