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 Chishi Chiyu

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Chishi Chiyu

PostSubject: Chishi Chiyu   Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:17 am

Basic Information
Name: Chishi Chiyu
Age: He does not take pains to remember
Gender: Male
Arrancar or Espada: Arrancar
Number: Formerly Cero
Chishi appears to be a regular man with a black ponytail and deep purple eyes. He is well toned, with a rock-hard six-pack and powerful limbs. He stands at 6'3" and weighs 200lbs. He has very broad shoulders.
Chishi has retained his skeletal tail from his beastial Hollow form. It is about 16 feet long and can be used as a whip; it pulls up inside of him when dormant. He has also retained some of the inky black substance that made him up as a Hollow in the form of a black tribal tattoo spanning His entire upper torso/chest and upper back as well as his shoulders. It sometimes moves around during battle or if he is particularly agitated.
His mask fragment forms a full glove over his left hand. While the glove appears solid and unbroken, it moves malleably and does not impede Chishi's hand movement. The glove is separated lengthwise by a straight crimson line. The right half is white, the left half is black. On the palm, the tattoo of a Zero is still visible. On the inside of the Zero is a small crimson pentagram.
On his back, he has a tattoo which is shaped like a gravestone and bears the words "R.I.P. In Memory Of: Never Show Thy Enemies Love". He made this tattoo by carving the words on stone and heating it up with a wave of Reiryoku. His Hollow hole is located at the base of his neck. It is about the size of a tennis ball.
He wears a pristine version of Aizen's Espada uniform. He has replaced the black obi with a purple one and opted for white jika-tabi rather than the sandals or boots generally worn. He wears no shirt beneath the white coat of the uniform, showing off his impressive pectoral and abdominal muscles.

Rather than a conventional katana, Chishi's Zanpakuto is a hand-and-a-half straight-bladed Chinese jian. It has a three foot long straight blade which is completely black, and a foot long red handle wrapped with a black ribbon. The blade is one eighth of an inch thick and has been known to slice through even released blades. Ordinary objects pose no resistance. Two red three-inch tassels hang from a six-inch long string attached to the end of the handle. These tassels disguise multiple sharp wires which can be dragged across an enemy's face to blind them. The string can lengthen and move at Faust's will for swinging or wrapping enemies. The sheath is pure pure black with wine-red lines on it that look like cracks on glass. Said sheath is four feet long, making the blade initially look longer than it actually is and making Faust's draw time seem much faster than it already is. The end is capped with a silver seal bearing the kanji for "Final". On both sides of the sheath, it bears the Kanji for "Final Death". He wears it strapped to his back or, occasionally, opts to carry it over his shoulder by a string attached to the end of the hilt.

Resurrection Information
Name: El Arrogante
Release Phrase: "Boast, El Arrogante."
Represent: Pure Power
Family: Power?
Same as Regular.

Same as Sealed.

Segunda Etapa Information
Name: El Eternamente Arrogante
Release Phrase: "Segunda Etapa...El Eternamente Arrogante."
Represent: Pure Darkness
Family: Darkness, Poison, Healing
In this form, he is essentially a Demon made of pure darkness. He takes the form of a featureless humanoid composed of a jet black liquid. He is both slightly more slender at the waist and more broad-shouldered than an a Human, but the overall shape is the same. He is reminiscent of a silhouette come to life. Even his face is featureless inky blackness, as though he were completely formed from polished stygian obsidian. Beneath a half-inch layer of the inky black substance, his body is also covered in flanged, articulated red diamond armor. However, this armor is both much more dense and significantly lighter than diamond. It is almost medieval in appearance, but it is more fitted to his body - as it is attached, it must be - and, in spite of its increased density, very light. His skin, of course, has exceptionally strong Hierro. In his Ressurreccion, it is very difficult to cut him. Khentimentu wears a long black cloak, over his armor, which tends to flare out as though it were a living shadow. Other than those two things, he is unadorned as far as clothing is concerned. Clothing is not necessary, as his body is completely composed of the black substance and is completely featureless.
He has no mouth, and thus cannot "speak". He sends out a telepathic wave which others' brains interpret as "sound". However, there is no vibration of the eardrums, thus his voice has a strange, somewhat echo-y quality. This wave also allows him to choose who hears his voice and who does not.

Same as Sealed.

Miracle Liquid: Chishi gains the ability to create a "mouth" out of which he spits something he calls "Miracle Liquid". There are two variations of this liquid which can be used at his discretion. The first is an extremely potent poison, even more powerful than his Poison Blood in his pre-Resurreccion form (as Chishi does not bleed in Resurreccion form, he loses said ability). It paralyzes any limb it touches merely through absorbtion into the pores. If there is a wound that allows it direct contact to an organ such as the lungs, heart, or brain, it's all over.
The second variation of the liquid is a powerful healing agent, capable of healing all but the most serious of wounds (entire limbs, vital organs, etc.). In either form, it moves around the speed of a Bala.

Malleability: Because of his semi-liquid form, Chishi can manipulate his shape in various ways. He is limited, however, by the amount of substance that makes up his body. As a rule of thumb, he has enough substance to stretch his arm about twenty meters. This ability also allows him to avoid some melee attacks.

Soul Absorbtion: Chishi has the power to absorb power from anyone he defeats while in Resurreccion. If he simply defeats someone, he gains an amount of power equal to one half (Ressurreccion) or two thirds (Segunda Etapa) of his opponent's power. If he kills his opponent, though he must have been fighting them, he gains power equal to their total power. He does not have to be the first person to fight them in the battle, but they must be able to defend themself.

Regular Hollow/Arrancar Powers
Gran Rey Cero
Cero Oscuras (Able to use outside of Ressurreccion)
High-Speed Regeneration
Acidic Touch (Only in Segunda Etapa)
Instantaneous Cero (Only in Ressurreccion or Segunda Etapa)

Name: Poison Blood
Description: While not strictly fitting the term Ability, as it is simply a part of the anatomy he ended up with, it does provide benefits. You see, Chishi's blood is a very powerful poison. While it is not lethal, it does act as a highly potent paralytic. It cuts off movement signals in the affected limbs, but leaves the sense of feeling intact - even amplifying the sense of pain. If it is absorbed through an open wound, it travels quickly. However, it can also go in through pores, though this takes about five posts to take effect. While Chishi disdains the use of poison, and only uses his blood offensively if absolutely necessary, he does love to reap the defensive benefits of his blood. It cancels out all other poisons, thus rendering him effectively immune to any and all other poisons.

Name: Garganta del Vacío
Description: This technique creates a Garganta which leads to "El Vacio", or "The Void" (See History). This Garganta is slightly different from a regular one in that, on the inside, it shows the featureless white plain rather than the seeting mass of whirling purple energy shown in others. In The Void, time has no hold on its occupants. While time still passes normally, and can be measured, it has no hold on things within The Void. Wood does not rot, people do not age, plants do not grow (or die) among other things. This is not, however, to say that nothing changes. For instance, if a person is cut withing The Void, they will not heal. However, if they have an ability such as High-Speed Regeneration (which acts not on time but Reiryoku or Reishi), they will heal. If someone does push-ups every 'day', their arms will become stronger and their muscles larger as it is made by a force other than time.
While in The Void, Chishi can make regular-sized Garganta del Vacio for transport as well as miniature Garganta del Vacio (known as Poca Garganta del Vacio) which act like television screens in that they allow him to view the outside world wherever he chooses (Exception: he cannot look inside a barrier that he could not pass if he were there). His limit, as far as these miniature Garganta del Vacio go, is three at a time. He can also make anything he wants in there and has complete control over that universe.
Chishi can transport both himself and others to The Void. However, others may only pass through with Chishi's ceremonial permission.

Strength: ?
Speed: ?
Accuracy: ?
Stamina: ?

History and Personality:
Chishi was born in 8,511 B.C.E. Back then, his name was Khentimentu.
He remembers none of his Human life...perhaps that's his modesty, stopping his ego from expanding. You see, beore he was a Hollow, he was an Egyptian. This was way back, back when there were peoples with no set language. And he wasn't just any Egyptian; he was one of the first of those called "Pharaoh". His family had been picked to rule because they were in fact Gifted Humans who possessed powerful abilities which their foes had no way to combat.

Khentimentu wanted to be truly the master of all that he surveyed. He waged war on the ancient powers and amassed much of the Egyptian Empire. When the bards sang of his exploits, they altered his name to "Khentimentiu" which means "God of the Dead's Destiny". His personal legends later became the basis for the myths of both Anubis and Osiris. His subjects worshipped him with religious fervor, believing him to be a literal god in the flesh.

However, it was as it is with all "Heroes": They either die a "Hero" or live long enough to see themselves become a "Villain". Khentimentu experienced the former.
During a ferocious war with India, Khentimentu was killed. He died surrounded by - literally, up to his knees! - the warriors he had vanquished. The turmoil of battle and anger that he felt as he was yanked from the prime of his life tormented him endlessly. He watched the battle for three full days before angrily ripping out his Chain of Fate with the intent to leap into the fray. All of his anger caused him to change into a Hollow, a change that was almost instantaneous. In this newfound form, Khentimentu ravaged the enemy forces. The Egyptians won, but they returned home haunted by visions of men being ripped apart and eaten by some unseen enemy. Khentimentu, also, returned home. But not to Khentimentu's home, for that was no longer who he was. He was the Scourge; his home was Hueco Mundo.

Khentimentu was born and bred as a Leader, so it should come as no surprise that his consciousness re-emerged again and again as the dominant persona of his new form. It was easy enough to utilize his former warrior abilities to dominate the lesser Hollows around him. He used the name Chichi the Scourge.

Chishi started as a lowly beginner, devouring small, weak souls that had somhow ended up in Hueco Mundo. Perhaps they had gotten lost on their journey to the Soul Society; perhaps they were the forgotten remnants of a Hollow's would-be meal, escaped while the Hollow fought one of its fellows. It didn't matter; they were a stepping stone for him to gain enough strength to begin devouring Lesser Hollows, then average Hollows, then up to Menos, Gillian and, finally, Adjuchas. By the time he reached 100 years as a Hollow, he was an Adjuchas himself. He fought his way to the top in Death in the same way he had in Life.

Chishi began taking trips to Earth. He started with Humans, then moved on to Spiritually Aware Humans...then patrolling Shinigami. Yet he began to find that nothing satisfied his hunger anymore. Eventually, he lost the will to feed. That's when he discovered his power.

He was searching deep inside himself for the answer to his problem when it happened. He found himself in The Void: a featureless white plain that seemed to go and on without end. He soon discovered that he could make whatever he wanted in there. And so he stayed.

For millennia, he trained in The Void with no concept of time. He trained without ceasing, finding that he no longer needed to feed or sleep and, while in The Void, he needed only minimal rest. He also seemed not to age. He trained his Hollow powers for over two thousand years, fully mastering them to the fullness of his form's potential.

After he mastered those, he moved on the increase his physical endurance, strength, and speed. In particular, he set up traps and tracks to increase his speed. He spent over a millennia on it alone, working it to his physical limits, even stretching out those boundaries. By now, about three thousand years had passed.

From there, he created his sickle, a weapon which has existed since the advent of the ancient harvest. His personalized it and charged it with his own energy. He trained for hours every day for another three thousand years.

He spent the next two thousand years in a customized schedule, training for hours on his physical prowess, Hollow abilities, and weapons mastery.
Over ten thousand years passed while he trained, isolated form the rest of existence.

While he remained in The Void, a Shinigami named Aizen showed up. He was the kind of guy Khentimentu would have liked, the kind of guy Chishi did like. Sure enough, as though the Fates had willed it to be so, Chishi emerged from his personal dimension just a few short months after Aizen first came to Hueco Mundo to begin his experiments in secret.

It was not long before Chishi heard of Sosuke Aizen. He immediately determined to stay away from him...but it was no to be. He was captured, used for Aizen's studies. Aizen's ultimate goal was to make a full ten Espada from Vasto Lordes. Before he did that, he needed test subjects to make sure nothing went awry. Some were immediately Shinigamified so that Aizen could test ways to use the Hougyoku most effectively. Some were fed multiple Menos each day, in an attempt to see if it were possible to make an Vasto-Arrancar level Hollow without Shinigamification. Chishi was one of these.

They fed him Menos night and day, and trained him against others just like him when he wasn't being fed. He quickly showed promise. Soon, he was eating many Menos daily and fighting - and defeating - multiple other test subjects just like himself at a time. Eventually, however, there was a disappointment. Chishi did eventually evolve into a Vasto Lorde as they had hoped, but he was no more powerful than any other Vasto Lorde. In addition to that, he began to rebel against his jailers. Aizen, however, was not troubled. He still saw promise in Chishi. Seeing that there was no more progress to made besides Shinigamification, Aizen used the Hougyoku on him with full power. He was turned into an Arrancar and promptly killed and absorbed the power of the first Tercera, Segunda, and Primera Espadas. Because the even Primera had presented no challenge to Chishi, he was allowed to challenge the Cero Espada. He promptly killed him as well, barely breaking a sweat.

He held this post until the day he was betrayed. He was judged to be far too powerful, too rebellious. He could jeopardize everything they had worked for. And so he was ambushed in his sleep by the rest of the Espada. For most of the battle, they were evenly matched. Chishi even managed to kill and absorb the Decima, Novena, Octava, and Septima. He was quickly becoming too powerful for them to beat. However, just as it appeared he would win, he was bound by Aizen and attacked by Tousen and Ichimaru. Aizen had not used an Incantation, so Chishi managed to break free. But the damage was already done. Chishi sustained a grievous wound and the others were about to finish him off as Aizen watched with a hint of a smirk. However, at the last moment, Chishi barely escaped - just barely. He threw open a Garganta del Vacio and fled to where they could not pursue him. Once inside, he collapsed. His body actually put itself into a coma. His wounds were too great to allow him Life, and he should have died. Yet El Vacio, his own world - his own universe! - would not allow its god to die.
And so he slept, undisturbed, for over one hundred years.

He slept until one fateful day when, quite suddenly, he woke up. There was no blast of energy, no cataclysmic omen to alert the world of his return. He simply woke up. The toll on his body had been great. He should have died, but something strange happened: El Vacio's strange time-related properties kept him alive. Those arcane forces had been just enough. He came back, just as strong as ever.
He mustered the strength to leave El Vacio, returned to Hueco Mundo, and began to rebuild his Life.

Chishi is a quiet person. He has an extreme lust for power and is constantly looking for the strongest opponent to fight. He will often ignore anyone he finds weak, thinking that they are just a waste of existence. He considers the Hollows and all Arrancar beneath Privaron Espada level to be less than trash. He feels that they don't deserve to be living, but doesn't consider himself the executioner. He is calm but serious. His temper is deadly, but he has a relatively long fuse. He is not usually amused by jokes, and rarely smiles. Since abondoning his allegiance to all other powers, his only duty is to wander the vast deserts of Hueco Mundo. He only engages in battle when provoked. All around he is calm, but deadly. His emotionless facade hides his true nature, that of unwavering calculation and inexorable force. When necessary, he does not hesitate to kill.
He is a casual smoker, though how he manages to procure cigarettes is quite the mystery.

Kyo is calm and collected, preferring logic to rash action. However, if you disrespect him, he will put you back in your place. He is very analytical as well as being very intellectual and scientific, following his plans down to the finest detail. He has a variety of methods for analyzing an opponent's abilities, such as studying the damage done to their former opponents.

Kyo often has entire situations planned out well in advance. He has a great talent for analyzing and observing everything in his presence, allowing him to quickly understand a person's pattern of thinking to better manipulate them and seemingly always be aware of any danger. He has shown himself to be a powerful and flexible tactician, capable of adjusting seamlessly to any given combat situation.

Kyo is fond of long, complicated, and somewhat convoluted plots...many of which do not even have any real reason until he actually reveals them. He is a powerful strategist, capable of formulating well thought-out plans several steps ahead of others. These plans are deeply involved by their very nature; they are detailed and planned out with the long term in mind. To one as old as he, years mean little; He is even able to utilize plans that span decades and require moving people around like pieces on a chessboard, as well as making sure they play the role he has planned out for them. He is most masterful when it comes to plans within plans, and his patience is usually hard to beat.

On many occasions when he meets others and is in a good enough mood to deign to carry a conversation, he is shown to be witty and filled with knowledge…although he rarely reveals his wisdom in an easily interpretable manner.
Kyo has a habit of sometimes referring to himself as "Ore-Sama" ("Myselfship") in self-effacing irony.

Role-play Sample:
Part One: Genesis

BleachStone. A Bleak place, to say the least. A place where tough, adventurous creatures and the more “civilized” types of Hollows exist in close proximity to one another. A bleak place indeed, but an excellent place for anyone looking to run from the law. In such a land of shady dealings and occasional vigilante justice, a lawman would have no place. “No, Officer, nobody here’s doing anything wrong, and don’t nobody know anything about nobody else. Run along back to your bright lights and big city.” Keep justice between you and the person you have conflict with, don’t cause a scene…and you can do whatever you want without a second glance from anyone in this God-forsaken hellhole.
Faust loved it.

Faust DarkHeart, Vasto Lorde class Arrancar. La Segunda Espada. One of the oldest Hollows, if not the oldest. Already in the Afterlife when the Human race was young. A rare specimen indeed. As He strode silently down the main road, He did what He spent most of His time doing: inhabiting His mind.
What a delightful place. Simple yet Intricate. Savage yet Cultural. One simple Law: the Weak serve the Strong and the Strong serve themselves. Not ‘Righteous’, but Fair. How things used to be. What has happened to the rest of the world?
As He had been musing, Faust’s feet had carried Him to the seedy town’s bar. He was soon nursing a strong drink as He watched the solemn bartender clean a dirty glass with an even dirtier rag. His view was slightly limited by the Mask on His face, a replica of the one he’d worn as a Hollow. Here, no one knew He was an Arrancar.

Living among His brethren had taught Him one important thing: You can’t count on anyone but you.
Hollows that did not learn that lesson early, and well, were beaten-down and devoured. Hollows who learned that lesson oh-too-well became Death’s Envoys, carrying Destruction everywhere they went. Eventually, most went insane. They were locked away, doomed to eternal imprisonment. The lucky ones were devoured. The unlucky ones are in those cages, in that cavern, at this very moment; releasing guttural shrieks and howls of rage and sanity lost.
Even if the “Weak” were not destroyed by the “Strong”, they were destroyed by an Outsider; they could not expect help from their brethren.

And so Faust had decided that He was no longer a part of the self-mutilating animal that was the Hollow race. He had heard rumors of something new, something a Hollow could, with very great skill, become. He had heard rumors; rumors that His instincts told him could not be false. And then He had seen the proof, a visitation. Rabia Violentia. A demonstration of the strength of those who moved onto this new plateau.
This was what He sought to become, something apart from the beastly, savage Hollows. And what had these been called?
Say it…
Adrenaline began to flow through Faust’s body.
Say it…
The thought of so much power, so much potential, to change so much!
“Arrancar.” He whispered, breathlessly.
Faust knew that He had the potential, but He also recognized that it was essential to maximize that potential. He had already been at incredible strength for a Vasto Lorde. And it was said that they made the most powerful Arrancar! Oh, but He would get stronger! So much stronger, in the months before His transformation!
So He trained until His body became steel, His eyes fire, and He could finally break the barrier holding Him back, the barrier that bound Him so tightly to His current form: His Mask!
And now…well, then the world had better do its worst, for He would do His.


Part Two: All The Same

Still musing, Faust didn’t immediately notice when He had finished his drink. He got up, threw a few coins on the dilapidated old bar, and left the saloon. The old western saloon style double doors continued swinging behind Him. He had not made it more than a few steps outside the nearly empty saloon when a shadowy form detached from the side of the building behind Him. Faust stopped in His tracks as He felt a knife’s point press against the small of His lower back. Hot, fetid breath hit the back of His neck. It smelled of rotten meat and another strange odor, one that Faust, as a Hollow, was used to: Souls. Faust could always smell it on the breath of a Hollow who had just fed.

From behind Him, the Hollow spoke. “The fancy outfit: get it off. That nice shiny sword, too.” Slowly, Faust undid the brooch of His black overcoat….and was behind the assailant before said overcoat hit the ground.
Now that this would-be assailant stood before Him, Faust could quite easily see that this Hollow was clearly inferior in strength. It had hidden so easily within the heart of the shadows because it was shadowy; its form was not quite defined. It was clearly a very new Hollow. Just as the Hollow turned to face Him, Faust flared his spiritual pressure, forcing the ill-equipped foe to his knees. Sliding His blade smoothly from its sheath, he placed the sharp edge under the Hollow’s jugular.
The foe whimpered.
“Mercy…please, Mercy!”
Faust closed His eyes for a moment, opened them, and then nodded.
The would-be attacker smiled. Then the sword ripped upwards through his jugular and his spine, beheading him. Death was instantaneous. “I promised you mercy.” Faust said calmly. “And you did get it. A quick Death. I will also spare your body the dishonor of rotting and your soul the dishonor of disintegrating.” Putting out His left hand, palm facing the corpse, Faust focused his power. The soul of the recently deceased was absorbed through His palm. Some like to “Eat” it, but Faust simply absorbed it. He then pointed His left index finger at the rest. “Cero.” He intoned. The blast destroyed everything left of the weaker Hollow.
Once again donning His overcoat, Faust continued down the main road. His next stop: the BleachStone Corral, den of shady dealings and hostiles of all kinds.
And as He walked, He noticed that His breath smelled of Soul.


Part Three: Conquerer

As He entered the flat open ring, a strange, though not very surprising, sight met His eyes. A crowd of Hollows had formed a thick ring, concentric to the Corral’s perimeter. Inside the fairly large space formed by the ring, a massive Hollow was just finishing off an equally massive opponent. The victor was about seven feet tall, though Humanoid; probably a Vasto Lorde. Faust raised an eyebrow as the winning Hollow obliterated the loser with a massive Cero. A slow smile spread across His face. Definitely a fellow Vasto Lorde. The aforementioned beastie threw back his head, raised his arms into the air and bellowed ”WHO DARES TO CHALLENGE ME NEXT?!”
His supporters howled in excitement, though no one was immediately forthcoming. Finally, a muscle-bound rhinoceros-like Hollow charged forward. As the Vasto Lorde began to easily outmaneuver the opponent, Faust analyzed his fighting. Our tournament champion was certainly very, very strong. However, his speed was average at best and his technique was lacking. He was no doubt a new Vasto Lorde who understood little about his new powers, especially the extent and limits thereof. This was going to be a cavalcade of fun.
Faust leaped into the air, landing inside the ring of bodies. Directly between the two combatants. Without a second thought, He dispatched of the challenger via a Bala.
Turning to the Champion, He said “My turn.”
The enormous Hollow roared with mirth. “SUCH A LITTLE ONE! YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY BE SERIOUS!”
Faust remained silent, causing the large Hollow’s smile to crack and its wearer to shift uncomfortably.
Faust decided to give this hatchling a show that he – as well as the crowd – would not very soon forget. Mustering and condensing all of His Spiritual Pressure, Faust seemed to disappear. Of course, no one was looking behind the “Champ”, which was exactly where Faust had…er, disappeared to. He had condensed all of His Spiritual Pressure and Reiryoku and focused it into His feet, while simultaneously activating Sonido. This had allowed Him to produce speed so precise, He had seemed to just disappear in less time than it took to blink an eye. The move took a lot of concentration and time, which was why it was highly unconvenient in a ‘real’ battle. However, when you are facing a less skilled opponent who even gives you plenty of time by boasting, it has value. From directly behind the massive Hollow, Faust quickly charged a Cero. He lined it up with the base of His opponent’s spine, at waist-level, and blew a nice hole. Just as Faust had suspected, it did not bring down the massive Hollow. Good.
His opponent quickly spun to face Him, but not quickly enough. For as he spun, Faust sped off again…once again appearing behind His would-be opponent. This time, He charged a Cero and blew off His would-be attacker’s head. Bye-bye, Champ.
Even as the steaming body fell, Faust was approached by a sneaky-looking Adjuchas. “Say there, Champ, how’d you like to be my new Fighter, yeah? You gain respect and an all-you-can-eat Hollow buffet, yeah?”
“Hmm…I think not.”
”Look, just one fight, yeah? You can decide afterward, yeah? I have your opponent already lined up.”
Stepping aside, the Adjuchas revealed a cage with a man inside. However, this man wore the robes of a Shinigami. To Faust’s trained eye, the badge on his arm proclaimed him to be a Squad Member of the Fifth Squad, the Third Seat. A Zanpakuto sat on top of the cage.
Faust’s resistance died right there.

As the “Manager” went to open the cage, Faust casually moved his right hand to the pommel of his Zanpakuto. The Shinigami was released, and given his sword. All Hollows stepped back as the Shinigami drew his Zanpakuto and advanced on Faust. Pointing his blade at Faust, the Shittygami exclaimed "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south! Shakkahô!”
As the Death God yelled this incantation, no one heard Faust mutter “Suffer, Desesperacion” or noticed as His “gloves” flowed onto His sword’s pommel.
And all attention was focused on the blast which fired from the Shittygami’s blade rather than Faust’s “Mask”, which was shattered by the slight flare of his release, and the muttered “Enkosen.”
The blast made contact. As the smoke cleared, everyone did see the barrier which had shielded Faust. It slowly disintegrated. Everyone then noticed that He no longer had a Mask. Slowly, Faust’s hand rose. His index and middle finger aimed directly at the Shittygami.

As the white lightning flew from Faust’s fingers, the Shinigami dodged with Shunpo. After a nearly unintelligible word, his Zanpakuto transformed into a naginata. A few slashes threw bursts of electricity at Faust. He dodged, and countered with a Bala.
The Shinigami responded by slapping it away with the blade of his naginata and Shunpo’ing forward to slash at Faust’s torso. Faust easily blocked by catching the blade with His hand. His Hierro protected Him completely.
The crowd looked on in stunned silence.This “Hollow” had just lost his Mask…and used two Kido…and used Bala! What was He?

Meanwhile, Faust and the Shinigami were locked together as Faust still had His hold on the Zanpakuto. ”You wore a Mask and your Reiatsu feels vaguely like that of a Hollow…yet you can use Kido, and without an Incantation! I only know a handful of people who do that, all of whom are my superiors! What are you?”
“I am Faust DarkHeart. I am an Arrancar, ranked La Segunda Espada. That means that, excluding our Leader, I am the Second strongest Arrancar in existence. Tell your friends.”
With a powerful shove, Faust separated Himself from the Shittygami. Said Shittygami seemed to realize what he was up against. Without hesitation, he lifted his naginata so that it pointed straight up and said “Ban-Kai!” Quick as a whip, Faust drew His own Zanpakuto and shot forward. The ribbon hanging on the end of His blade’s handle lengthened and wrapped around the Shittygami’s Zanpakuto, causing it to remain locked in Shikai.
“Hmm…a Third Seat who can already unleash Bankai. You would have gone far. Then again, Shinigami were stronger in My day. We had to be.”
Without giving the Shittygami any time to ponder his words, Faust remove His left hand from His pocket and stabbed it directly into the Shittygami’s chest. Slowly, He withdrew and stepped back. The Shittygami fell to his knees, his Zanpakuto returning to its sealed state. With His opponent defeated before, Faust began to chant.
“Oh Lady of Infinite Suffering, I call upon your Divine Power to abolish mine Enemies. My Arm upholds your Strength. My Lips speak of your Grace. My Mind is filled with your Serene Wisdom. The Time has come for the Final Rest of the Foe. With Water, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Spirit, I erase thee from the gilded pages of Existence! Hado #99: Tetsutouji no Gekihajiki!"
The thoroughly defeated Shinigami was pulled into the Iron Maiden by the tongues black flame. He did not scream, and it was over quickly. The only thing left behind was his naked Zanpakuto. Striding forward slowly, Faust picked it up and held it in His hands. Slowly, He slid it into his sash.
The audience seemed to recover from their shock. They began to shout belligerently and move in threateningly. The “Manager” strode from their midst.
”I don’t know what you are…but you are NO HOLLOW!”
He leaped at Faust, extending dagger-like claws. Quicker than anyone could see coming, Faust drew the fallen Shinigami’s Zanpakuto and sliced the Adjuchas’s head clean off. The blood had been “flicked” off the blade and said blade re-sheathed in Faust’s sash before the head hit the ground. The crowd was again silent, shocked at this casual display of power. Without turning around to face the crowd, Faust spoke in threateningly calm and quiet voice.
“I am…a Conquerer.”
Finally, He turned. In one fluid motion, He slid the toe of His shoe under the “Manager’s” head and flicked it up into the air. As He caught it, it sent a small splash of blood into the crowd.
Faust called out in a loud voice “Who knows where this degenerate lived?” Faust assumed that a low-life who thought he was better than everyone else probably thought enough of himself to have a dwelling. Many of the Hollows pointed to a small cluster of rocks which jutted up from the ground in a triangular formation. One brave creature spoke up. In the middle of that, there are stone steps that lead to a large underground cave. It was his.”
Faust nodded. “Alright, listen up: it’s mine now. Anyone I catch within fifty feet of that area without my express permission will end up worse than this flea-ridden, slack-jawed idiot. Have I made myself clear?” After a moment of staring down the cowed crowd, Faust continued. “One other thing: Many of you are here because you were shunned or cast out, deemed to vile to live among even the most savage of other Hollows. I am here because I have chosen to be. Get one thing straight; just one little thing: You…are locked in here with Me. If you wish to minimize the damage to yourselves, stay out of my way.” With that, He turned and strode out to the cluster of rocks. Inside the tight knot of earth, He did find stone steps, in a sheltered alcove, which led to a very large cavern. The walls were covered in crystals. They grew out of the stone everywhere. It only took a moment of inspection to discern that they were all diamonds. Faust doubted that anyone besides the former owner had known about them. Besides that, it was mostly bare. There were a few things to furnish the cavern: two Human-sized cages, a large fur rug which Faust could not readily identify as any Beast He had ever seen, a stone table with a few wooden chairs, and a throne which was made from bones – predominantly skulls. There were also a few side tunnels that led into the darkness. Overall, it would work. Faust finally had a home here in this hostile environment – though He doubted, after His performance, that it would be too terribly hostile towards Him for a while.
He hoped.
The Cero-made tattoo on Faust's back tingled.

Instinctively, Faust Turned around…
…To see a Cero headed towards His face.
Faust slapped the Cero away, and then the enemy was upon Him.

Just by his opponent’s strength and speed, Faust knew that this was an adept Vasto Lorde. No doubt the companion of the Adjuchas Faust had just beaten. They whirled and thrashed about in the cavern, exchanging blows at a rapid pace. Faust received a few cuts to his torso. The foe was not gaining ground, but he was not being driven back either.
Suddenly, Faust experienced a burst of strength. It was not as though He just received a boost in the amount of power He had; it was as though His capacity to hold strength was increased. Like He had reached a new plateau of power.
He quickly snatched up a small dagger from the table directly behind Him, impaling the enemy’s head. A kick pushed the body away, and a final Cero disintegrated it.
Wearily, Faust sank into the throne. What an eventful day…
Looking around the cavern, Faust began to plan His renovations…


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Could use a picture, but it looks good!
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No picture, sorry. I couldn't find one that matches My description. I always make the description I want and then see if I can find a suitable picture...not the other way around I'm a perfectionist like that.

The only thing I didn't know how to fill out was the Stats section.
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hold it soul absorbtion is definitely oped, because lets say you run across a heavily beaten powerhouse like character and he cant move, you kill him you become invincible
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I'll change it so that I must defeat him, not just scavenger him.
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no it is all oped, because you could kill one person and gain more power, however that can cause a domino effect, eventually making you stronger than aizen or all characters put together
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Denied until changed.
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