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 Sakurako Miyazaki

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Sakurako Miyazaki

Sakurako Miyazaki

PostSubject: Sakurako Miyazaki   Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:36 pm

Basic Information
Name: Sakurako Miyazaki
Age: -Actual- 102 / -Appearance- 19
Gender: Female
Division: 5th Division
Looks: Has Long black Hair and Violet eyes, as well as very pale skin.

Rank 5th Seat

Name: Waking Dream
Description:A cloud of mist, if someone is in it, it can send someone into his or her own dream while they are awake. If the opponent knows they are dreaming they can usually break out.
Strength: 70
Speed: 45
Accuracy: 85
Stamina: 70

Name: Sleeping Winds
Description: In form of dust, Can make another feel very Sleepy
Strength: 45
Speed: 40
Accuracy: 80
Stamina: 30

Name: Oracle Reflection
Description: Is a dome of white light, capable of deflection spirit attacks with a lower power then 70.
Strength: 60
Speed: 0
Accuracy: 100
Stamina: 90

Name: Piercing Shards
Description: Can make shards from Ice and turn them into daggers, as weapon on a opponent.
Strength: 60
Speed: 90
Accuracy: 80
Stamina: 80

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name: Yuki Ayumu
Zanpakutou Appearence White hilt and a Silver guard, the blade is long yet thin.
Shikai Appearence: Unsealed the hilt curls around the owners hand and the guard turns in to a pair of wings. The blade becomes longer and slightly larger in appearance.
Shikai Ability: Allows owner to fly and emits particles the make others sleepy or harder to focus on the task at hand.
Bankai Appearence: Large wings appear on Sakurako’s back, also giving her a angle like appearance.
Bankai Ability: Same as Shikai, only on a larger more powerful scale, however the feathers on the wings can turn onto knives and attack a opponent.
[/b]Zanpaktou Release Phrase: Awaken Yuki Ayumu

Choose one of the following for each. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Kido/Ginto: Intermediate
Zanjutsu/Marksmanship: Beginner

Background and Personality

Sakurako grew up a very sheltered life, even though she was not from a noble family, her father worked hard to the make she was protected form the harshness of life outside her fathers house, She didn’t know her mother, and her father refused to speak of other the fact the she was gone and never coming back. Sakurako assumed that her mother was dead and to talk of her was to painful for her father. So despite her curiosity she never pushed her father to tell her about her mother.

Sakurako still worked hard to learn all she could of the world, despite not being able to live it herself. She read books and asked her instructors questions, they all said that she asked to many Questions, but answered them anyway. Eventually Sakurako developed a interest in spiritual energy and the concept if Soul Reapers, something that she soon found out disturbed her father greatly. To not up set him Sakurako restrained herself from asking questions, and instead secretly sought the knowledge at night.

As Sakurako got older she interest in the Soul academy grew as she started to discover she was about to do things similar to was a Soul Reaper could do… She wanted to talk to her father and somehow convince him that it might be a good idea to let her go.. Afterall he couldn’t keep under his wing forever…

However tragedy struck and her father became very ill. Sakurako remained at his side the entire time, though it tore her apart to see him in pain and not being about to do anything about it. One night while reading at her father bed side, he called to her. He then told her something that she had been curious about since her early childhood, the fate of her mother. Her mother had been a Soul Reaper, and a real good one according to her father.

After her mother gave birth to her there was a emergency and a group invaders were attacking. Despite the fact her she was still recovering from have a child her mother went to battle, and never returned. Her father honestly didn’t know if his wife died in the battle or simply left and his new baby daughter alone,. to continue fighting for the Soul Society.

Her father then told her to follow what her heart desired, after his death if she wished to join the Soul Academy, she had his blessing. Not long after that her father finally passed away and in a way she was happy he was no longer suffering… no one deserved that. After spreading her fathers ashes in a small stream, Sakurako went to seek acceptance to the Academy.

Life at the Academy was hard, harder then any life she had lived that far. For the first time in her life she sweated over a hard to accomplish goal, became so tired at night she fell asleep as soon as her head his the pillow. Yet she enjoyed every moment of it.
She received good marks in Kido for control and accuracy, the power behind them was sometimes low.. But she believed she did well, her ability with a Zanpaktou was average at first but she soon learned other points of combat, more so how to distract a skilled opponent and disarm him or her. It soon became her main method of attacking, distraction and opponent so efficiently she can get a attack in.

She slowly but steadily rose through the ranks, having a friendly but distant relationship with most. After many years of experience she finally made it as a seated officer.


Sakurako is fair minded and a very soft speaking type of person. She is very private and will one confide in those she truly trusts. Those she is nice to just about everyone, she has strong sense of justice for those the do wrong to others. Will willingly fight if it is to defend those unable to defend themselves against a stronger foe. Her will the violently hurt someone is very weak, hence her mild temper. Her method of fighting is that of disable by via making them exhausted or by use of her abilities. She is very loyal to her own morals and to those she believes who share those morals. Despite being fair minded and quiet, she can be quite honest when she is needed to be, even if it is a truth none want to hear. In the end Sakurako is good hearted, behind her seemingly distant or cold attitude.

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Sakurako Miyazaki
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