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 Enough with the lies. (An explination of my time here)

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PostSubject: Enough with the lies. (An explination of my time here)   Thu May 27, 2010 11:08 am

Okay so all this started back on march 11th. I joined this site with my vice captin of the 11th division Zanza. Mainly because i had left BO for feeling it was to constricting becuase everytime i got approved over there another admin came along an unapproved and i do mean EVERY TIME. Anyways I met the staff and freinded chris and sarah. Sarah was/is our head admin Byakuya Kuchiki. For those of you that were he chirs was second in command admin. He was also the guy who had like 20 charcters on one account.

Anyways. After a short while i developed an urge for a stronger charcter. So i went through the steps to work my ass off on a Vizard application. It was approved and i was estatic cause i got to be in the active area which is karura town. I became increaseingly more active on majeh and my activity on Zanza plumited. Now shortly after i made majeh. My charcter became romanticlly involved with Kuraiyami Hana. Around the same time Bleach unified was hacked. The hacker tormented everyone especially Rangiku Matsumoto. Now Rangiku is a person with multiple accounts on this site shes best known as orihime. I am truely sorry for when that happened. Cause i feltreally bad. However at the time there was nothing i could do. At one point the hacker played a game "give you admin for 30 seconds" when i got it i made chirs an admin and tryed to ban him didnt work but i tryed. At the time there was alot of people who were anrgy with me saying i was sucking up to the hacker because i got an @ from the hacker (everyone in the vizard group did) Long story short i knew at the time i couldnt fight a hacker so i went for the back stab and it almost worked. lol

Well we lost alot of our seinor members because of the hacker. They all left and joined a site chris made. I stayed mainly cause it was just easyer to. When sarah came back she was informed of the hacker. It was at this point i found out she had made sites befor and had been hacked befor. So i wasnt suprised when she seemed really upset about this. Anyways. The same day she found out was the last day i saw her on this site. She came in the cb said she was gonna promote 3 new admins if you wanted a spot pm her. So i did. The three new admins were me soren and marcos. We were informed that marcos was someone sarah brought in. Thats what marcos told us so we really had no reason to not trust him. So me soren and marcos just went along managing the site.

Soren added me on facebook and we became slightly better freinds XD however at the time due to marcos's odd hours neither one of us was haveing much contact with him during the short periods he was on. Then he stopped showing up. So it was down to me and soren. Then soren started something with the vizards idk what. lol but basiclly didnt like his charcter so he ahd it killed. Mean while i knew we had lost alot of members that held spots so i figured "since these people arent coming back give them a chance and then get rid of them. Hence the activity check. I ran it i think i was a whole 4 days short of the month befor i cleared out the slots.

I also was kinda tired of the butterflys so i held a small poll and majority said yes so i figured when i ahd the time id change the theme since according to the poll thats what the majority wanted. The other thing i did was i held a poll about the vizard group. Since befor i cleared out the groups we had like 15 vizards. And almost everyone agreed so we locked the group.

Well sorens activy suddenly dropped off the map. Through facebook later on i discovered he had internet issues and thats why he became inactive.

So i went on running the site alone for a while. I was pretty much enjoying it. It was mundane and the site pretty much ran it self so i enjoyed it. However i couldnt do it alone. So i cleared out the moderator group and offred it to our most acitve members. Orihime, lemmy, and kurai.

Then i was sitting in the cb one night last week and someone named alfonse came in. He said he was zeek and had helped build the site that he had done all the graphics and everything and that i should give him an admin spot. I of course said no way. I belived his story. I told him that all he had to do was have sarah get on her account and send me a pm or sutin and id admin him. He said nah and to talk to chirs or someone that was easyer. Well i have chris on my msn. So i did just that. Explained the situation and chirs toldmeto admin him. Well since chris was vet admin i said okay and assumed that chris knew what he was talking about and admin the kid. Alfonse was pretty cool the first couple of days. However he did the same thing marcos did that i didnt like. Which was makeing larger changes without at least sending me a pm. Now marcos i couldnt blame since of the fact we never saw eachother in the cb except like once. So most of my stuff i just talked to soren about i figured 2 admins > 1 admin so as long as soren agreed with me then we were fine.

Well then Alfonse started doing somethingi REALLY didnt like. He brought in people from his sites and made them admins. At first i was like "okay...." I wasnt going to argue i had no reason to. However then me and one of his admins got into a fight because he said something i did was a god mod. Everyone i talked to except him and alfonse said it was OP but no god mod. However i was removed from the admin group. When this happened i flipped my lid and said "fuck this shit" I tricked kenji saintz into putting me back in the admin group. Then i kicked everyone formit even soren because his account had been messed with and after i fixed his account i brought him back. Then i got rukia who i knew i could trust (have her on FB too) and kurai someone else i knew i could trust. I figured okay bad judgement on my part. Oops and just left it at that. By this point i had forgot about marcos because the staff thing ahd already been changed a bunch of times. However when alfonse was an admin he put himself in the head admin spot. I didnt even think about. So when i took the site abck from him. I realized that since i was doing the most work(and caused the biggest problem) and sarah was gone id put my self in the head admin seat on the staff board.

Now marcos has returned claiming im a power crazy bastard. Im not i was just doing what i thought was best for the site. He said zilo explained it all to him which i might care except zilo came in with alfonse and on msn fed me crap about everyone which is why i told him id never ever comsinder him for a mod. Kenji i had flet bad about tricking so i gave him a mod spot.

I dont care if you beilve me or not. Ask anyone whos been here more thena fucking week and they know that what i just put is the truth. Hoenstly i want my admin seat back however im tired of everyone fucking gunning for it so you know what marcos you can have the admin seat. Have fun dealing with all the love, hate, hacks, cheat, sneaks and kiss asses that are drawn to that spot.
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Hayami Rentai

PostSubject: Re: Enough with the lies. (An explination of my time here)   Thu May 27, 2010 11:25 am

I believe you Majeh. And i believe Marcos.

It's a hard call, really. Both of these stories make sense. But only one is true. Your story contains more of the seemingly truth, while his contains more logic. They are similar, but not the same. It's a hard call.

However, i do have to say what you did was wrong, the trickery and removing. You did what you had to do, i have no doubts, but it was wrong. Especially since it makes you look like your power hungry. Im not saying you are, or that what Marcos said was the truth just as much as im not saying vise versa.

Im saying these stories are hard to decipher, however, you did some bad things, as did alot of other people.

So we shall all find out how this all will play out within the next week.
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Kaji Mikoto


PostSubject: Re: Enough with the lies. (An explination of my time here)   Thu May 27, 2010 12:07 pm

I may not be on here very much anymore(plan to change that when summer starts, if not sooner) but Majeh has pulled us through tough shit, yea he may be an ass when it comes to the rules and stuff but thats his deal, he aint power hungry he just wants this site run properly, i for one want the same, this marcos guy i Never saw online, we need admins who can be on every day and that is my opinion on things take it or leave it
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Motoko Kusanagi


PostSubject: Re: Enough with the lies. (An explination of my time here)   Thu May 27, 2010 1:46 pm

I have never really had problems with Majeh, I consider him a friend and I never lie even for friends. Majeh did lots of things to keep this place going. I never voted in the polls, but mostly because I tended to rp only. But he did put up polls. Majeh has been anything but power hungry, and someone who is power hungry would never make me a moderator because as Marcos can attest to, I do not kiss ass at all. I will argue with anyone since I don't care about titles at all. But I admit that I am this way and it can get me in trouble, but at least you know I am being honest any way. lol
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Rukia Kuchiki


PostSubject: Re: Enough with the lies. (An explination of my time here)   Thu May 27, 2010 10:37 pm

I didn't see a lot of the stuff that was happening, probably due to the fact that I have work... I was asked to help the site and I said that I would... I was just enjoying rping here... I hope that it can still continue to be a nice site to rp with people I have gotten to know...
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PostSubject: Re: Enough with the lies. (An explination of my time here)   Fri May 28, 2010 8:48 pm

I once said Majeh was a power-hungry bastard.
I was mostly wrong. Inside, we are all a little bit power hungry. But in any case, Majeh is a fantastic contributer on this site, Marcos as well. They are both great admins, and I say they should both try and work things out.
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Captain of the Second Division

PostSubject: Re: Enough with the lies. (An explination of my time here)   Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:27 pm

I don't have time to read all of this now. But this is Sarah, Byakuya Kuchiki, the head admin. I lost my internet but now I'm back.
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Alfonse Alborn

PostSubject: Re: Enough with the lies. (An explination of my time here)   Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:16 am

Yeah, Majeh isn't the hero you guys think him to be. o.o
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PostSubject: Re: Enough with the lies. (An explination of my time here)   

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Enough with the lies. (An explination of my time here)
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