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 Lucius Aelius

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PostSubject: Lucius Aelius   Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:52 am

Basic Information
Name: Lucius Aelius
Age: 210
Gender: Male
Arrancar or Espada: Arrancar
Looks: Click Here

Resurrection Information
Name: Solitario Diablo(Lone Devil)
Represent: Devil
Family: Cero/Fire
Looks: Click Here
Release Phrase Torture

Name: Cero Cancellation
Description: Lucius has the ability to cancel any Cero as long as he can see it. As long as Lucius can see the Cero in atleast the peripheral vision of his left eye he can completely cancel it once it's within atleast 10ft of him. This works in and out of his Ressurrection.
Name: Interno Infierno(Internal Inferno):
Description: Flames erupt from Lucius's blade and cover his body in a thick line of fire. The flames don't burn Lucius due to his hierro but burn anyone who can get close to it. It helps him against Earth, Water, and Ice attacks. This isn't the only thing Lucius uses it for though. He also uses it to wound his enemies in hand to hand combat. He has the ability to take the fire and use it short range offensive attacks. The flame is not invulnerable due to it only being a flame. Regular melee attacks can still harm Lucius with the same amount of damage of he takes a hit.
Name: Interno Reflexión(Internal Reflection)
Description: Lucius uses all of his wings to block Kido or Cero like attacks if he can't cancel them. This technique allows him to send attacks back at his opponents. It temporarily makes his hierro 10 times stronger and gives them the ability to send attacks back.
Name: Cero Rasgar(Zero Slash)
Description: Lucius's blade develops a line of then cero around the edge of the blade. He then slashes his opponents numerous time with his blade. If the blade hits the opponents body an explosion of cero will erupt at the spot it hits. It has the same affect on all solid objects. It won't be that big but it'll be of decent size.
Segunda Resurrection Information
Name: Solitario Diablo Renacimiento(Lone Devil Rebirth)
Represent: Devil
Family: Cero/Fire
Looks: Click Here

Name: Cero Cancellation
Description: Lucius has the ability to cancel any Cero as long as he can see it. As long as Lucius can see the Cero he can completely cancel it once it's within atleast 10ft of him. This works in and out of his Resurrection.
Name: Interno Cero(Internal Zero)
Description: Lucius forms a cero in his left eye but unlike his others this one is bigger. Upon leaving his eye and shooting from his eye it doubles in multiple lines of smaller cero that aren't as powerful as the other but twice as fast and make it easier to hit the opponent if one fails.

History and Personality:
History: Lucius wasn't always the silent, unemotional guy he is now. He used to be happy part of the time and talked more. Lucius was born in a small secluded village in Japan. It was in mountainous regions where they didn't often leave the area and still grew their own food unlike some others who lived in the city. It was quite peaceful and even more peaceful everyday Lucius wasn't at home. When he was 6yrs old his mother and father died leaving him with his uncle and aunt in the village. They had always been in good terms with the people of the village so the villagers looked past how they taught Lucius. Around his 17th birthday he was nothing more than a slave to more than the entire village. He fell in love with a girl the same day he turned 17. She was perhaps the only girl who'd not treated him badly. Her father was the leader of the village which made her basically a noble. He and her made a plan to leave the village within the week. She was more than willing to go. Well along the next few nights. The villagers somehow became aware of his plan and moved to stop him. He and the girl ran but it was no use they captured both of them. Lucius's aunt and uncle said he could be forgiven but now without punishment. They burnt the X shaped scar across his face. It was obvious that they thought the still had further use for Lucius. As for the girl she was imprisoned. Her father said that her attempting to runaway from the village with Lucius was inexcusable. The next morning he had her executed. Lucius was forced to watch. He couldn't understand how her own father could do such a thing to his own daughter. Instead of killing Lucius they left him tied up were a few days later they declared he died of starvation and dehydration when it was really a broken heart. As a spirit Lucius wandered trying to find his house and his love. He simply repeated over and over. "Where is she Where is she." Lucius wandered until he was confronted by a hollow. He'd never seen a creature like it before and he was too surprised and caught off guard to run or try to defend himself. He stood in the same spot as the hollow prepared to devour him. Everything already started to go black. Just as the hollow was upon him he caught a glimpse of his love running then a shinigami appeared out of no where easily dispatching the hollow but not before the hollow had devoured Lucius. He opened his eyes only to be shocked that his body wasn't his own and it frightened him at first but he learned to accept it. He had great strength and remembered all the people that had ever done him wrong. Lucius went to them one by one and ate them. One day he was haunting down just a random person to satisfy his hunger but apparently they were being protected by someone. He was beaten but he managed to crawl away somewhere to rest. A man came to him and at first he was scared of the man because the man seemed not to fear. The man asked him if he'd like to be stronger. Lucius thought back to the battle he'd just had then said "Yes" The man took him to a place he knew not and explained that this was Hueco Mundo. The man said aloud "prepare yourself" confused Lucius didn't react. The man walked over and ripped off his face. Lucius rolled around on the ground screaming in pain until finally he couldn't scream anymore. His body started to ache and change and before he knew it the pain was gone. He looked up and down his body his body was amazing he was no longer a horrific look Lucius monster except for the bone shape on his face. He looked around but couldn't find the man that had brought him there anywhere. The only thing he could see was what looked like a building. He walked and walked until he made it to the building and collapsing in exhaustion. Look Lucius the building up and down Lucius said "I suppose this is where I start anew"
Personality: Lucius is a bit of a boring but comical person. You'll usually find him sleeping or just sitting somewhere resting. Otherwise he is an loyal and trustworthy comrade. He is always unenthusiastic about work or any other kind of manual or mental labor. He doesn't really care too much for others even his own Fraccion. Rather than fight he'll often try to convince against it. He'll often let those of lower level talk about him as if he were a lower hollow. He doesn't really care what anyone says or does.

Role-play Sample: Lucius yawned as he sat up hearing the message of the Fraccion standing over him. He looked up the Arrancar lazily before rolling over. Wake up you piece of crap! Didn't you hear me! The Arrancar kicked Lucius twice before Lucius caught his foot with his hand. Lucius looked up lazily. What do you want.... The Arrancar gave a big smile. I already told you..... I'm here to take your spot as Primera Espada! Lucius let go of his foot and rolled back over closing his eyes. I don't care. You can have the position. A slight snore could be heard as Lucius turned. The Arrancar looked down with a annoyed look. You bastard!!! You know damn well you just can't give that position away, it has to be lost or gained!!! Lucius looked up and studied the Arrancar with his left eye before sitting up. It was a girl. She was somewhat short compared to Lucius and somewhat skinny. Alright, Alright.
{Few Minutes Later}
Lucius stood with his Zanpakuto in his hand. He stood facing the Arrancar silently. The other Arrancar immediately without even drawing her Zanpakuto jumped towards Lucius shooting a cero. Get ready! Lucius moved his blade aside as the cero neared. It got right in front of his face and the cero seemed to explode right infront of him. To others it might have looked like the cero hit but Lucius's left eye flashed as it neared stopping the cero right in front of him. Lucius fell back his Zanpakuto in his hand.

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Domon Ishson


PostSubject: Re: Lucius Aelius   Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:43 am

If the position of Primera is open, then approved
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Lucius Aelius
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