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 Sano Seishiro

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PostSubject: Sano Seishiro   Sat Jul 10, 2010 3:08 am

Basic Info:
Name: Sano Seishiro
Age: 140 but looks 20
Gender: Male
Division: 5
(with eyepatch)

(without eyepatch while holding shikai)

Name: Souzouryoku
Description: Upon removing his eyepatch, every weapon Seishiro has ever seen or imagined will materialize onto the field, each weapon stuck in the ground. This technique is basically materializing one's mind onto the physical plane and because of this, it takes a toll on the user. Seishiro can maintain this technique for 15 minutes before he is forced into a state of hibernation for a week. He can prevent this from happening by putting his eyepatch back on before the 15 minute limit but if he does so, he won't be able to use this technique for another 24 hours.

Shikai name: Kanatsuki (Sad Moon)
Appearance: As seen above
Release Phrase: Naku, Kanatsuki (Cry, Sad Moon)
Ability: It has the ability to absorb injuries, similar to Hanataro's Hisagomaru, but with no limits and a larger time limit, so it would take about a minute to heal a large cut whereas it would've taken less than a second for Hanataro. Kanatsuki can manifest its absorbed injuries into 3 different forms:
Tsuki No Himei (Howl of the moon): Kanatsuki's trademark attack, Tsuki No Himei, concentrates all of the injuries absorbed into a single large blast, similar to a cero, but stronger if enough injuries are stored.
Tsuki No Zetsubo (Suffering of the moon): Kanatsuki's close range form, Zetsubo forms a blade of energy from the diamond. The blade's length and sharpness, as well as its durability, is based off how many injuries are stored.
Tsuki No Namida (Tears of the moon): Kanatsuki's mid range attack, Namida is a variation of Himei in which Seishiro aims the diamond at the sky then firing a Tsuki No Himei that is forcefully split up. Due to the strain it puts on the user, Seishiro rarely uses this technique and therefore, its potential remains unknown.
Bankai name: Boukyaku Kanatsuki (Oblivious Sad Moon)

Bankai Ability: In this form, Kanatsuki's power is multiplied by 8. This is because in this form, Seishiro gains 7 cloths on a ring around his shoulders, with each cloth being able to move, harden, and stretch at Seishiro's will. Each cloth can use any of Kanatsuki's 3 abilities, with an additional ability:
Tsuki No Shitsunen (Oblivion of the moon): Forms shields of energy from the tip of each cloth, that when stuck together, all 7 would form a moon-like barrier around Seishiro.
However, in bankai form, Seishiro can no longer heal injuries. Also, due to the amount of reiatsu used, his eyepatch is destroyed upon release and he is unable to use Souzouryoku unless he used it prior to release.

History: Seishiro doesn't remember much about his past as a human. His last memory would be breaking into Seireitei with four others. After breaking into Seireitei, he was able to somehow enter the shinigami academy. During his term as a student, he was very talented in the use of kido and eventually was able to create a kido of his own. He was able to materialize any weapon he saw. A while after that, he was visited by his zanpakuto's spirit. It took the form of a young girl in a purple kimono with two crescent moons engraved onto the fabric. She did not say what her name was yet but she said to Seishiro that great danger approaches him if he continues to use his replicating techniques. He did not listen to her however, believing it all to be a dream. Even after graduating from the academy, he still did not achieve his shikai. Unsatisfied by this, he continued to practice his replication technique. Eventually, however, he could no longer control his power and continuously replicated any weapon he saw during his missions. This left a strain on him and he was forced to wear a blindfold. His zanpakuto finally revealed herself as Kanatsuki, the embodiment of the suffering that he has faced during his time as a human and the suffering he has now as a shinigami. After achieving his shikai, Kanatsuki promised Seishiro that she would help him seal his powers away into an object, to which Seishiro told her to seal into his left eye. After that, Seishiro started wearing a black eyepatch over his left eye and spent years training to make up for the loss of his left side vision. During those years, he achieved the three abilities of his shikai and began training on achieving his bankai. He finally achieved his bankai after 30 years of training and by then, he was already 80 years old. He secretly entered the Gotei 13 as an unseated member of the 5th division, keeping his bankai a secret and never revealing what lies under his eyepatch to others. Today, he remains an unseated officer, choosing not to try getting seated.

Personality: Outside of battle, he is carefree but this is just a false identity. Inside, he is suffering from an unknown feeling of regret. During battle, he changes from his carefree nature to a more serious nature, ready to face any challenge that comes his way.

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PostSubject: Re: Sano Seishiro   Sat Jul 10, 2010 3:35 am

Approved. Happy hunting! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Sano Seishiro   Sat Jul 10, 2010 12:28 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Sano Seishiro   Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:57 pm

You aren't an Admin. Besides, all you do is spam in places other than the S.P.A.M. area.
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PostSubject: Re: Sano Seishiro   

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Sano Seishiro
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