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 Triune Leingod

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PostSubject: Triune Leingod   Fri Jun 04, 2010 11:22 am

I am kinda like Tousen, just to let you know!

Basic Character Info
Name: Triune Leingod
Age: 212
Visual Age: 23
Gender: Male
Ex-Division: Captain of 13 Division
Arrancar or Espada: Espada
Number: #0 & #10

Standing at 6’5” Triune is of light skin tone. His eyes are a piercing dark blue, completed focused and intense when looked into. White silver hair goes down to his shoulder blades that hangs across his shoulders slightly in front of his face and behind his back. His mask fragment starts above the inside of his right eyebrow stretching out to his temple and down to his cheekbone in a crescent shape around it spider-webbing out at the edges slightly, his Hollow hole is located at the top of his collar bone.

His clothing is multi-layered; in almost all black he wears a sleeveless black shirt, long baggy pants, laced boots with straps at his shins, and a short black cloak that straps around his shoulders and throat.

Love: A facet rarely seen out of him, he only shows any affection for those with whom he has protected for or as a pack. Though not one to normally run in groups. This is unusual for him to show at all at any point in time.

Joy: The thrills of the hunt and kill, Triune usually expresses himself almost puppy-like when he's this excited and can tend to run more often than not he will be more self-contained but it can still get the best of him and he can get a little carried away with how excited he is.

Surprise: Usually reacting to this as a threat to lash out agressively at it before asking questions. If he is surprised he usually makes the target wish they hadn't surprised him. He'll usually feign running and come up from behind with a hamstring or something of the sort. Accompainied by a yelp usually Triune tends to react first and ask questions later, though it is hard to sneak up on him with his canine sense of smell and hearing.

Anger: Usually expressed through irritation, he's never really truly angered unless he's in a fight. He just tends to become tired of others quickly and irritated by their little nuances. The fastest way to anger him is to prove yourself incapable of standing up for yourself or those you wish to defend. In this category is disgust, rage, exasperation, irritation, torment, and envy. These of which only rage, irritation, and exasperation are prevalent.

Sadness: Probably the usual emotion that is shown from him. He has grown used to standing alone without another to be on his side. he has caused his own self-suffering because none can find him worth staying with. Keeping to himself now he tends to go alone and never stray from his own objectives keeping his loner attitude he often acts cold to others to keep from being drawn in with others. Not above acting to help, he doesn't allow weak tagger ons that need his help.

Fear: His response to fear is indifference, usually then he attacks it. He refuses to be afraid and responds by striking out against them or completely ignoring it to keep others from seeing it. No matter what the situation he maintains an uncaring attitude against all those unless they actually know him closely.
To sum it up, he appears cold on the surface almost to the point of neglect. He keeps his distance and prefers to do as little work as possible to avoid any missteps. When pressed at all however he reacts quickly and violently to any threat that presents itself in the manner with which it presents itself to him.

Zanpakuto Information
Name: Koshiwa
Release Phrase: Fall.

Hollow Mask
Name: Hakku [The Eight Sufferings]
Manifestation: Hakku
- Cero
- Sonido
- High Speed Regeneration

Hollow Mask Appearance: Hollow mask


Name: Koudokuso (Anti toxin)
Description: This ability acts much like a passive as it activates upon pulling the mask over his face, based on Triune's inner hollow who is a poison/corruption type inner hollow he also has these types of abilities. When Triune pulls on his mask it begins to act much like a filter to other poisons, it slows down the effects of harmful poison or any type of corruption to his body. The dampening effect of this filter works for any man made or natural type but will not fully neutralize, instead only lowering the effects to make it possible to keep fighting and moving. These effects are also based off two things, one being the mask control, so the better it is, the more the poison is filtered. The second of course being based on rank, the higher above he is of the target the more it filters, so if a ML tries to poison and hes got a major leap, it won't do much. Since this ability literally acts like a filter, if he keeps the mask on after a battle, the poison injected into his body will leave his system over a short period of time, seeing as it cuts the poison in half catching some and keeping it like a real filter. If he takes the mask off too soon he will become ill and need to rest until it leaves his system.

Name: Tenmetsu Shōkōsui (Corrosive Annihiliation)
Description: When Triune uses this attack he must, obviously, pull on his hollow mask and much like a cero he will charge a purple orb with a black swirl in the middle. He will then push it off his hand sending it a distance of 40 yards, this attack has a blast radius of about four yards and will release a poisonous gas. This gas when it comes in contact with the enemy will begin to make their eyes burn and itch, cause a headache and disorientation and begin to burn away at their skin like a slow burning acid. Of course this attack is all based on rank as anyone higher the effects and damage will be less compared to those of equal and lower. This hollow technique can only be learned if Triune teaches it to the person.

Name: Escudo Hueco [Hollow Shield]
Description: This is an ability that Triune developed during training. He discovered that the hollow reiatsu is a lot harder if used as a shield just tougher to manipulate. So he discovered if he was to form the hollow energy in his dominant arm and squeeze down on it with enough force for it to pop and coat his dominant arm in a coat of hollow reiatsu that repels the force of one reiatsu based attack or of a few more physical attacks pending on the strength of the attacks on the shield. The only people who could use this ability are Triune. Do to there share in resolve. This attack takes a good 6 seconds to prepare and could be used a multiple times in a row but the more it's used the bigger the strain that arm gains till it can't move.

Resurrection Information (Optional, but good to have)
Name: Neumond Schillernd [New Moon Enigmatic]
Represent: Moon
Family: Lunar
Looks: His appearance changes significantly. In either hand he gains two gunblades , about the length of a long pistol . Differences to the picture is the bottoms have more of an edge and a short bandolier extension going past the barrel by an inch. The rounds fired from these weapons are high density Reiatsu compressed rounds capable of piercing through normal Heirro at his rank. Speeds of the rounds are faster than Bala, however each round is a tracer round mean you can track it visually.

His clothing shifts a bit, his color off-setting to white on black. His right arm gains a full arm sleeve that’s white starting at the bottom of his wrist and going into the shirt around his chest. The stitching are black as well as the fringes. On his left arm a single wrist band is there the core of it white the edges black. He gains a loose black jacket with white fur lining that shows the white shirt underneath it. The jacket is a zip up type; two main pockets, one on the outside of his chest and two on the inside of his jacket. His pants are loose baggy white ones that cover his feet to the laces of his boots almost on the ground.

Techniques (Optional, but good to have)

Name: Mondteiler [Lunar Divider]
Description: Triune draws the power of the moon directly into himself suffusing himself in its' power. When this happens he enters a beserk state his eyes fill over in pure white luminescence. While in this his attacks become faster and more brutal. He takes no regard for those around him and focuses only on bringing down his target. This ability adjusts his wardrobe slightly, his left wrist cuff gaining a lunar glow around it as well as the heels of his boots. These look almost like he's got miniature boosts on them, they visually burn when looked upon.

His weapons are adjusted as well, the blades at the bottom of his gunblades gain a pure white extension blade adding another foot of blade to it and coating the rest in the same energies increasing its' cutting powers by another rank. His shots, when fired, are now slugs instead of rounds. They appear to be pure molten energy when fired out at the same speeds and rates as his originally released form. When striking a lunar fire effect occurs, more effective than normal fires used, these burn white hot but cannot sustain themselves for more than a second or two after contact with any object. While in this state his strength and physical speed are tripled.

Name: Ruf des Mondes [Cry of the Moon]
Description: This allows him to track any enemies who has had any spilt blood or wounds on them regardless of if it's on the ground or not, it leaves a vapor trail and he can track it. Once a person has been scented he can first see the trail, and the close he gets(within 25 yards) he can see their body outlined in infrared allowing him to track them through any lighting. His eyes take on a red tinge.
The above is only to start off this technique. The true nature of the technique is to allow Triune to close in on his opponents in order to unleash his final attack.

Once within range the true name of the technique comes into play, emitting a quick howl a reminiscent moon alights in the sky, regardless of the time of day, from this moon beams come down from the sky in quick bursts that ignite the ground around him. Should they strike Triune it does little other than illuminate him. If it hits another, those of equal rank will be temporarily held in place, as if the Cry of the Moon is holding them. In their minds a sound so enrapturing plays that they stop to listen to it, as if from a distant memory. Though not real in any sense, they feel as if they know it and in that instant are vulnerable to attack. Even the deaf are held tranquil in its’ grasp.

Name: Eine Meute Verloren [A Pack Lost]
Description: The Coup De Grace of Triunes capabilities. When activated the pack lost, or the one never had but wanted, seems to manifest itself in the area around Triune in a 50 yard radius throwing off his preys' perception of himself and his location. These pack members summoned are very real, though having none of Triunes actual powers save his physical capabilities. Meaning they can use Sonido and fire off his weapons but cannot perform his other Ress abilities or any other techniques.

While this is active Triune goes into an almost trance-like state focusing in on his target until it is dead, there are few things that can shake him out of this short of near-death, or a shocking revelation or experience. While in this trance-like state he gains the ability to move between each of the 'pack' members allowing him to change position almost at will(max of four other pack members). Each of these members can announce themselves vocally howling into the night chilling the air with their call.

Each pack member looks identical to Triune in all ways save one. There is always a slight difference between each of them. Some article of clothing, a change on their weapon, standing, fighting style. These targets can be killed, if done so they cannot reenter the field of combat until the ability has ended and been reactivated or if Triune physically reaches them and revives them with his own powers.


No Self-Recollection

Awakening on the ground in the middle of the woods, he didn't recognize anything. All he could see around him was darkness and woods. It was cold too, snow. He thought he remembered that much about it. There was snow covering the ground around him in deep drifts. The trees were bare of any leaf, some of the pine trees could be seen with their needles but that was it. Getting up unsteadily the soul reached touched his chest, a chain hung from it one that was linked to something in the ground.

Jerking it, the chain clinked through the snow. Pulling it up he found it anchored to the ground in a clearing where another body was lying. Staring at it fascinated, there was something familiar about it, he couldn't quite place it. Dismissing it the soul walked away from it stopping as the chain ran out of length pulling him to the ground almost. Frowning at it he jerked it in an attempt to free himself. It stuck in the ground solidly. Letting out an irritated breath the plus wandered the circle irritably noting the change, or lack therein, of scenery.

The Plus Life

This place had grown dull after awhile, nothing at all had changed at all, he had stayed here for the longest time nothing had changed. It seemed to get colder and nothing wandered close enough for him to lash out at. He couldn't believe how remote this place was. Jerking his chain angrily the soul felt something 'break' in it. As if something had started, something irreversible. Staring down the chain it had started to simply break apart. The lock on his chest vanishing revealing a hole. Or apart of one.

Drawing a ragged breath the soul went from fiercely angry to distressed almost instantly. This chain had been there since he had awoken, he didn't want to think of what would happen to himself if he lost it. It was his only remaining connection to the world. Clutching the remnants of the chain in his hands as if he could hold it together the soul sat huddled around the remnants of his chain, afraid to wander now for fear of breaking this already fragile loop. Only a dozen or so remained intact, and those barely so rust pitted them and some barely had any remaining keeping it attached.

Shivering, not from the cold, he barely thought of that now the soul stared at the remainder of his chain with a ball of ice in his stomach. Uncertain as to what would happen to him at all the soul sat there rocking back and forth, days passed as he watched his own chain break before his eyes. He didn't remember anything, something, he was here for something to do something! Angry suddenly he stared at the tormenting, diminishing chain gripping it tightly he jerked at it pulling it free of his chest in a blinding white light.


Landing in the snow he stared at the chain in his hand and the hole in his chest, his eyes widened quickly at what he had done. What had he done? He stared around, his heart beating in his threat a sweat breaking over him as he stared at it before he opened his mouth to scream as raw instinct took over. Fighting it, resisting it a canine mask suddenly engulfed his face blocking out his vision in a filmy white substance covering his body. Hands and legs changing his body contorted becoming dog-like on all fours. Claws appeared on his hands as the became padded and his joints reversed on themselves.

Howling out in pain, instinct took over, a cold cool instinct. One of judgment and cunning. Howling out loud, the cry of a starving soul he vanished from the clearing abandoning the site he had kept watch over all this time. Deserting the place as though it was the bane of existence, a thing to be forgotten as quickly as possible. The desolation of that place broke through to the Hollow that had taken over causing it to flee the site as quickly as possible. A dark grey body that ran fluidly over the frozen landscape searching for a meal.

Struggle through to the top

Having spent large portion of its' time wandering the forests finding and devouring souls it came across, Hollow or human alike it suddenly grew tired of this. It needed more, something else to sustain its' being that was more filling than these chums of little power held for him. Opening the portal to darkness and white sands the Hollow stalked through it, wary of prey that lurked here.

Lured to a place of gathering, one that was left in his instincts. One he felt he had to get to he buried himself in the sands coming up on the branches of a sky reaching forest. Leaping from branch to branch a Hollow suddenly dropped down landing in front of him snapping at him with the intent of rending flesh and bone. Side-stepping it he lashed out reflexively cleaving apart its' mask causing it to scream. Pouncing on it as it clawed at its' face he devoured it, strength pouring into him. These Hollows had much more power in them than those he had dropped in the real world.

Licking his lips hungrily he dropped down a few more branches staring at a hug congregation of these Hollows massing. There were hundreds of them going at it. Eyes lighting he dropped into the midst of them rending, slashing, biting, and eating as much as he could. Feeling something stir, a swirling of blackness engulfed them suddenly drawing them together in a huge figure swathed in a black cloak. Howling aloud, the Hollow suddenly realized that its' voice came from the large being. That its' mask bore his own. Looking around it, it saw similar shapes to itself and set off in the distance, maybe they too had the same hunger as he.

Evolved, but Less

The Gillian classed Hollow that he became, after starting from such a weak soul so long ago wandered the forests finding more of its' brethen that walked complacently through the forests. This one was an entire pack. More for him to eat, much much more. He was starting to finally feel full. But it still wasn't enough, he need more he had to have more or else he would starve. That's what he thought at least.

Striding amongst them he howled aloud, causing them to turn his attention to him. He had done this far too many times to expect a different result from these lesser beings. They were so ridiculously stupid because they all fell for the same thing over and over again. He had run across a few others like him, that had kept their consciousness, however they hadn't really been that much better. They added much more to his collective though. Much more filling indeed, but these would do. Latching onto the nearest one with his mouth he devoured it, a part of it swallowed whole.

He didn't need to devour the whole thing to have it become apart of him, just enough to keep it from continuing on afterwards. Moving to the next and then after, they barely comprehended why one of their own was eating them. They were so confused they didn't even react except to howl in distress. They didn't flee at all either, just stood there confused until it was their turn. Finishing off this pack, a sense of fulfillment suddenly suffused him in a white light drawing in a compressing itself on him. In its' place a white wolf stood alone, howling alone in the forests it stared around itself apprehensively, keen intellect and knowledge showed behind his canine eyes.

Alone, no time for remorse

Triune Silvermane was born that day, and had since wandered alone working his way back up from the deep forests, dozens of years had passed since he had last been above the forests of the desert. He yearned to see more, to do more, to feed once more. Something he had thought was over until he had become this form. Something that wasn't what he had wanted or planned. He had wanted this hunger to be over, but it wasn't and he wished it to be so he could do something. A new urgency had taken on his body.

He sensed that this hunger was one of non-regression. Something in his gut told him that if he didn't eat he would return from whence he came and never come back, which terrified him to no end. He didn't want to become one of those mindless creatures that he had devoured. Breaking above the sands with that goal in mind Triune stared around him alert and ready already searching for prey. Letting loose a chilling howl into the night air he padded away into the night that was Hueco Mundo and the deserts that it was.

Vowing to never regress he hurried to each meal, to each target devouring all in his path to keep from becoming that which he loathed, that which he feared becoming, useless. These are the thoughts that speed him on his way to more, to not become less than what he already was and what he was going to become. He wished to ascend even farther, without the help of those who wouldn't work with him, he would do it alone.

Role-play Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Triune Leingod   Sat Jun 05, 2010 12:10 am

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Seiwa Genji


PostSubject: Re: Triune Leingod   Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:03 am

Lunarscape is denied. One I don't like abilities that close other's player's powers. Two you are more than skilled in RP and it's not needed; using this will make it slightly out of hand. If you remove that ability then all is approved off.
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PostSubject: Re: Triune Leingod   Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:23 am

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Seiwa Genji


PostSubject: Re: Triune Leingod   Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:36 am

Approved. Your majesty.

Welcome and Enjoy.
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Byakuya Kuchiki
Captain of the Sixth Division

PostSubject: Re: Triune Leingod   Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:23 am

Number 0 is already taken. And Seiwa, you CANNOT approve things.

Here, right now, I'll stand my ground and never back down! I know what I believe inside, I'm awake and I'm alive!

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PostSubject: Re: Triune Leingod   Mon Jun 07, 2010 4:15 am

Who has 0?
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Byakuya Kuchiki
Captain of the Sixth Division

PostSubject: Re: Triune Leingod   Mon Jun 07, 2010 4:58 am


Here, right now, I'll stand my ground and never back down! I know what I believe inside, I'm awake and I'm alive!

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PostSubject: Re: Triune Leingod   Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:07 am

I'll battle Schia for the spot.
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PostSubject: Re: Triune Leingod   

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Triune Leingod
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