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 Ouran High Host club

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Blood Sc

PostSubject: Ouran High Host club   Thu May 27, 2010 2:25 am

Ouran Academy's Playground For The Super Rich And Beautiful

A student from a poor family, Haruhi Fujiyoka, has been accepted into the world of the rich. The only problem is that everyone thinks she is actually a "he". The Host Club makes "him" their new Host after she breaks an 8 million yen vase.

What happens when they find out shes a girl? She simply continues on going about as a male Host. The Host Club has sworn to keep this all a secret.

The Host Club is made of:
[color:e845=F0387A]The Prince, and Daddy,Tamaki Suoh.
[color:e845=7C96FA]Mommy and the Financial Adviser, Kyoya Ootori.
[color:e845=F958EF]The Devil Twins,Hikaru [color:e845=4BBBFA]and Kaoru Hitachiin
[color:e845=F6A1F1]The Boy Lolita,]Mitsukuni "Hunny" Haninozuka.
[color:e845=6282FA]The Strong Silent Type,Takashi Morinozuka
[color:e845=FF4545]The Natural, Haruhi Fujioka,The newest of them all.

Then the two new girls Blood and Kyoto.

Blood a girl from D.C who's causing an uproar at the school . Already shes hit three of the boys here and played metal at the schools dance. What next will she do. More importantly who can tame her.

Kyoto a girl from hiroshima who seems to be always joking around with people. Whos going to make this girl fall haead over heels in love. And why is Tamaki seeming to take such a liking to her.

Unlike the anime, we will not force Haruhi and Tamaki to be a couple. You have free reign. Let the games begin!

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Ouran High Host club
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