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 Ningyo forsaken

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PostSubject: Ningyo forsaken   Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:33 pm

Basic Information
Name: NIngyo forsaken
Age: 20
Gender: male
Looks: :


Ningyo is about 6 foot, 215lbs. he has red eyes, and short red hair. the only part of him that can be seen is his eyes, the rest of his head is wrapped up in a white cloath. he wears jeans , a shirt and a trench coat ( all white). there is a square cut out of his trench coat, that has a black holster coming out of it. and strapped to the holster are eight katana's going diagonally acroos from each other. each hilt has a chain that connects it to the holster.

blades: what side of the holster, number, name, and color of

Right side of the holster

1. Hikari- red katana

2. kana- blue

3. Kenta- black

4. haru- green

Left side of the holster

5. Kazuo- purple

6. Asche- yellow

7. Isabelle - pink

8. CHI- white

Special Ability (Only if you have a special Ability.)
Name: Puru jiki (magnetic pull)
Description: Puru jiki helps ningyo bring his swords back to him without having to touch the chains that connect them to him.

Background and Personality

History:Ningyo doesn't remember anything before the age of twelve . the first thing he remembered was being twelve, and waking up in the middle of a burning house, and there were bodies all around him. Ningyo had finally gotten out of the house, he watched the house burn to the ground. when the fire had stopped Ningyo has seen a katana sticking ouf of the ashes, as he pulled the red bladed katana ouf of the ground he saw the words "HIkari" written on the blade. after that event, Ningyo went out and wonder, and every year he would find another blade with a word written on it, just sticking out of the gournd.


his personallity changes as he starts to discover what he really is, but in the beginning, he tries to hide his emotion, believing that emotions are a sign of weakness.

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Ningyo forsaken
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