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 Saia and Shuhei ( complete)

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Saia & Shuhei


PostSubject: Saia and Shuhei ( complete)   Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:32 am

Basic Information
Name: Saia and Shuhei Makura
Age: 150 (they both look 18)
Gender: Saia:Female Shuhei: Male
Arrancar or Espada: Fraccion



Resurrection Information (Optional, but good to have)
Name: Saia:Lobo (wolf) Shuhei:águila (eagle)
Represent: Saia:wolf Shuehi:eagle
Family: Saia: lightning Shuhei: Wind



Techniques (Optional, but good to have)
Saia's Tech

Name:Multiple Lightning Strike (saia)
Description: 5 bolts of lightning strike the enemy in a straight line when targeted.

Name: lightning whip slash (saia)
Description: Saia's wolves erupt with electricity and when she strikes her opponent with it 7,000 volts of electricity get shot into the opponent.

Name: electrified Shunko(saia)
Description: sort of like the effects of Shunko Saia's movements become faster than lightning, and it also drastically increases the speed of her sonido and it also allows her to fight hand to hand but each blow she lands sends a 900 volts of electricity
cooldown: 5 posts.

Name:Shock wave (saia)
Description: her wolves start to howl and a 3 mile long shock wave with 10,000 volts of electricity is blasted at the enemy.

Name: Electric Cero
Description: its just like a cero that is just as powerful as a grand ray but its entirely made of electricity if the enemy gets struck by it they will suffer massive injuries such as broken limbs,damaged organs, and gashes and possibly even death depending where it strikes the enemy.

Shuhei's Tech:

Name: tornado prison (shuhei)
Description: Shuhei can shoot a small tornado at the enemy and when it makes a direct hit it launches them into the air and holds the opponent there for 3 posts.

Name: Multiple hurricane strike (shuhei)
Description: five different hurricanes circle around the enemy and moves in at once becoming one hurricane tearing open gashes in the enemy, if they reach the center of the hurricane their limbs get torn apart.the hurricane lasts for 5 posts.

Name: Flight (shuhei)
Description: Shuhei has wings enabling him to fly at all times.

Name: Air strike (shuhei)
Description: Each strike with his blade or any physical techniques in combat has the impact of a tornado striking a house.

Name: Hurricane shield (shuhei)
Description: i Shuehi summons up a small hurricane so when opponents try to use attacks like, cero,fire dragon,ect. the attack can be launched right back to the person who fired the attack.

Shuehi and Saia's combined tech.

Name: Electrified Hurricane (Saia&Shuhei)
Description: Saia's shock wave combines with Shuhei's hurricane attack maximizing the damage of Shuhei's multiple hurricane attack and increasing the possibility of death by reaching the center.

Name:wind binding/Lightning strike.(Saia&shuhei)
Description: As Shuhei's tornado sends his enemy into the air Saia can summon one large lightning bolt to strike the enemy while they are held up in mid air.

Name: wind/Electric wolves
Description: 100 Wolves made from wind and their teeth charged with electricity attack the enemy all at once and when bitten it sends 5,000 volts into the enemy with each bite.

History and Personality:
History: Saia and Shuhei where twin hollows that have no memory of their past as a human. All they remember was after many years of feeding on hollows, aizen eventually found them and changed them into Vasto lordes using the Hogyoku. He made them apart of his army. Growing up together they didn't know what would become of them when aizen didn't need them anymore. Wanting to prove themselves useful, the twins went up to Starkk the first espada and demanded to prove that they where strong enough to become his fraccions. After going through a sparring match that lasted for two hours, the twins where defeated but Starkk decided to give them a chance as his Fraccions. Deeply honored the twins promised their eternal loyalty. and when starkk was defeated by captain Kyoraku the twins quickly took their master back to Hueco mundo and healed him and lilinette. Bringing the first espada back to health. Even though Starkk lost his rank as the first espada the twins stood by his side loyally. Refusing to Leave their master's side. and when a new leader ruled Hueco Mundo the twins didn't like the idea so much, thinking that Starkk was more deserving of the rank. But when starkk told them to leave the topic alone, the twins agreed and kept silent.They are now seen either hanging around las noches or the forest of menos. and at times they usually hang around starkk and Lillinette making sure that she didn't kill their master.

Shuhei: He is a calm, collected character that rarely shows any emotions whatsoever. Unlike his twin sister, he doesn't like to socialize much thinking that its somewhat of a bother to other people. He likes to read and is usually sitting next to Saia either reading or listening to her talk. Despite his differences with his sister he understands her feelings in a sense because in a type of way they are emotionally connected.He likes to train at times and when he's in the mood for it he will tease others around him including his sister which earns him a punch to the face or a kick in the groin. He is smart and will study the enemy's movements closely before attacking. He doesn't like to fight much but when he does he always helps his sister coming up with a plan. Shuhei is kind and friendly in a sense when others get to know him. But he rarely shows that side of him unless he wants to cheer someone up. Even though he is mostly calm and patient there are times when he gets angry and will sometimes bicker with her constantly while throwing back inulsts in a cold tone of voice. Most of the time he is the one who wins most of the arguments.

Saia: She is a tough, yet friendly character that is never afraid to to share what she feels or thinks. Unlike her brother, she is social and likes to talk about things in a nice manner. But at times she is a hot head and usually gets sort of pissed at her brother's smart ass remarks. While her brother starts the arguments and wins them she ends the conversation by punching him in the face or kicking him in the groin while stomping off to cool down. She likes to draw and spar while chatting whats on her mind to Shuhei. Even though Shuhei rarely speaks, Saia knows when he's in a good or bad mood because of their emotional connection. When she wants to be, Saia can be kind hearted and gentle and will listen to what people have to say like she does with her brother when he tells her something important.When she is angry she will either punch something or start yelling at him for some random reason in a "dammit! fight me for three hours cause i'm bored" tone. Which makes shuhei show a little bit of emotion as he calmly starts to bicker. Saia is a fighter and isn't afraid to die in battle. She is protective over others like Shuhei but she is much more open than he is.

Role-play Sample:
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Domon Ishson


PostSubject: Re: Saia and Shuhei ( complete)   Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:42 am

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Saia and Shuhei ( complete)
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