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 Complete Hypnosis |Bleach Rp|

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PostSubject: Complete Hypnosis |Bleach Rp|   Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:12 pm

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[blockquote]The powerful forces of the Espada were vanquished by the Shinigami of Soul Society. Aizen took his stand in his place of power, proving his position by tearing down powerful enemies... The war began.

Urahara's fake Karakura town? Destroyed by Yamamoto's flames.

Everything raged on, despite the shortage of fighters on each side. It was a blood bath brought on upon the gods themselves... In the end, both sides were left desperately weak. Many were left for dead, and even more were injured in the battle's wake. With all of this, Aizen took his temporary retreat; knowing that after such a loss that his forces could not stand up to the King and his guards, including the Zero Squad which was composed of past Captains who were the most elite fighters. Aizen retreated back to Hueco Mundo, working to make even more powerful Espada with the Hougyoku, which powers were becoming fully awakened.

Now, Soul Society has appointed Shunsui as the new Captain Commander of Soul Society, and new Captains and Leiutenants are taking a stand. More fledgling Shinigami are being brought forth from the academy, allowing for those who have obtained Shikai and Bankai to step forwards to claim their spot in the Gotei's ranks. Along with these new Shinigami has come the acceptance of more Vizards as well, but even with this acceptance, Shinji decided to stay with Urahara on Earth so to help anyone with the problem of an Inner Hollow. Urahara also stayed on Earth as a key to open portals and what not, and also helping those seek the powers of a Vizard for the sake of the war against Aizen.

Aizen has also begun to admit Shinigami into his world, some leaving and betraying Soul Society to be by Captain Aizen's side after seeing what power he holds. Aizen aims to sit on the throne of all worlds and claim himself as god, there are those who join him and those who oppose him. He has been granting hollows that follow him the power of Arrancars, and Soul Reapers that join him the power of a Vizard.

Now the forces are rising again, stronger than ever before. Years have passed, Soul reapers are training and raising to power, more and more Vizards and Arrancar have rose to power. Now another battle seems to be on its way, one that will be on a much larger scale and magnitude. An all out war is on its way.

Which side will you choose? What path will you take? Which powers will you claim and what will you stand for? Embrace Aizen as your God and live within his Complete control, or fight against him in which his Hypnosis will engulf and destroy you.

You decide and make the plot, you control the future.
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Complete Hypnosis |Bleach Rp|
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