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 Bleach: The Dwindling Abyss

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Lodon •

PostSubject: Bleach: The Dwindling Abyss   Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:21 am

No matter how much time passes, the abyss remains, ever vigilante. Consuming all those who pass through it, trapping them within the dwindling state of exsistance. Time with the aid of the Soul King kept this abyss sealed within its own dimension beyond the world of the hollow or the material world. Many speak of the dimension home to Soul King themselves, as the man has never been seen. For to reach him requires the use of the royal key. A fragment of each that has been given to one of the thirteen captains of the Soul Society. Even a set of guards remain at the entrance of the tear in realitly. However, be it fate this King would no longer be able to rest in piece. A man swept in the darkest of spiritual pressure, abiding by the rules and gathering each and all the pieces by silently disposing of the captains one after another. Reaching the carpet to the king, and forming the seal to create the key.

With this, it had all begun to set in motion, the gate to the abyss was now open and the Soul King now opened to this malevolent man. Not sparring any time before reinforcement arrive the male vanished through the tear and closed the door to the King. Now it would just be him and the King. Entering the perfectly crisp ivory world, he was taken back to meet the King only inches away from him, wielding a Zanpaktou in his direction. The Arrcannar smiled in the face of danger, and began the duel. Both were matched perfectly in the timeless dimension, each swipe clashing with one another in a vicious manner. Till a resurrection came from the blade of the young male, colliding violently with the aura of the King. The King was struck back by the force, his mask shattering in half along with the young hollow boys. Beneath both their masks was a human face. How sad the world had become when brothers of kin would fight each other.

The room began to loose its structure as their swipe had created another tear, opening the abyss and the dimension of the Soul King. They both knew they didn't have much time to react, both getting back up and fighting till their images would be lost to the void. The empty black space eating away the white like a disease. Each of their strikes tearing through the fabrics of the abyss, the purged souls flushing from the trapped dimension back into the world of the living among other planes of exsistance. With one last effort the Soul King stuck his blade through the male, at the cost of being struck himself. Both falling down into the timeless abyss beneath them. The white dimension of the King no longer stable, collapsing upon itself. The Shinigami in the Soul Society watching the collapse of the dimension in horror as the fabric sealed itself over.

Not much else is known of what happened to the two souls, some imagine they are still alive, still fighting one another in the abyss. Other say they have died, no one will ever know unless they dare to enter the abyss. However this is the least of the Soul Society issues. For with the rapture of the dimensions, spirits and hollows have once again been released down onto earth. Spawning their dark spirits back on the mortal plane in such numbers it seems to be the end for the humans. The time for the mortals is 1700 A.C, a period of new technology as well as time where the Shinigami are capable of walking freely with humans. As they blend in flawless with their outfits as noble samurai or ronnin. The human world is calling for help from all its spiritual-beings, as they desire to purge their world of these evil spirits. However one questions remains, when will the tear open again. When will we all be pulled into the Dwindling Abyss.
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Bleach: The Dwindling Abyss
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