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 Segunda Etapa

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Stark & Lilinette


PostSubject: Segunda Etapa   Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:33 pm

Look`s: Starrk`s soul is once again split in two, however this time around they are both looking more mature, Lilinette transformation has similiar features as harribel, showing her green long hair, however her bone fragment`s on her head have significantly changed and look a lot like Ulquiorra`s bone fragment`s when he was in his segunda, upon release their combined spiritual level`s sky rocket`s trough the roof, and similiar as to Ulquiorra their spiritual pressure feel`s like two ocean`s in the sky, or in other word`s it does not feel like reitsu at all. Lilinette`s appearence change`s wildly and she no longer wear`s any clothe`s but much like Harribel is covered with bone fragment along the critical part`s... she hold`s two gun`s connected with a chain and tag`s similiar to Jushirou... While Starrk keep`s his two gun`s they are not attached by a chain instead they got lazer sight`s on them, his attire does not change much for an exeption to his cowboy like hat on top of his head and a few other smaller detail`s

Techniques: none so far

Attack: Starrk no longer shoot`s cero`s from his gun but highly reitsu concetraited wolf formed being`s that with an increasing speed follow`s the foe`s as if it had a mind of its own, these wolf like being`s attack the foes and bite/hook onto them once made contact they explode in a massive deadly rage that is ensured to cause massive damage if not death, they are a part of starrk, so they are much more powerful than a ordinary cero, While lilinette can shoot neither she can absorb attack`s and send them back with double the effort and speed...
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Reikou Yuuri


PostSubject: Re: Segunda Etapa   Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:57 am


There are some people you wanna forget, but sometimes, they will never leave you...

Yuuri`s theme: Yui again.
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Segunda Etapa
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