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 Sia Kaiomi(DONE!!!)

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Sia Kaiomi

Sia Kaiomi

PostSubject: Sia Kaiomi(DONE!!!)   Sat May 29, 2010 3:34 pm

B A S I C S //

• Nickname/s | Kurai
• DOB | Female
• Age | 200+
• Sexuality | Streight
• Ethnicity | White
• Occupation | None
• Loyalty | To herself, or her friends.




• Resurrección Appearance |
When this happens, she will have twice as long silver hair as it normally is when not in Resurreccion, pure black eyes that seem to go on forever in darkness with a small yellow slit in the middle of the black coloring, long fangs that show when she smiles, & a mask that runs around the bottom half of her neck, & covers the left side of her neck then drops off at the end of her sholder blades downward as spikes, almost allways smiles an wide smile when finding something intresting or fighting, Long black sharp claws, & the Black rose that would be on her ankle before Resurreccion would spread up her body as if it was a curse, whenever it is used to controll her abilities.
• Call out phrase | "Suna No Oshito, Kaze!"
• Resurreccion ability | By sending her sword to the ground below her she can make hundreds of black rose plants, & OJegi plants from the underworld sprout up & attack her opponent. They will not stop growing unless she loses controll of it or is wounded. If she loses consentrateion from the plants, she can easly lose control of them & they act as if they have there own minds & attack anything in it's way.

Example of the OJegi plant attacking a person:

OJegi: Related to the south american, 'Touch Me Not', The OJegi has many stems after sprouting from it's seed & on the end of each stem a mouth with saliva that can melt through almost any type of substance. The OJegi also reacts to movement, It will react to anything that moves except the user; This is how it is related to the south American 'Touch Me Not'. It also reacts to aggression, the more the opponent attacks it, the more painful the OJegi's attacks become to the opponent. The OJegi will stop attacking when it is killed, or the user becomes too hurt or too weak to controll it. If this happens, it turns back into it's original state of a small red seed.

Black Roses: These roses are related to the original earth roses that have died & afterwards turned black in the underworld. A black rose means Death, which it brings to anyone who walks in there path. If she was to make a single black rose she can make it lose it's pedals & mold into anything of her likeing. If she was to lose controll of this, the weapon or item that was made by the rose pedals will expload & the peices of the exploasion will turn back into black rose pedals & cuts anything in it's way before it loses it's speed after afew seconds after exploading & falling to the ground. They can also be used as a, 'Rose Hurrican' as she calls it, where she surrounds herself with black rose pedals useing them as a defence & attack. If a person was to walk into the pedals while they were in this state, the pedals would come after that person & begin & continue placeing open cuts or wounds in that person.



• Height | 6ft 2in
• Weight | 124lbs.
• Hair color & Style | Silver/Light blue; Streight & with a thin long bow that holds some of her hair up.
• Eye color | Emerald green
• Overall Appearance | Only at 6ft 2in with dark emerald eyes, Kuraiyami Hana allways weres an white dress with afew dark midnight blue laces in the back; a dark midnight blue ribbon tied around her waist with a little extra of ribbon hanginf from in front of it; Dark brown high healed shoes; Peach colored skin; Never smiles unless she is truely happy; She has a very slim body with afew mussles; she has a small marking of a midnight black rose on her ankle that helps controll her abilities most of the time when in battles; & a ripped mask on the side of her neck that is shaped mainly like a thin branch or limb that curls up to the very corner of her cheek & stops there.

She also allways carrys an extra black rose hidden in her hair right under the hair that is pulled up from the ribbon along with the OJegi seed prepared for anything to happen. She also carries a black Katana on her side & on the bottom of one side has afew snow white symbols that help her concentrate her energy into it along with the rose; The katana is 21 inches ling & 1 & 1/2 inch wide.




• Favorite Color | Midnight Black, or a Dark Red Rose color.

• Likes

Friends: She likes people who are close to her heart & would do anything to protect them from harm. & she also likes them mostly because it keeps her occupied & haveing something to do.

Books: As much as she likes her friends, in times where she is bored, she will read a book from the liveing world or otherwise to keep her occupied & to get to know things better in the world around her & in the liveing world.

Looking to the sky: Kurai usually likes to look to the sky when bored to begin daydreaming or just to see how the weather will be like in afew days or so. She can keep this up as long as the daydream goes on, or untill someone gets her attenction.

Plants from the underworld: Kurai loves seeing plants bloom from the ground & smelling there sweet aroma that almost puts her into a daze of daydreams & calms her down when she is angry or saddned.

• Dislikes

Friends in pain: Kurai cannot stand it when a freind close to her is hurt or otherwise. She will do anything to protect him/her except fighting, she will do this when things get a little too far & she needs to fight to continue protecting that person.

Fighting: Kurai hates fighting, point blank. The only time she would fight is to protect herself or others close to her. Anytime she fights she scolds herself for it, but also thinks that it could help her control her abilites more.

Rude people: She cannot stand rude people, sometimes when she runs into them she wants to fight them, but just leaves it at, "You don't want a plant to end up eating you, now do you?" then walks off leaveing it be & blocking out any other come backs from him/her.

Stupid People: She can deal with them, she just cannot hang out with stupid people who need to be told many time on how one simple thing works. When dealing with this she is most likely to call him/her a NitWit then walk away from him/her to avoid a fight.

• Flaws

Her abilities: She has never been able to controll her abilities fully & knows that when she fights she trains herself to use it, but hates fighting, so never really gets to train on controlling her abilities.

Makeing friends: She is also too shy to ever try to make friends unless pushed on towards it but hopes that she will end up being able to step up & introduse herself with out stuttering or being afraid of that person.

• Habits

NitWit... : When seeing or hearing someone make a simple mistake, she cannot help herself but call him/her a NitWit. She would usually do this to help the bordem go away.

Gets bored easly: When bored, she does practicaly anything to cheer herself up & to get herself up & moveing again.

• Aspect of Death | Sacrifice
• Fears | Loseing someone truely dear to her heart; Dieing; & fighting.
• Goals | To find out what she truely is & be known for good, not evil & to someday see her Kazuma again.
• Overall Personality | Kuraiyami is usually quiet arrancar that hates fights, but loves reading. If she was to see a friend hurt or killed, she would lose controll of her self & attack the killer without any thought added to it. Sometimes when she meets a truely stupid person, she likes to screw with them abit untill she gets truely bored with him/her. She also gets bored very easly when not doing anything & often makes smart comments back to a person who would be being rude to her. She usually perferrs to be left alone when thinking deeply about certain things & usually plays a flute that she would mold from her rose pedals to eather calm her mind about the thoughts, or get the thoughts clearly out of her mind. She is usually a glass half full kind of person when she opens up to somebody & offers to help in any time she can help.


• Birthplace | N/A
• Mother | Kazisumi Hana
• Father | Niwa Hana
• Siblings | Yukina Hana; Kurama Hana; & Kuroi Hana.
• Other Relations | None
• Companion | None
• Overall history |

Kuraiyami Hana used to be a young human girl like everybody else in her town with what she thought was a great family; but secretly hid things from behind her & treated all of her broths & sisters better than her. Though Kurai did not see it at the time, the obviously did not care. She was only 17 walking home late from her high school after helping the teacher organize their school work. It was then when she was faced by a hollow. She ran the oppisite way from it as fast as she could & even threw her book bag at it to get it away from her, no matter what, it was still faster.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she screamed for her mother & father countless times hoping that they would hear her. She kept running untill she tripped over a sidewalk ledge & cut her ankle largely then turning around to the creature. She began screming loudly seeing it but still not heared as it dovoured her soul quickly. After that she woke in a sandy area abit confused. She stood up noticeing how hungry she was all of a sudden & looked around the area seeing afew creatures walking around. Her body told her for some reason to eat them, so she did.

Afterwards she began walking around the sandy area wondering if she could ever go back home, but she knew she was dead, so she probally couldn't. She continued walking untill she saw one of those creatures in front of a black hole. She silently walked behind it & looked from becide it & into the hole seeing the liveing world. Not able to controll herself she jumped in front of the creature excited & through the hole into the liveing world. She jumped into a forest now wanting to go home, but for some reason at the same time she did not want to.

She continued to walk aimlessly in the liveing world's forest untill she decided to go to her home. When she did, she saw many people there laughing & drinking red wine. Her parents were laughing loudly cracking jokes about why she did not die any sooner. Shortly after this she reconized that everyone was here for her wake. The only person she could hear crying was her school freind, Kazuma, crying because every day her & Kazuma would fight at school, & no matter how many time Kurai beat him, he would allways come back for more. Heck, she even had a scedule for him.

"Why did you leave you little punk?!" He screamed over her coffin as 3 of his freinds were holding him back. The coffin was wide open showing her lifeless body laying there wereing a long black dress & afew ribbons in her hair. Her skin was as pale as plain paper. Kurai could not belive what she was seeing. Who she thought was her enemy.. was crying.. for her. "Your just afraid of loosing hu?!" he continued screaming, "Come on Kazuma... She's gone.." one of his freinds told him abit saddened "No!" He screamed still pulling forward trying to get to her coffin.

"No! I won't let her go!" He sceamed as she swung a fist at a picture of her in the middle of beautiful flowers & roses & right above her coffin as his fist stopped "Your.. Your supposed to be here for me.. allways.." he cryed as tears beging to stream from his cheeks & onto his balled up fist. "Come on Kazuma.." one of his freind said softly beging to pull him away & out of the house "Nooooo!!!" He screamed still sobbing as they dragged him from the area "Sorry.. for the interuption.." Another of his freinds said continueing to drag him from her home.

'Kazuma...' Kurai thought in her head still hearing his heart broken sobbs in the distance & laughing at her wake. Noticeing she was looking to the ground she quickly looked up to see someone plungeing a dagger into the picture ofher right above her coffin. That person was her father. The broken glass fell into her coffin as her father laughed loudly followed by her mother's laugh. Kurai growled softly hearing this knowing now that they could not see her, but she was going to kill them. Every one there that laughed at her cold corpse, she was going to kill.

She waited untill nightfall when all of the lights were turned off in the town then began killing the ones she remembered that were laughing at her wake one by one with abilities that she had never knew about untill now. Her parents first, then her siblings, then the others. Afterwards she came to Kazuma's home looking through the window noticeing that the blinds were not shut. She saw Kazuma laying in his bed wereing a white tank top & striped Green & blue boxers shakeing rapidly with tears rolling down his cheeks. She knew she could not talk to him, & never could. She was dead. & nothing could change that.

She sighed gently beging to walk away from his house & back into the forest were she came from. She wondered if she could go back to that sandy area again, for some reason eating those creatures made her abit stronger, & she wanted more of it. She tryed to remember how she saw the other creature make the black hole & wondered if she would do the same thing that she could go back to that sandy area. She sighed gently consentrateing on one area in front of her & noticed a identical black hole opening up from where she was consentrateing get bigger & bigger. After it was done growing she walked through it & back to the area where she first appeared at.

As she was there she ate more & more of the creatures & every time feeling stronger. She liked the feeling, alot. She continued to do this untill one day a man walked up to her & offered her to become stronger, if she could only be his slave. She hated the idea, but liked the strength. At this time she was not even thinking about Kazuma, so she said yes. After that he reached forward to her face & ripped off most of the mask snickering softly. She screamed in pain feeling this thinking like he was ripping the skin from her face, when he wasn't. She lay there in the sand then wimpering in pain as the man walked away from her & soon dissapearing.

Not knowing what happened after that Kurai woke up in the sand & began to stand up still feeling pain in her face & remembering Kazuma as she touched her cheek. She remembered his heartbrake sobbs crying out for her, she remembered her family laughing at her death, she remembered killing them & seeing Kazuma shake rapidly scared in his bed. She remembered everything that happened to her from in her past as a human. & hoped that someday she would see Kazuma again.

Ever sence then she continued walking around Hueco Mundo wanting to go back, but at the same time, not wanting to. Her power increased much over the time she was there, but she was still never able to control her abilities. She never fought unless she was to protect herself or anyone else dear to her. But she was never able to smile unless someone got her to. Kazuma was allways on her thoughts, & there was no second where he wasn't.
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Sia Kaiomi

Sia Kaiomi

PostSubject: Re: Sia Kaiomi(DONE!!!)   Sat May 29, 2010 3:35 pm

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Sia Kaiomi(DONE!!!)
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