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 Captain of the 9th Division Konoka Shizunami (complete)

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Reina Hikari

Reina Hikari

PostSubject: Captain of the 9th Division Konoka Shizunami (complete)   Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:12 am

Basic Information
Name: Konoka Shizunami
Age: Looks 18 but is actually 720
Gender: Female
Division: 9th

She wears a Black shinigami uniform with a white Captain's hori and a yellow sash tied around her waist.

Rank: Captain of the 9th division.

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name: Ayatsuri

Zanpackuto Appearance: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif?src=www&o=1

Shikai Appearence:http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif?src=www&o=18

Shikai Ability: The red hilted blade manipulates fire, and the blue blade manipulates ice.

Zanpaktou Release Phrase for Shikai: Burn and Freeze Ayatsuri

Name: Water and Fire dragons
Description: Swinging two of her blades at her enemy, she can send a fire and ice dragon at her enemy causing the enemy to be trapped in a block of ice as well as an explosion as the fire dragon comes in contact causing heavy damage to her enemy.
Duration/cooldown: takes 1 post to create another dragon attack.

Name: Fire and Ice cero
Description: She can shoot a cero like blast from each of her blades. The blue cero freezes any enemy that gets hit by it. it can be countered by another attack. and the red one has an effect like a regular arrancar's cero.
Strength: has the same strength as a cero
Speed: same speed as a regular cero
Stamina: can be countered by a more power attack or cero.
Duration/cooldown: takes 1 post for each cero to charge and it it takes 2 to be able to use the attack again.

Name: Hell vs heaven.
Description: Stabbing her blades into the ground she can make fire erupt from the ground and ice in the appearance of blue fire come crashing down from the sky towards the enemy if he/she isn't fast enough to avoid it then he/she will be killed.
duration/cooldown: takes 5 posts to be able to reuse the attack.

Bankai Appearence: a pure crystal blue wing made of ice, and a blazing wing made of fire sprouts from her back. Her blades become one silver sword like spear,blazing red and blue.

Bankai Ability: Konoka has complete control of fire and ice and can bend it to her will

Zanpackuto Release Phrase for Bankai: Bankai, Ryuujin Ayatsuri!

Name: Fire Elemental
Description: in this state Konoka can control fire to its extreme power, she can control its temperature, and she can even summon lightning.

Name: Ice Elemental
Description: She can control ice to its ultimate power, she can even make the ice become water, or mist.

Choose one of the following for each. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Kido/Ginto: Advanced
Zanjutsu/Marksmanship: Advanced
Hakuda: Advanced
Hoho: Intermediate

Background and Personality
History: Konoka was born on July 10th in Tokyo Japan. though she was beautiful, she had incredible Spiritual potential. But because of this it attracted many hollows. Regardless her parents loved and protected her. One day when she was only 10 years old, a menos grande shot a cero at an apartment building where her parents lived. in minutes the apartment was in flames, desprate to save their daughter Konoka's parents hugged their daughter and threw her out the window, Screaming for her parents as the apartment exploded, Konoka landed hard on a pile of used mattresses that people didn't need. She curled up on the mattress, sobbing bitterly as the rain started to fall.

Having to fend for herself and refusing to steal from others, Konoka picked flowers from a field and tried to sell them. for the first few weeks the plan worked but then winter came early and the flowers died off. Looking through the forest to find shelter one night, Konoka curled up in between two trees, it started to snow down heavily. Trembling uncontrollably, the temperature dropped the air getting colder and colder.feeling her body go numb, Konoka knew that she was probably going to die. But fate wasn't merciful, for she heard a hollow's roar in the distance and it was coming towards her. She crawled away from her shelter trying to get away but she felt a sudden heat come across her body, it grew painful. Feeling her limbs go up in flames she screamed and her body as well as some fallen trees went up into flames as the cero made its mark...

Feeling her soul being pulled from her body, Konoka woke up finding a chain on her chest twisting it in her hands curiously. a grown females voice saying Hey quit playing with that and follow me... Konoka looked up to see a woman in a black kimono and a sword strapped to her side. Konoka nodded shakily and got up. As the morning sun started to rise, Konoka was sent to the soul society that night.....

120 years later, Konoka had matured into a beautiful woman no longer the frightened girl that she used to be. Recognizing her spiritual power needed to be controlled. Konoka went to the Academy, learning kido, Hakuda, zanjutsu,and hoho. She became one of the smartest students in the class, and she seemed to get better and better ever day. three years later she graduated and she was immediately promoted to be one of the 9th division's seated officers.Still she trained wanting to get stronger until she at least got a higher rank. many years later after the 9th division's captain, Kaname Tosen betrayed them and left with Aizen, she volunteered to assist the lieutenant, Shuhei Hisagi. Yet she still trained her goal was to achieve bankai so she could take the role as Captain. She even started to train more and more with the members of the squad getting to know them and even becoming friends. One day, Konoka finally achieved her goal and obtained Bankai. Because of her kind nature towards the squad and the fact that she had bankai. She became the 9th division's new captain. Running her Squad with fairness and leading them with a completely different example than Tosen had, her only goal is to try to assist the innocent and prove the captain commander right that she was deserving of her rank.

Personality: she is a kind woman. always caring and loving towards her squad members and young children. she is soft-spoken, and doesn't speak too often unless she must say something important or if she has an announcement. She loves to joke around and laugh with other people. She hates fighting and will do anything she can to avoid it. Though she is kind and has a happy nature, she is strict and firm when she needs to be and she isn't a push over. She sees the good and the bad in people and is always willing to help when asked. Konoka doesn't approve of laziness or slacking off during an assignment, She wants her squad to do the best that they can. She is angered if someone in her squad, an innocent bystander,someone that is close to her, or a child is hurt and will take action. Konoka is very protective of her squad and in her eyes, she sees them as family.At times she would help train new recruits to help them get stronger. She treats everyone with respect and kindness and she is very respectful to her fellow captains.

Rp sample: Hearing her alarm clock go off at 8:00 am, Yuuki's eyes opened slowly and blinked a few times getting used to the sun's morning rays. wearing nothing but a white tang top and a pair of lime green shorts. Yuuki got out of bed and then remembered something. she was going to meet Linomaru's parents and his twin brother. Yuuki ran to the bathroom while grabbing a towel, stripped, and got into the shower with the warm water on....

thirty minutes later, Yuuki emerged from the bathroom with her towel wrapped tightly arround her. she ran into her room and put on a bra and underwear and stood in front of her open closet wondering what she should wear. thinking that it would be rude to show up in her jeans and t-shirt she grimanced but decided it would be decent and not too over dressed. Yuuki grabbed her short sleeve button up shirt with a cool looking black vest over it, her black skirt that slightly went down her thighs,and her black shoes. after getting her clothes on, she checked a mirror and slightly rolled her eyes. her outfit complimented her figure but Yuuki dispised all skirts and dresses alike. deciding to keep her hair left loose, she grabbed her keys, locked the apartment door and walked to the elevator entrance, waiting for Linomaru.
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PostSubject: Re: Captain of the 9th Division Konoka Shizunami (complete)   Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:28 am

Umm I am gonna approve it >.>
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Reikou Yuuri

Reikou Yuuri

PostSubject: Re: Captain of the 9th Division Konoka Shizunami (complete)   Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:59 am

Befor anyone say something, yes, Sarah has approved of me becomming a mod<.<

on your bankai abilities
can you please put some cooldowns, limits and such? Else it would be godmod always to be able to summon lighting whenever you want you could engulf the entire planet in mist.

There are some people you wanna forget, but sometimes, they will never leave you...

Yuuri`s theme: Yui again.
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PostSubject: Re: Captain of the 9th Division Konoka Shizunami (complete)   

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Captain of the 9th Division Konoka Shizunami (complete)
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