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 Ketci-Kane, Ace

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Ace Ketchi-Kane

Ace Ketchi-Kane

PostSubject: Ketci-Kane, Ace   Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:28 am

Basic Information
Name: Ace Ketchi-Kane (Con-Nay)
Age: Looks 13, Actually is 100
Gender: Male
Division: 11th
Ace stands at about 5'0 tall and weighs 104 pounds. He has silver hair and hazel eyes that walk on the line of gold. With looking at him you would think that he was completely skin and bones, but without a shirt on he dons a six pack and great calf muscles.
His ears are always covered by his Silver hair and he wears a set of cat ears on the top of his head. He is never without a smile on his face unless he is in a battle in which he tends to keep one look at a time, if he is enjoying the battle he is smiling crazed like, but if it is boring him he has a blank expression.
Rank Seated if possible

Techniques (Optional, but good to have)
Name: Oto no Hāmonī Sōsa (Sonic Harmony Manipulation)
Description: Ace's Shikai has the ability to manipulate sound waves. To the point that when released it sends out a slight vibration that gets in sync with his or the targets Spiritual pressure. It is not known yet if Ace Bankai does the same thing or is on the same path as his Shikai

Strength: There really is no way to get past his shikai since it deals with sound and vibrations. If you are in the area and you are fighting him you will be affected by Yakan. The only weakness is that his abilities in Shikai only effect one person at a time.
Speed: Moderately fast paced. Yakan takes 2-3 post the targets to fully have them moving slow. The same goes for Pawasonata, it normally range from 2-3 post to take full effect on the target. Shuryo is the only attack that is like instant. Once he activates it the attack is released unless Ace wants to build it up completely.
Accuracy: The first two attacks 100% accuracy. Shuryo depending if the person moves faster than Ace. Which means if Yakan did not affect them somewhere between 80-90%. So it will hit 8 or 9 times out of 10.
Stamina: Since Yakan is always activated until he switches songs briefly, his stamina goes down quickly due to all the Reiatsu it consumes, when activated. After 5 post on Ace's part the reiatsu is leveled and his stamina is stabled.

Cool Down: Yakan it last for 5 post on his part and takes him 10 post before he can use it again. Pawasonata last for 5 post and it to takes 10 post to reuse it. Shuryo he can use it in only 1 post, but since it uses the remainder of his Reiatsu it actually takes him 2-3 weeks to use it again. So, in other words he can use it only once a topic.

Zanpakutou Information
Zanpakutou Name: Utsukushii Barādo (Beautiful Ballad)
Zanpakutou Appearance Zanpakutou
Shikai Appearence: Shikai one for each arm
Shikai Ability:
    Shikai Abilities:

  • Yakan sonata (Nocturnal Sonata)- Utsukushii Barādo, plays a tune that entangles itself in the spiritual pressure and energy of Ace's enemy, hypnotizing the user and pushing them into a drowsy state. The music is so attune with his enemies energy that Only the person fighting Ace can hear it. Once this takes effect the persons' body starts feeling drowsy and sluggish. Usually having them feel as Ace has gotten faster. Once his song change or he puts his Zanpoktou up the effect of this songs ends.

    It takes Yakan two post before the effect happens. One post as it is released and on Ace's second post the one after the release.
    If his enemy is one or two seats higher than him then the effects will be strong and then moderate and the higher up they are the weaker the effect will be until it has no effect on them whats so ever.
    Yakan only works on one enemy at a time at the moment.

    Yakan scale
    If the person has no seat to affect Yakan, slows them down to a sleep like state as if they were sleep or frozen.
    If the person is the same rank or seat as Ace then the effects of Yakan would make him move as if he was one rank or seat lower, giving Ace the upper hand.
    Speaking if the Person is 3-5 ranks or seats above Ace then the effect would make them move as if the difference was only 2-4 ranks or seats stronger.
    Anyone 6 seats or higher move as if nothing happened.

  • Pawasonata (Power Sonata). Utsukushii Barādo, once again entangles its music into his wielders or targets Spiritual energy and pushes their body to the physical peak of their stage at the moment. Making them a little faster and stronger by a fraction of their normal power and speed for a total of 3-5 post.

    Depending on the targets rank or seat i.e. if they have no rank and hold no seat at the moment Pawasonata will boost them up to the next power level in his reach, in this case a seat.

    The effects of this ability only gives Ace or the target the strength and last for about 4 post of his and ends when the post are over, he switches sonata's or he passes out.

    Pawasonata Effects
    By giving the target a power and speed boost they could never truly keep the bonuses or gain any new ability. It's only raw power.

    Using Pawasonata more than four posts per battle per day would, put a strain his body, giving him injuries that will resemble broken bones and torn muscles.

  • Shuryo Sonata (End Sonata)- Utsukushii Barādo's final sonata is a beautiful melody and light show that occurs when both the Yakan Sonata and Pawasonata fail to bring a win. Concentrating all of his spiritual pressure into one final attack.
    By tapping Bun Shu-Ki no Yume together he will release a devastating sonic wave, about the width of small car towards his enemy with the strength of a #60 Kidou used by a person of his skill level. As he gets stronger the power of this attack gets stronger.

    The Wave
    Range: 4mi Stronge 2mi medium 1mi weak and vanishes
    Width: 3meters
    Length: 2meters Long
    Type of Attack: Shock Wave it moves at 300 m/s


Yakan Sonata: The melody is so high pitched and beautiful, that the enemy does not know that the ability is being used until the very last minute and by that time it is to late to try to avoid it.
Pawasonata: The affects of this boost the targets strength level to the next rank. Meaning if he is 10th seat fighting a 9th then he becomes a 9th seat power and so forth.
Shuryo Sonata: This has the potential of causing whomever hit with this weak to major damage depending on the range.


Yakan Sonata: Its main weakness in Ace's eye is that it slows the enemy down for him instead of allowing him to fight him head to head. Yakan can only work on one enemy at a time and as he switches opponents the effects dial down and soon cease to affect them until he goes back to that person. (At the Moment)
Pawasonata: Main weakness is that if Ace is training with his Lieutenant then it would be as if he was still on the scale of his seat, but with a tad bit more power. Since he has a seat, his power will only go up by a fraction of his opponent.
Shuryo Sonata: With this being a final resort if Ace misses the opponent then he would be to drained to continue to fight. He would still fight, but it would be him being hit and tossed around like a rag doll. Hitting his enemy or missing him will still cause Ace to have to relax for 3 weeks so his Spiritual power returns and his injuries can heal.

Bankai Appearence: Not yet reached
Bankai Ability:
Zanpaktou Release Phrase: Asobi Watashi ni Utsukushii Barādo (Play me a beautiful ballad or Play me a Whatever attack he will use)

Choose one of the following for each. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Kido/Ginto: Beginner
Zanjutsu/Marksmanship: Intermediate
Hakuda: Intermediate
Hoho: Intermediate

Background and Personality
Ace was born on Halloween in Nashville, Tn. His father came from a small village on the out skirt of Tokyo, and his mother came from Skull Bone, Tn. When his mother was in high school she was allowed to visit Tokyo and study abroad. Where she met Ace's father, at the time he was a junior at Tokyo High School in Omori, Tokyo.
The two fell in love quite fast getting married only a few years after they graduated from high. A few years later his mother found out she was pregnant and not wanting to have her son in a foreign country she asked if they could move back to the states.
Being a family man, his father agreed on her terms and they both moved to Nashville, Tn, USA a few months before he was born. Once there his mother, Tamara, introduced named him to her Ace. Loving the name so much, he decided to name their child Ace, after his wife's favorite uncle. And it was proper to let the boy take the family name Ketchi-Kané.
His parents knew how bad the kids would treat their son, for being of mixed heritage. What they did not take into consideration was how bad the south would treat one of mixed heritage. Even though they spoke to their son in both American-English and Japanese. They knew that it would be tough, but not as bad as it would have been over in Japan.
Ace grew up like a normal boy in the south. He went to the fishing hole, he enjoyed riding horses, he wore cat ears from when his mother met his father. He got into fights. When he was younger his mother showed Ace a set of cat ears that his father bought for her on their first date.
She was planning on giving them to a daughter, but she ended up having Ace instead. Not wanting them to just sit around and collect dust Ace asked if he could have them, so he could feel closer to his parents and the fact that he liked the ears more than his one, he refuses to take them off.
Now back to the fights, he was in way more fights than a boy his age should have been in. More so, on the fact that he refused to take off his cat ears and when a person did try to remove them he would hit them. It was the constant fights that made him fall in love with fighting even more. It was this fact that made him want to fight once he died and appeared in the Seireitei, that was all he did.
He died in 1912 due to a fight, with some bigger boys. Even though they out numbered him four to one. He still refused to give up. He died from multiple blows to the head.
Once he made it to the Seireitei, Ace was scared and alone, not knowing what to do. So, he did what everyone else around him did. He joined Shinigami Academy. There is where his story takes place.
Ace is the happiest person anybody could know. He loves everything that life has to offer even the bad things. When he is around people he likes, he is the sweetest person around, but when it comes to the people he don't know he acts a little paranoid before he actually interacts with them.
Even though he is sweet it is his temper that one must watch out for, because even though he is smiling he is most likely plotting ways to take you down. It seems that nothing gets to him.
Like everyone in the 11th squad, Ace loves the battle even though he hardly shows the emotions of a person who fights even when he fights. He thinks that giving a person a facial expression will give the opponent a peek into his fighting style and/or his strategy.

Role-play Sample: (Only if you want to play a captain, and it needs to be long)
OOC: All the information for his Technique and Zanpakutou are only for the moment. Once he learns Bankai everything should change. The red words are links to pictures of Ace, his zanpaktou and shikai

Last edited by Ace Ketchi-Kane on Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:31 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Figured out what Tech was :P)
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Ace Ketchi-Kane

Ace Ketchi-Kane

PostSubject: Re: Ketci-Kane, Ace   Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:31 am

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Ace Ketchi-Kane

Ace Ketchi-Kane

PostSubject: Re: Ketci-Kane, Ace   Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:10 am

Once, again, bump
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PostSubject: Re: Ketci-Kane, Ace   Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:18 am

I'll approve it.
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PostSubject: Re: Ketci-Kane, Ace   

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Ketci-Kane, Ace
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