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 Soulmates [Private/Reikou Y]

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PostSubject: Soulmates [Private/Reikou Y]   Wed Jun 09, 2010 4:02 am

He hadn't seen much of the Soul society for a long time maybe it was because of Soi Fon's behavior or is it the fact that maybe he wasn't fit into being a Soul reaper. Kade still wanted redemption over what he did he had abandon the people that he cared deeply about. However, things have changed since his days of being a vice captain and that woman Captain Yuuri seemed so familiar. Kade couldn't put his finger on it but maybe they met before and he forgot about it still it was strange maybe they were friends back then. He doesn't remember anything about it or perhaps he did save her life and years pass and he forgot about it. Something else besides was troubling perhaps it was nothing but still he couldn't pass it up because he wanted something in life. In his human years, Kade was married to perfect woman truthfully she was his soulmate maybe that was keeping him down lately.

"A soulmate? Is that what I truely I can't just any anybody about being my soulmate that would be rude much as a burden on someone"

Kade did want to pursue this but calmly hoping that he didn't want rush into things. He walked near some buildings hoping no one was looking around and started to rest a little. "A soulmate ohhh, I guess maybe someone like Captain Yuuri but what I thinking that might lead me into some hot water if anybody found out....but it could happen"
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Soulmates [Private/Reikou Y]
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