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 Mad as Rabbits

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PostSubject: Mad as Rabbits   Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:34 pm

What happens when the place you’ve attended school at for generations burns down to nothing but a pile of rubble? Recently, this has happened to the highly unfortunate Kiabara students, whom of which are now forced to attend school with one of their rivals: Ouran Academy. Now, instead of being able to mingle freely with everyone and everyone, they’re being harshly put in their place, many of them unable to live up to the rich and classy terms of Ouran. Even the once almighty and joyful Kiabara Student Council has been deemed nothing but another petty club. Some of the Sohma kids are able to hold their own, but who’s to say they want to when their close friends are being shunned? And many of Ouran's students who paid good money to attend the once private school are rather irritated with the turn of events. Until Kiabara is able to be rebuilt, they’re forced into this unknown, rather foreign world. Will you be inducted into the Host Club or join the rest of the students; being mad as rabbits?

is a canon cross-over roleplay featuring the works of Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket. It takes place prior to Chapter 115 of Fruits Basket (summaries can be read on Wikipedia or just from the manga itself) and at the end of the Ouran High School Host Club anime. The following events may be played out. Everything is up to the players here whom claim the canons, as this is a cross-over RP. We do not require that anything specific to the manga/anime occurs, except events that have already taken place. We do welcome originals.

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Mad as Rabbits
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