A Bleach RPG with a new plot. You can play as your favorite character, or make a custom one. Have fun!
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 Bleach: Dubious Integrity

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PostSubject: Bleach: Dubious Integrity   Tue Jun 08, 2010 4:43 am

|↘|Forum |↘|Register |↘|Character Files |↘|Rules |↘|General Information

Like Bleach?
Like role-playing?
Why don't you think about joining Bleach Dubious Integrity?

From the creators of Bleach Unified, Bleach: Fallen Requiem, and other enjoyable Bleach RPGs. We bring to to a new text based RPG game called Bleach: Dubious Integrity. Created and handled by Marcos, it is the newest and best Bleach site of 2010.


  • We have unique non-stat based system and friendly helpful staff with a unique set of rules.
  • To start off, there is no Bleach characters existing on this forum that are from the manga, the timeline is in 2010
  • We have a variety of Races to choose from, these include: Shinigami, Arrancar, Quincy, Hybrid, Humans, Bounts, even Zanpaktou Spirits and Hollows !
  • Member run plot! Anyone can affect the outcome of the site!
  • Easy for dedicated members to increase their powers through training.
  • Dedicated members can win MOTM (Member Of The Month) and have a banner created for them staring their character! Plus the banner will stay up for a whole month!
  • A nice clean looking layout to our site that was designed by our graphic team in a bleach theme.

There is a great plot for Bleach: Dubious, but if you don't feel like following it at the time, you can make your own plot or choose an arc from the anime or manga and RP in the Different storyline forum. Do you have a favorite canon pairing? You can RP it in the relationships section, without having to make the canon character that you want to play.

Current Plot:
Vizards have drastically numbered in the past few centuries and are steadily becoming stronger as they plot to destroy the Soul Society. With help from there new collages 'Shadow Knights'. Rouge Shinigmai bent on replacing the Soul Society and there old ways, they wage war with the Soul Society. As war starts to breakout different breeds of races start to disappear from there own dimensions and are taken captive by the Bounts. Its up to the new Quincy Hybrids to put a stop to it before the Bounts reach there goal. Find out and Register on Bleach: Dubious Integrity!!

  • Will the Shinigami be ready?
  • Who will win the war?
  • You decide.

Filler plots will be created to aid the main plot just like the anime.


Affiliations come link us back, Here's our minibanner


Link: http//dubiousbleach.darkbb.com/index.htm
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Bleach: Dubious Integrity
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