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 Arrancar Dynasty

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PostSubject: Arrancar Dynasty    Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:33 pm

A world, once thrown into chaos, has finally began to see its time of peace. After the war between the Arrancar Army -who had invaded and capture the Soul Society- and the Shinigami Army ended, and the Soul Society was reclaimed by the Shinigami, the Arrancar were forced into hiding. They migrated to the Dangai, and set up a fortress within the gateway realm known as Las Albas, and began to rebuild their Army, hoping to one day take down the Shinigami for good, and possibly even extend their reach into the World of the Living, and back into Hueco Mundo. Led by a new group of three powerful Arrancar, known as Los Tres Reyes, the Arrancar set a plan into motion. They reached out to the Quincy, and formed an alliance with them. The Arrancar had control over the gateway dimension, all they needed was the extra manpower.

Meanwhile, the war between Quincy and Human has ended in a draw, both sides taking casualties, and agreeing that it wasn't worth the losses they were taking. However, the Quincy were still bitter toward the Superhuman Race. The Arrancar would soon show up on their doorstep, with an offer that they couldn't refuse. Arrancar have control over Dangai, and a master plan to take down both the Human and Shinigami race. Bad blood between both races meant that the Quincy would give anything to see both destroyed. They quickly took the pact with the Arrancar, and began preparations for war.

The Humans would spend their time after the war rebuilding what they had lost, and working to improve their control over the powers they obtained. They would also work heavily on improving the range in which they had contact with spiritually aware beings, attempting to increase their numbers and take in as many of their kind as they could. Unaware of the recent pact with the Arrancar and the Quincy, the Humans would continue to live life as if in peace. They kept vigilant however, never leaving their guard down completely.

The Shinigami have been spending a generation rebuilding their homes, and taking measures so that it would never happen again. They had only recently brought about the recreation of the Bounto, and have finally released a few into the world. They would become known as the “Bounto Division”, and would become something of a secret weapon to the shinigami. They would not announce the creation of these creatures to the other races just yet, nor would they allow the Bounto to leave the Soul Society. Few were even allowed to travel outside of a special barracks built for them. They began to prepare the Bounto to work with the Shinigami once again, in special missions and such, in case of another war.

Within the shadows those half of both races hide; the Vizards have watched the world as it turned ever so slowly and allowed their new found influence to flood, finding out new information from the ever increasing stream of hollowfied shinigami running from the society of souls. An old rumor reborn has caught many ears, that of the experimental division; the people they had once attempted to associated with but lost contact as wheel of time turned. Though now as the time of change comes closer once again the former shinigami have begun to stir up the order of the few bounts free of will; telling a race similar to them, of how freedom and change will come with a guiding hand.

The struggles of the previous age has left many people lost and stranded in values and ideals; individuals like these have banned themselves under a new name and purpose that has flourished over the past years breaking into the world as a new threat towards who ever is on the short end of the highest payers stick. The Ryoushi or “The Hunters” as they called themselves, come across as mercenaries who life off the uncertainty in this new found peace. Free from control, they exert control over the desert of Hueco Mundo and give the upper hand to who benefits them the most.

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Arrancar Dynasty
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