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 Kaname Tousen

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PostSubject: Kaname Tousen   Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:52 pm

Requesting him.

RP Sample:The sun cascaded down to earth like rain drops from a thick grey cloud as a black silhouette of a thinner man appears upon the horizon of a large cityscape, casting an ominous shadow. First in a blur, the man emerges into focus showing first his black button down blazer-style coat swaying capriciously against forces unknown. The interior of the coat was a light crimson red; it was as smooth as silk, and comparable to a baby’s bottom. Outside of it, it had two pockets each on either side of the lower portion of the coat and buttons lining the edge of the point where it split. Under this coat it appeared that the man had on a plain red T-shirt, with jeans, of an undisclosed brand. It appeared that the man indeed had a zanpakuto tied around the belt of his waist, but he was no shinigami. There was a distinct scar above the man’s right eye brow as curvy as a lunar crescent.

Jovial as a spring butterfly Raiga made his way to a distinct building spaced out along the road at which he was striding. The building was a large mess of shiny reflective grey, the only real color it had created by the yolky yellow glare from the sun. The building was made up of three columns or sets, each containing over ten floors. Architecturally sound, the crumbling building stood proudly amongst several of its kind, the only thing distinguishing it the needle poking the sky at the top.

Pressing his hands ever-so-lightly against the sliding doors, they open and he walks in. This little mishap of pushing at the door caused for a slight bit of giggles to protrude from inside the building, and from a few passersby who were near at the time. Jovial once again after frowning at the laughs Raiga continues into the lobby, and finds himself staring at an array of silvery golden elevators, with fancy cigarette trashcans, and buttons nearby. Enjoying the smell of fresh pine trees Raiga found himself looking up at the ceiling and wondering, just wondering.

‘Bing’ the sliding, golden doors of the elevator farthest to the right open, and he strolls in. This elevator isn’t like the ones you would see, at say a hospital, they were more lavish, sophisticated, and were completely covered in expensive items. The golden rails, the soft crimson carpet, the mirror of glass, and the exquisite music placed there to keep you calm, were just some of the luxuries of these elevators. ‘Bing’ the sliding doors open and Raiga steps out into a high-rise office complete with one large brown-stained wooden table in the middle, with little more than fifteen chairs encompassing it. It has one large window which gave way to the immense city, and all its glory. You could see almost everything, every house, every car, even the eventually escaping of airplanes on the horizon, everything! Raiga himself could barely stomach the view, it was like looking into a 102-inch flat screen H.D. plasma T.V.

Within this lucid scene of H.D. proportions the man Raiga noticed an indistinct figure far off into the distance. The only thing apparent about the figure was that it had its hand pointed outward as though it was targeting something, which indeed it was. Upon further inspection Raiga could see limpidly a ball of red seemingly protruding from the palm of the unknown being. The yolky crimson red ball appeared to be what Raiga knew as a cero---a cero was indeed the lifeblood of the hollow race, and in more than one way. If Raiga could guess it was their best form of attack besides a resurrección which is exclusive to arrancar. He sighs before placing his hand on the glass, using his other hand he unsheathes his zanpakuto, and takes it to the glass. Stabbing it cleanly though he begins to struggle trying to create a perfect circle like how they do on those spy movies, but as he quickly realized the cero was gaining power, and strength by the second, so he says, ‘Fuck it..’ and smashes the entire window sending shrapnel of razor-sharp, glistening glass cascading downward, and creating a i]‘Bing’[/i] which was indeed louder than that of an elevator bing, but not loud enough to alert the arrancar to Raiga’s presence. ‘Look at this son of a bitch here, what the I am a retarded stump of a hermaphrodite. is he doing. I’ll tell ya what he’s doing, he’s about to get the I am a retarded stump of a hermaphrodite. outta here..’ Raiga says stepping out onto a platform of solidified reishi, taking a few more steps, before jolting into a rapid sprint.

Down below where the glass had fallen there was a throng of businessmen who had been caught in the wrong place at the exact wrong time. The glass fell from a height that even if a penny were dropped from it, it would still kill you if it hit you in the head. If a penny could kill you from that height, imagine what several shards of razor-sharp glass could do to you. In fact here is what it would do. Two of the unfortunate business man, just as they were about to turn into the building were caught with ten shards of the glass. One man would eventually have four shards protruding ominously from his chest, one inching its way down to his heart, bursting it spilling a mess of blood outward on the other man, whom indeed would take five shards to the face, two falling directly into the sockets of both his eyes, and the other three catching the man’s throat as he gasped from having his eyes gouged out. One piece of the glass would remain lodged in the man’s throat, while the others got as far to his stomach, slicing and dicing up his vitals at they went. Eventually after all the excruciating pain the man whom took the five shards suffered, he would collapse to the ground begging for life, while it was being taken away. Those guys were more than finished but there were more, three other guys in fact who would suffer a fate quite similar to theirs, a gruesome, gory one, as an abnormally large shard, about the size of an average laptop barrels into one of the men’s abdomens ripping him into two exact halves displacing all of the man’s blood out onto the concrete. Another shard about the size of a net book hastens its way at another one of the men at his neck, once colliding it virtually rips the man’s head from his body, leaving a lifeless, headless embodiment of a man as the remains. As for the final man, after watching his associates drop dead in a macabre way he took it upon himself to run the opposite direction, unfortunately this jackass did not see fit to enter the building doors before him, and instead runs directly into the path of the vastest of shards, which hits him squarely in the direct center of his head cleaving a great synapse in his skull and spilling chunks of brain all elsewhere.
Raiga ignored the area where the shards made their descent, and the subsequent yelps of pain which would ensue afterward, as he ran steadily toward the arrancar’s location. The arrancar, whom ominously still stood there charging the cero intrigued this man quite a bit, not only for the fact that the cero had been charging for far more than a few seconds, but his reiatsu itself was quite potent. It was a black foul reiatsu, littered with the essence of death, and destruction. At this moment it would occur to the man that this may not be just your average arrancar, at this rate, his reiatsu was that of a lower level captain and increasing. Cautiously so the man stops his sprint and takes refuge behind a building. ‘I don’t know how much time I have until that thing is ready, but at this rate, it must be stopped.’

‘Hey you,’ Raiga steps forward greeting the arrancar man, ‘what are you doing here, and don’t give me no bullshit, or I’ll kill you before the vile can slip from your tongue.’

‘Such the eager one we have here I see, well something will certainly have to be done about you eh... don’t you think?’ speaking rather nonchalantly, and in an arrogant manner the arrancar turns his head for a brief moment looking Letony up and down with disgust.

‘What kinda game are you playing bitch, I’m Raiga! Now! Tell me what you’re doing before I kill ya!’

‘Ah you’re curious about my cero eh? Well it’s like nothing you’ve seen before... its god. Cero Dios.... and I will be using it to destroy this whole entire section of your human city.’

‘I can’t allow you to do that sir, sir, I actually like this place, so give it up!’

‘Make me.’

‘That’s it! Gamble, Neikan Saikoro!’ arching his blade downwards it gains an incandescent glow, radiant as the sun, as a set of crystal clear red dice materialize out of reishi into Raiga’s hands. He shuffles them around before tossing them into the air, ‘Now this is where it gets fun my arrancar friend, are you feeling lucky,’ the dice lands on a platform of solidified reishi essentially levitating on thin air, they roll glistening from the suns luminance. One of the crystal clear red dice lands on a three, showing a trio of three perfectly cylindrical white dots, as does the other save for this one had four of the pallid cylindrical dots. ‘Seven is the lucky number!’ materializing out of reishi one hundred plain white dice begin to encompass Raiga in a cylindrical manner. ‘How about this… Hado #90. Black Coffin.’ A perfectly square box outlines the arrancar, then closes trapping him within a black square, simultaneously about fifteen of the dice once hovering by Letony shoot over at the arrancar, hovering only for moments before the black coffin would reveal what was to come of the arrancar.

In a burst the black coffin opens revealing a nearly unscathed arrancar, but subsequently to its opening the fifteen dice explode, blasting forward in on the arrancar’s position. His hierro covered most of the impact from the black coffin, but the subsequent blasts of dice only bruise his hierro slightly. ‘Is that all shinigami person?’ he says exiting the blast lightly in a sonido. ‘I’m tired of you calling me arrancar my name is Penduro, the fifth espada,’ sighing and distinguishing the yolky crimson red ball of energy he briskly removes his zanpakuto from its sheathe, located to the left side of his abdomen and tied securely around the loops of his hakama.

Penduro wore the standard arrancar dress a plain white hakama with various black designs. On his face he has two spikes which protrude from either side of his head, to be accompanied by two more protruding spikes on his right, and left shoulders. His right eye is missing, replaced by a patch of hollow shell which extends all the way to the back right portion of his head. On his left fist, and arm he has a skeletal shell which can be used as a battering weapon, and become as strong as hierro.

‘Penduro, the fifth espada, I see, so.. now that that’s out of the way, lets fight, for real now!’

Disappearing in a shunpo, his dice following at their top speed of fifty five miles per hour appear be his side. He sternly commands two of the white dice to fly up high up into the crisp baby blue sky, and remain there, in the silvery gray cumulonimbus clouds until commanded to do otherwise. Raiga however would arch his blade downward around at Penduro infused with enough reishi to sever even his strongest supposed hierro skin. ‘Nice try you little pest but that won’t work,’ both their blades clash, as Penduro quickly counters with a ‘Cling’ of blades and the subsequent showering of light golden shimmering yellow hot sparks toward the now devoid of life ground below. In a quick almost simultaneous cascade three dice from a random angle collapse in on Penduro each at fifty five miles per hour, covering an angle to where a sonido would be an ineffective form of dodging, not to mention that right as they are about to hit, less than an inch before contact with the hierro was imminent they explode, simultaneous to Raiga’s disappearing in a blur of a shunpo, appearing some distance away watching as the blast consumes all angles of the arrancar, and even this time his hierro would not suffice as an accurate damage reducing tool.

Watching Raiga could see the fifth espada ascending from a cloud of red, orange, and yellow smoke followed by a cloud of brown residue. He was hurt, hurt indeed, more specifically he had been burned, receiving burns to his upper, and lower abdomen along with his left arm. He may have been killed if it weren’t for his advanced hierro skin.

Raiga let out a small malevolent grin before bursting out in laughter and mocking the arrancar openly, ‘Burned your bitch ass didn’t I, told ya not to I am a retarded stump of a hermaphrodite. with me espada.’

‘Raiga! You cannot fathom the gap of power that me and you have, its vast, it leaps bounds…’
Penduro struggles onto a platform of solidified reishi, staggering as he does it, and using his zanpakuto like that of a wooden walking-cane. Raiga peers from a distance, watching ever so closely as Penduro raises his zanpakuto, his skin crispy from the puissant explosion. ‘Cero Dios,’ holding the tip of his zanpakuto in Letony’s direction a brilliant light crimson red cero emerges from a small croquet sized ball of reishi, and firing covers almost eight meters wide in distance and is packed with the power of that of a Gran Rey Cero.

Placing his right hand forward Raiga summons a transparent barrier kido known as a Danku, Splitting Void but quickly he realizes the Danku wouldn’t be enough, so he materializes his dice and throws them, ‘Come on.’ They roll and roll until they stop simultaneously, ‘Fuck,’ they both land on the dreaded snake eyes, two ones. And so the cero came smashing through the Danku which abolished the killing force of the beam but not the injuring force. Raiga being the decorated former kido captain that he is quickly summons another Danku just before he would be engulfed and severally injured in the blast, although the second Danku does shatter and Raiga suffers a few burns on his stomach, and the slight charring of his red T-shirt and black blazer-style coat, he would still be able to continue fighting.

‘Is that it?’ Raiga retorts after brushing himself off, and recalling his dice simultaneously panting from the strain of using two such highly level kido in a row. He tosses his dice one more, the first dice landing on a five, the other on a six. ‘Twelve, it’s time to put an end to this…’

‘No that’s not…’ nearly collapsing, Penduro gasps for air.

‘It seems this battle is over.’

‘No, it’s far from it!’

‘Show me how!’

‘Lust, Toro Buey..’ expecting the release of Penduro’s zanpakuto Raiga times his technique perfectly. Just before Penduro could fully use his resurrección a box materializes around him, not just any box although, this large 10x10x10x box was in fact a dice. At first it was transparent then in a matter of seconds it solidified locking him in.

‘You’re finished.’ The box around the arrancar begins to spin from left to right to throw the arrancar off balance, and then quite suddenly combusts inward on the arrancar in a ball of orange, red, and yellow fire.

The light blue sky begins to darken from the soot of the explosion rising up as though reaching for the heavens. And as the box would break open, using the cover the smoke creates the two pallid, white dice once sent upward to rest in the silvery gray clouds descend upon the arrancar’s location exploding instantly once they reach within a foot of Penduro. Penduro with his last breath
however would use his arm clad with the skeletal armor to catch both dice, and using his powerful hierro he nullifies the explosion.

‘Hum... so it seems you were able to survive...eh, we’ll see about next time?’

Penduro stumbles out of the smoke bleeding from his head, arms and face, his face having a cut above the eye brow, his arms sustaining burns sever enough to bleed, and his head being busted at the top. Blood soaked his hair. He had sustained far worse burns with this explosion although, his arms were burned to the 2nd degree even with his hierro skin, same for his chest and abdomen, whom by this point looked quite gruesome, with puss, and a red substance protruding from them.
Penduro’s Hakama had been almost totally annihilated, besides the bottom part which had soot marks, and burns etching it. The top however had been completely incinerated in the blasts, all was left was a shred of cloth slung across his right shoulder.
From Raiga’s vantage point he could see that a lot to the man’s pallid face hollow shell had been chipped away, along with the spikes which were once attached to his shoulders.

‘It’s really time to end this,’ Raiga says pointing his finger at the arrancar’s head.

‘So be it..’

‘So that’s all you have to say? So cocky before weren’t you. Seriously, you should feel humiliated…’

‘I do..’

‘Hado #4. Byakurai, Bakudo #1. Sai!’ casting the kido doubly, one with his right arm, the other with his left, he locks the arrancar’s arms behind his back for a split second so that the pale lighting would hit its target, undoubtedly. The pale lighting fires at the speed of lightning far faster than the eye can follow, soon bursting through the shell of Penduro’s head, incinerating its top layer of skin on through to his skull which is unable to withstand the raw power and heat of the blast therefore it burns through rather easily on to his brain rupturing it, and sending tiny pieces off it in all directions. The lifeless body of Penduro cascades towards the ground, as the head flies off elsewhere, hitting a poor man in his head, and knocking him unconscious. Letony simply sighs before turning back around to hear a building collapse in his wake, he says with a malicious grin, ‘Oh well… I tried my best.’ The immense gray building collapses easily sealing the arrancar’s body in a bleak stony grave along with many others who were unfortunate to be there.

Letony walks back into the office building from whence he came satisfied at the work he’d done. He stumbled apparently intoxicated by the fumes of battle, and all its chaotic glory, and from all the destruction he caused. His laughter was certainly malevolent, upon the verge of psychotic even. Undying in his laughter, his hand fell to his stomach which apparently ached, and was on the verge of giving out. He pushed chairs over, through file cabinets, ruffled papers into the air, he was blood drunk, and lusting for more. More blood, more arrancar blood is what he wanted, in his quest to rid the world of those vile beings he wanted to spill as much of theirs as possible. He tosses the large brown wood table sideways breaking it in half; it was quite a miracle how he managed not to toss anything outside onto an unsuspecting person’s head.

Once finished destroying the place and killing the arrancar Letony somehow forgot exactly why he came to the building. He thought to himself, but could not seem to generate an answer. Then it struck his mind like how a raging locomotive to a fat lost cow ignorant enough to rest upon the tracks, he was day dreaming while walking, simply day dreaming. He had really fought the arrancar and entered the building but he wasn’t fully conscious of what exactly was occurring until his berserker fury came to an end. He halted for a moment, and then jovially walked toward the elevator entrance, pressing the down button and soon entering the lavish golden doors as though nothing had happened. He reached the ground floor, speaking with a small few, before stepping outside the door of the building to several men torn and ripped gorily into many pieces, evidently by some shards of the window he had recently forced through, had this been his work? Stepping back into the now ominous black cityscape, he could see that a building had collapsed, and an old man that was unconscious on the gray concrete ground. He scratches his head before whistling and jovially making his way down the sidewalk from which he came, casting the same ominous shadow, he disappears upon the horizon. ‘I’m Raiga... Ha ha ha… I can’t be beaten! BITCHES!
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PostSubject: Re: Kaname Tousen   Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:24 pm

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Kaname Tousen
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