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 Kokkai Makura (complete)

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Hisana Reioko

Hisana Reioko

PostSubject: Kokkai Makura (complete)   Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:29 am

Basic Information
Name: Kokkai Makura
Age: 320
Gender: Female
Arrancar/espada: Arrancar
Looks: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif?src=www&o=14

Resurrection Information (Optional, but good to have)
Name: Tigridia (tiger lily)
Represents: tiger
Family: Poison

Techniques (Optional, but good to have)

Name: poisoned bite
Description: her fangs contain poison and when she bites her enemy, she inject poison into the skin, it spreads throughout the body in two posts paralyzing the victim for 3 posts.
Speed: the full effect takes place in 2 posts.

Name: Cero mist
Description: it starts out in a form of a bright green cero but as it makes contact it becomes a green mist, surrounding the enemy, if the enemy inhales it he/she starts seeing things that she wants them to see.
Speed: takes effect the moment the enemy inhales it.
Cooldown: they stop seeing things in 5 posts.

Name: 100 Needle attack
Description: She can summon 100 wasps with poisoned stingers to hunt down the enemy if they sting him/her they can temporarily decreasing the spiritual power of her opponent, preventing them to use advanced kido over 33 or releasing their zanpackuto for 4 posts.
Speed: the wasps are fast enough to keep up with shunpo, sonido, ect.
cooldown: the wasps last for 5 posts and the venom effect ends after 4 posts.

Name: reverse venom
Description: by stabbing herself or others with her blade she can send a healing venom into her bloodstream curing any wounds or sickness, but in the process it weakens her for 5 posts.
Cooldown: She weakens in 5 posts.

History and Personality:
History: Kokkai was born in japan and abandoned in an abandoned bookstore which turned out to be owned by a large, muscular, and extremely abusive man.the minute he saw the young child he picked it up and simply tossed her in a box with a pile of newspapers for her bed. When Kokkai was just a child, he taught her how to pickpocket then forced her to go out to steal from the rich and poor. and if she was caught, he would beat her roughly for being such a failure. He would even train her how to fight despite how she hated violence at the time. Every time she failed to win a match he would beat her with everything he had.After years of abuse and harsh training, even though she grew to be beautiful, her personality changed from kind, and caring to cold and violent.She was only 18 when she died, she was caught in a fighting match between a gang of men. At first she was winning the fight yet the leader of the group held a knife and stabbed her multiple times through the chest and ribcage causing her blood to mix with the rainfall that fell on her cold lifeless body...

As Kokkai's soul was ripped from her body, she felt nothing but pain.When the pain ended, she wandered around searching for help, for someone that could see her. One day she found a man dressed in a black kimono with a katana strapped to his side. Desprate she ran after him only to be blocked by a hollow. The hollow grabbed her and devoured her soul,tearing apart the chain of fate which caused her entire body to explode and rearrange back into the body of a hollow. The hollow's body was like a female tiger with glowing red eyes and long fangs.the hollow opened a garganta and went into Hueco Mundo...

As a Hollow Kokkai searched everywhere, eating any hollow with high spiritual pressure.Yet no matter how much she ate she still hungered for power. She even went to the human world to devour the souls of humans and soul reapers with high spiritual power. When she devoured a captain her hollow form exploded and as the smoke cleared a naked woman with light green hair, light pink eyes,and the remains of a hollow mask looked like a necklace of tiger fangs. She looked at herself and flexed her fingers. When she got up to leave, aizen appeared saying that he was expecting her. He then offered her a position in his army which she immediately agreed. Yet when she did join the army many people avoided her because of her personality. Her goal in life is to find someone who loves her no matter what to fill the emptiness that had remained in her heart.

Personality: Because of her past life, kokkai tends to be violent, cold, and emotionless to people she doesn't know or care about.She Hates people who think poorly of her and will not hesitate to prove him/her wrong.She seems to be uncaring and sarcastic to others around her and seems to not care what people think. but truthfully deep down, she is a sad and lonely person and wishes that people would like her a bit more. When she gets to know a person that she gets along with she reveals a kind, warm hearted person who likes to smile and chat.Though this side is rare and she only shows it to people that she truly cares about. and even though she doesn't show it much, she does care deeply about her fellow arrancar and will feel upset and hurt if they are wounded or killed.
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Hisana Reioko

Hisana Reioko

PostSubject: Re: Kokkai Makura (complete)   Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:31 am

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Shinko Hantaisha

Shinko Hantaisha

PostSubject: Re: Kokkai Makura (complete)   Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:51 am

only problem i see is this

Name: Cero mist
Description: it starts out in a form of a bright green cero but as it makes contact it becomes a green mist, surrounding the enemy, if the enemy inhales it he/she starts seeing things that she wants them to see.
Speed: takes effect the moment the enemy inhales it.
Cooldown: they stop seeing things in 5 posts.

I think this goes into illusions, so please make what they see specific.
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PostSubject: Re: Kokkai Makura (complete)   

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Kokkai Makura (complete)
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