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 [LB] Bleach: The Timeless War

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PostSubject: [LB] Bleach: The Timeless War   Tue Feb 23, 2010 8:38 am

Are you tired of godmodders, powerplayers, metagamers, chat-speak, broken English and many many more other displays of negative IQ?

Would you like to see idiots, noobs and RP-failures--- Actually would you like NOT to see them? At all? Ever again?

If you’ve had enough of all aforementioned heathen and the word "dyslexia" being an excuse for laziness, "Bleach: The Timeless War" is the place for you.

By token of being an Advanced RP level board, our staff observes potential RP'ers to scout for exceptional talent. Our unique standards encourage those with skill and potential to grow and enjoy themselves, while our often friendly staff mercilessly bans idiots and noobs on the spot. There is no age limit to joining B:TTW, but a skill expectation. We encourage the capable to try their hand. However, being that we are rated from restricted to mature, if you haven’t seen the word “fuck” before, well… you have now. Be prepared for mild profanity and (in the case of our “access-by-request” Mature Board) the possibility for sexual content.

Disclaimer: “Bleach: The Timeless War” is not responsible for any glomping, groping, snuggling, hugging, licking, tacklehugs, or any other form of sexual or non-sexual abuse that may or may not occur while you peruse the forum, and or the chatbox. What can we say? We have “loving” members on our site, and they’d enjoy… welcoming you.

Join us, become one of the Elites and bask in profound literacy and a never-ending challenge for all your brain cells and creativity.


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[LB] Bleach: The Timeless War
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