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 Sangre Amo

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Sangre Amo

PostSubject: Sangre Amo   Wed May 26, 2010 10:31 am

Basic Information
Name: Sangre Amo
Age: 4,327
Gender: Male
Arrancar or Espada: Arrancar
Number: Former #2
Looks: Sangre, a man of average height, and a man with a slim, pale body. To some, he would be a toothpick, and to others, he would just be emo. Who can really say; all that can be said is that he isnt muscular, and he isnt very intimidating. He has very simple boyish features, not looking old, and looking very young.

His hair, shoulder length, and black, is very shiny, and reflects sunlight, leaving streaks of light running through his hair- almost as if he was bald. Being in layers, his hair is very thin, making it flow easily in the wind, and able to easily be flipped. Sangre keeps his hair flipped to the right at all times, covering his right eye with his 'gorgeous locks'.

His face is like no other, being ghostly white, with emeralds for eyes. Weirdly, he has a liquidity eye liner mark running down from each eye, making it seem as though he was crying blood. It almost looks as if a thin river was running down his face, in one thin line. His eye brows are not bushy, they are plucked and thin, however, they are not plucked to look feminine, rather, just to look like there arent caterpillars on his face.
His teeth are beautiful and white, having no yellow or orange spots appearing. How gross would that be, for an Arrancar, nicely dressed in white to have nasty, yellow-orange teeth? And in contrast to his white teeth and ghostly face, he wears pure black lipstick, once again, not feminine, just to make him stand out more than the others. He has a black lip ring in the right corner of his bottom lip, with the ring being black, and having a gem inside of the ring, with blood inside the gem.

And his chest would be any girls dream, and any mans fantasy. Being ghostly white, along with his face, it was totally defined. His pecks are bulging out, and his nipples are a faint gray. Going a little further down and you'll find his abs, which are perfect squares, with each ab being about 2 inches wide, and 1 inch high. There are 6 of those perfect abs, each as perfect as can be.

His arms arent much to look at, as they are nothing at all like his chest, not ripped/defined at all. His arms are long and lanky, having no hair on them at all. He is free of any blemishes, however, he does have a cut across his forearm on his right arm, which was caused by a Shinigami trying to kill him long ago.
His legs make up most of his height, being about 3 feet in length. Like his arms, his legs are long and lanky as well, however they are a bit more built than his arms, allowing him to maintain high speed. Though he is not near the fastest, he is still a pretty fast Arrancar – difficult to catch. His legs are like the rest of his body, ghostly white and hair free.

Resurrection Information (Optional, but good to have)
Name: La Fuga De Ellos De Su Sangre!
Represent: No animal
Family: Blood
Looks: While in Resurreccion, Sangre\'s clothes are all blood stained, with little patches of red on the nice bleach-white. His teeth, more specifically his K9s, they grow in length of about 3 inches, giving him fangs. His eyes change from the beautiful green they were, to a deep and dark blood red.

His hair stays the same shoulder-length, though instead of black, his hair becomes deep red; like blood. His skin gets even more pale than it usually is, and his blue veins are more visable than they usually were, having a mysterious Blueish-White skin color. Along with his hair changing, his spit is converted into blood, along with his sweat and tears. For some odd reason, his lips are completely hydrated, though not with anything usual, but wish blood.

Along with Sangre\'s Resurreccion appearence, Sangre gets solid red wings, formulated from a false blood that accumulates on his back in the form of winds. It then solidifies into wings which can be used for flight.

He doesn\'t go through much of an appearance change in his Resurreccion – thus making him seem harmless. It may seem like he is weak, even in his Resurreccion, but there\'s much more than meets the eye.

Techniques (Optional, but good to have)
Name: Blood Manipulation
Description: In his Resurreccion, he gains control over blood, letting him do whatever he pleases with it when it is present. With a flick of his wrist, he can raise a pool of blood on the floor, and sent it flying at his enemy, and into their face. He could possible even sling blood at his enemy\'s weapon, and with enough force, knock them off balance. He can manipulate any blood: His, an enemy, a bird, an ally; anybodies. There really is no limit to what blood he can manipulate, seeing as if he is Sangre Amo (Blood Master). Within his Blood Manipulation, he is also able to harden the blood, using the White Blood Cells in the blood to form a solid scab. This isnt an ordinary scab, it\'s much stronger and isnt able to be broken very easily. It is about the strength of a Shinigami Zanpakutou, however it can be broken when a Shinigami uses Shikai or Bankai. Though he can only manipulate the blood if it\'s outside of his enemies body. He can\'t mess with the blood inside the enemy. (excluding Calming Touch)

Name: Absorbtion
Description: Using his command over blood, use blood that has left his or an enemies body, and bring it to him, allowing him to replenish himself with it. The more blood he uses, the more he gets healed. He is also able to take some of his own blood to heal an open wound, though he is removing his own blood in doing so. He is able to do this move until his own blood runs out, or he can keep attacking an enemy, making more blood come out, and use that blood instead of his own

Name: Calming Touch
Description: Sangre is able to touch an open wound of an enemy, slowing down their blood flow. The flow is able to pick up speed again, however, if his hands are on his enemies for an extended amount of time, the blood flow could go slow enough to make the enemy become unconscious, or possibly stop the blood flow. However, stopping the blood flow with this ability will not kill his enemy, only dehydrate them and knock them out for an extended period of time. The slower the blood flow, the colder the enemy gets, and the slower and more tired. This attack takes very long to have effects. It\'s not like you touch them for the first time and they already are showing signs. It can take up to 5 minutes of continous touching for this attack to begin to show signs. Effects happen after about two posts, and this has no cool down time seeing as its hard to even try and do.

Name: Fake-Out
Description: By sending a little bit of his own blood into an enemies open wound, he is also to trick the enemy White Blood Cells into thinking there is no wound to go close up, making the wound leak blood as if it were freshly cut. This attack lasts 3 posts, and can be used twice per battle only.

Name: Production
Description: Sangre is also able to create fake blood from his sword. This blood can be used to do all of the above, however it is significantly weaker than it would be with real blood.

History and Personality:
History: Many souls make up an Arrancar, however, only one starts it.

Menkei, the average 32 year old man, works, has a family, has the good life. He lives on 2032 West Reishi Street, Karakura Town. Has a nice two story house, and three beautiful children. What more could he ask for? His neighbors were the greatest; cant afford supper that night? Hell, just walk over to their house, they'll feed ya! Nothing like having a neighbor like that! Or what about the neighbor that would watch your children, drive ya around town, or even give you money to smile at him? Oh boy! Didn't Menkei have the great life?!

Working for a Japanese Food Company, being a top-chain man, he was making some money indeed. He could afford to buy MORE money if thats what he wanted. He had all types of money: Yen, Euros, Brazillian, American Dollars! He had it ALL. He was CFO of the McDonalds down in Japan! What a good job, McDonalds is! One of the greatest fast foods world-wide, and he was CFO of McDonalds: Japan! Can't you just imagine his power (over the food), to just sit there, watch your stores, and leave everything else to the accountants and CEO? He didn't even really have to work at all! He could show up in his boxers, smile, and call it a day and leave with a fat wallet!

However, things change, shit happens, people die. Death is inescapeable, and it happens. It can happen expectedly, or unexpected, and nobody can really tell between the two. Some people may have cancer, be told to live for 2 months, and live for 10 years! Though it is highly unlikely, it happens. Or you could be perfectly healthy, and go to sleep nice and comfortable, with a nice full stomach of the sushi you had at a fancy resteraunt, and just never ever wake back from. You have been embraced by the Eternal Slumber. And know what; there's not a damn thing you can do.

Thankfully, there is life after you die, either at a Citizen of the Soul Society, or as a Hollow. Some people get saved by the Soul Reapers, and others are destined to become hollows. Once again, there's nothing you can do about it, it all depends on the Shinigami. If they're fast enough, they can reach you and send you on your way to Soul Society. Or they can forget about you - those wretched Shinigami, and they wont come for you, and the Chain of Fate will fade, and you'll have a big gaping hole in your chest! You'll be nothing but an empty spirit, fighting to eat souls of your loved ones, killing, eating! And this just so happens to be the case of mister Menkei. He dies.

One day, after leaving work, he gets into his nice Toyota, and decides to take the long way home. Foolish mistake, it would take a role in his death. Being of high power, he has enough money to get him out of any trouble he could ever get in - so why not have some fun and break the law? Running red lights, and just breaking the law. Typical for rich people, isnt it? Well Mr. Menkei decides to go speeding on the roads one day, and decides he's too good for the stop light. Excessing 70 MPH, he runs the light, and another car comes out in front of him, and he flies out of his windshield and is splatted on the floor. Poor death for Mr.Menkei, isn't it?

Everything is black for quite some time, and he think's he's unconscience, however, he wakes up in the hospital, with his family at his bed, crying. He walks over to them to comfort them, however he comes to find out he's not even in a body, because his body is laying on the bed! What is going on, how can he get back into his body? Why does his chest hurt, and why is there a chain? Who can answer these questions?! Why is the chain breaking off?! Why wont anybody come to save him! All he can do it wander around aimlessly, crying; he is hurt, and he is confused. What is this new existance, and why is the chain getting smaller, and a hole beginning to grow on his chest?

Weeks later...sure enough...


Many humans make up an Arrancar, yet only one starts it. Menkei was only a lost soul, a fragment of a memory Sangre remembers, and thats not him. He wasn't that human. Maybe he was...

Poor little Riku, a 17 year old student, without parents, without brothers or sisters, and without any support. He was exiled from his family at the age of 14, for his terrible performance in school, and his red hair. He brought shame to his family, and so they fixed the problem. Riku has been dead for several days, and like Menkei, he is confused, and he has questions, and the chain is fading, and the hole is growing. He has a growing hate for his family, however he is not sad. He wants to get them for what they've done, and once his new transformation is complete, he can do just that.

Two days pass, and the chain is gone, and the hole is whole, and he has a new body, with new desires. Go after your loved ones, go get back at them, eat them, take their soul. This is all in his instinct, he feels this is what he must do, and this is what he did do. He ate his younger sister first, and laughed about it as he ate his father, mother, and two older brothers. How sweet this taste was, the taste of a human soul, how great was the blood, how he loved it! It fueled him, and he wanted more!

Wait wait wait a damn second, this wasn't Sangre either!

With so many souls to choose from, Sangre may never know which one he was at the very start, as all the memories of the countless souls he has devoured has clouded his mind, and their memories have entangled with his.

Skip the formalities!

Sangre Amo: Blood Master. Adjuchas level hollow, strong, yet not the strongest. He had many scars on his creature like body due to the Shinigami who have tried to kill him, and he hates them, he hates them with a passion. They didn't save him, and they expect him to stand idle while they kill him, and with any resistance he shows, they attack more?! Those damn Shinigami, they're hated among the Hollows! However, no matter how hated they are, they have the second best taste of a soul. Who has the first best taste? You guessed it, it's his own kind. Every sweet soul he gets from them, he gets stronger, and more of his wounds disappear. Who would give that up? So what if you had to be a cannibal, with more power came more of a chance to kill the shinigami, the hated ones! The more power he got, the quicker he could end all of their lives!

He traveled alone, and his power was different from other Adjuchas level hollow, he had a cero, yes, and he had high speed, strength, and a tough Hayori. Though he had another power, other hollows didn't have. With the blood that came from the Hollow and Shinigami he fought, he could use that blood to his advantage. He could defend with it, and he could use it as a weapon, and he could throw it in their face, ahh did this help him alot! However, there were times where even with his unique power, he couldnt win, and he almost had been devoured by another hollow. They were ten times bigger and ten times badder than he, and his unique ability proved to be worthless against their Cero, and their brute strength. They shattered his defense, and took a shunk out of his arm, and tried to move on to the rest of his body.

However, he was saved, by what appeared to be a human. He was much stronger than Sangre, and could of killed him if he wanted. Though he was told there was 'something special' about him, and that he could live. And on that note, the mysterious man disappeared into thin air, quick as lightning. He was saved, and he needed to get stronger, by the only way he knew. To devour the other creatures, to eat them, and so consume their power and get it for himself! He would do it, and he would grow to take on new forms and new powers! He would become one of the strongest he had ever known!

Though he did have troubles getting to his goal, because of course there were many stronger than him, and many times had he been an inch away from his second death. Though somehow, he had always pulled through, no matter how many chunks were taken out of him, no matter how close he was to dying, and no matter how strong the other person was. That man always appeared and finished off his enemy, and left, letting Sangre devour him. Why did he do this, and who was this man? Why did he always help him in times of need? What did he want with Sangre?

It all became clear, now.

Years had passed, and the man had stopped helping him, letting him grow in strength on his own. He had learned a new power, one that tore open a rift, and he was able to travel back to the Human world again, and encounter shinigami and humans, along with other, low-level hollow. And he had also taken on a new form, one that appeared more...human like. He still looked like a creature from the sea, with big red eyes, black scale-like skin, huge claws for hands. However he was much smaller, being about the size of a human-and-a-half. For some reason, with more power, he got much smaller. He couldnt say why, but who really cared. He was much faster and much stronger, and only came upon a challenge rarely. The only challenges he got were from those wretched Shinigami, and many hollow that were much stronger than himself.

Though he still did what he felt he should do, and he ate any human, hollow, and some shinigami that stood in his way of power. The shinigami were hard to deal with, and they would strike him with some type of Bakudo and Danku...whatever that was. Though he either won, or he fled against the shinigami, he usually had to flee, or he would die a Shinigami death. He found that the human world was nothing interesting, only eating low level hollows and eating mere humans. He shall return to the place he learned was called "Hueco Mundo" and continue his training there. So, he opened the Gargantua up, and returned to his home.

Though he was greeted by a man, the man he'd seen years ago, the one that saved him. He told Sangre that he's taking too long, and it was time he held out both hands. And he grabbed something out of his pocket, a stone-looking object. He stepped over to Sangre, and shoved it into his Hollow Hole.

Sangre felt power coursing through his very being, and he was shrinking, into the size of a human, and growing hair, and his mask moved to only covering the left portion of his mouth. His skin got pale, and he gained red...rivers under his eye, and a strange metal object went through his lip, with a crystal inside of it. The liquid in the crystal seemed to be blood. With his new body came clothes, and a sword.

White with a black outline. Though to be more specific, he wears a tight white shirt, closing at the chest, so his chest isnt visible, though it's tight enough to where you can see the outline of his abs and pecks. It has long tight sleeves which go down past his hands by about an inch, making it seem like he is hand-less at first appearance. The tight white shirt isnt the only chest-area clothing he wears. Of course, he wears a white trench coat, which flows to the floor, in a thick white material. Covering his arms, and very baggy, it is nice and wrinkle free, though when the coat reaches his chest, it leaves the middle of the chest open for view, showing off the tight white shirt.

His pants are baggy as well, and look like they are full with water. Them being baggy, when Sangre walks, you cant really see him walk, for they dont bend with his knees, instead it looks like he is floating – or possibly hopping. They are the only article of clothing he wears that have wrinkles. And onto his shoes, which are white, open sandals, which the strap is located at the ankles, with a strap reaching around the foot, locking in place on the other side. On his waste was a sword, long and sharp. It had a blue wrapping, and a circle gaurd. The hilt was about 5 inches long, and the blade being about 27 inches in length.

The man smiled, and he said, "Welcome to the family, Sangre Amo."

And through years of training, and through decades of slaughter, Sangre became the Second Espada, only to deem himself unworthy of his peers. He has since left, defecting against the other Espada.
Personality: Sangre is a very talkative person, mainly talking about death and winning. He believes that a fight solves everything, and nothing will be answered unless blood is spelled. What's the point of talking? One way or another, its going to lead to a fight! So just fight and get it over with! Don't waste any time, just go into the battle, annihilate your opponent and get the answers you seek and then bring your blade to their throat.

Sangre is not a person to mess with, either. He is rude, and he will tell you off, and then grab his sword and go straight into action. He doesn't take shit from anything or anybody, and he believes he can take on anybody, though it is usually a spur' of the moment kinda thing. He doesn't like when other people talk, as he thinks what he says is the thing that matters, and what you say is nothing but worthless bullcrap.

Role-play Sample: Sangre was alone in Hueco Mundo, alone in Los Noches. This was rather odd, there were no Espada, Fraccion, or any other Arrancar in sight. He sensed the pressence of a Shinigami. The foolish shinigami didnt even think of concealing his spirit pressure. He was messing with the wrong person, he was quite powerful. He was Sangre Amo, Septima Espada. A fight was what this intruder would get, seeing as he was the only one present to fend off the intruder.

He used his Gargantua to scope out the fortress, unable to pinpoint the shinigami's exact location. So he looked in bits and parts of Los Noches, looking, searching...feeling for him. This was getting quite bothersome, looking for this Shinigami. Though as they say, hard work pays off. The shinigami was standing near the enterance of the fortress, how foolish of him. This made Sangre laugh, seeing as he couldn't of guessed the most simple of places.

Sangre was hiding his spirit pressure the whole time, though a little bit had leaked out, and whch startled the shinigami. He drew his zanpakutou, and began to speak, Who are you? Are you an Espada?! The shinigami questioned. This made Sangre laugh even more. He drew his own zanpakutou, and lunged at his enemy, laughing like a maniac. Right swing, left, up, down, left left left, right!

My name is Sangre Amo, Septima Espada, shinigami. You are correct, i am an Espada, and you're a shinigami. Why you are here, ill never know, however you wont be leaving. This shall be your GRAVE! Sangre yelled, as he swung his blade with such a force, that is made the shinigami jump back. The shinigami was sweating, and Sangre was laughing. Was the shinigami giving up so soon? Sangre had hoped not, the battle was just getting started!

Awww....Shinigami? Don't tell me you're afraid... Sangre mocked.
SHUT UP! This was just a little unexpected, thats all! My name is Hakudoshi Rentai, Fourth Seat of the Fifth Squad! The shinigami told. Hakudoshi Rentai? Fourth Seat? This should be easy!

Hakudoshi say there, wiped his face and spoke the word Unite. He had went into his Shikai form...so early...so naive. Such a child.
You use shikai too early, child. You will die there, this is going to be your grave. I will consume your spirit! Sangre yelled, as he held his hand out, charging up his cero blast. Energy swirled around his hand, and a ball formed in his palm. It was nice and black, almost like a liquid. Then it fired at the Shinigami, who jumped out of the way. But this is what Sangre had hoped for, because he was already behind the Shinigami, and slashed him right across the back. Ah! Blood! Perfect time to use his Resurreccion!

La Fuga De Ellos De Su Sangre! Sangre spoke, with hid blade glowing. Blood engulfed Sangre, staining his body, and enhancing him. The blood that was on the floor was now Sangre's to control. And with that note, he pointed his sword at it, and picked it up, and slashed it on his blade, making it red, and much sharper. He rushed at the Shinigami, laughing. He started a combo, slash right, slash left, up, down, left, right, right, right! RIGHTT!

The shinigami was being put under much pressure, and was able to barely gaurd against all them, except for the last one, which slashed his right arm, making a large quantity of blood flow onto the floor. More blood for Sangre! He grabbed the Shinigami, and held him tightly, slowing his blood flow. His movements slowed, and his eyes shut.

Shhh...don't worry shinigami...it'll all be over soon. You've died by the power of the Septima Espada...be proud. Said Sangre as he slipped his blade inside of Hakudoshi, closing his eyes, and laughing as he slowly drank the remaining blood of his opponent.
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Sangre Amo
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