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 Under the moon (open)

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Ayame Hikari


PostSubject: Under the moon (open)   Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:46 am

Feeling tired but can't seem to get some sleep,Lieutenant Renko Sagami sighs softly slowly getting up from her bed.As she gets up, her long, strawberry blond hair falls down her back and shoulders in soft waves. she blinks a few times, her blue eyes tired. slowly untying her white Kimono,and placing it on a chair she looks through her closet and slips on a black one. she then walks outside her quarters, and stands there looking up at the night sky. the moon's rays touched her, making her soft peach cream skin look pale. stars danced around the moon looking beautiful as always. a soft smile forms on her lips and her body relaxes. she always felt calm when she looked at the sky, it took her stress away. her gaze never leaving the moon.her thoughts asking *is there anything more beautiful than the moon?* she unwillingly took her eyes off the moon for a moment to look around. the cherry blossoms seemed to dance with the night's cool breeze. Renko then saw a river nearby, reflecting the moon's rays. and some of the flowers seemed to glow a pale blue color. Renko smiled at the sight.*nope nothing is more beautiful than this.*
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Koori Yuki


PostSubject: Re: Under the moon (open)   Wed Jun 16, 2010 5:51 pm

Yuki was sitting next to the river looking as the moon reflected off the calm, clear surface, captivating all who gazed upon its beauty. She always like night time more than day becasue it always seemed so peaceful; so calm and carefree - the only time she could ever relax in her busy day. The cool breeze made small ripples across the surface; lightly touching Yuki as she just simply sat there, surrounded by the moon-touched blue flowers. Feeling the presence of another Yuki turned around and saw a shinigami standing and smiling as the moon bleached her skin of colour, but not in a bad way. Yuki smiled softly as she turned her gaze back towards the water so as not to interupt the other shinigami who was lost in her own thoughts. It seemed so surreal, so fleeting like a painting, as though one move out of turn would shatter the serenity that settled around them, so Yuki didn't make a noise to keep the peaceful world unseen during the day.
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Under the moon (open)
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