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PostSubject: Maxxie   Thu Jul 22, 2010 10:35 am

Basic Information
Name:Maxxie Wade
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Special Ability:Armored Arms like chad ability.
Name:Armored arms
Description: Like Chad's can call upon his Right Arm of the Giant and Left Arm of the Devil to use basically Reisatu skills that these arm's can preform much like Chad's.

Background and Personality
History:Maxxie was born to Maria and Vergil Wade. He had a brother named Robbie who was older than him. He teached him everything that he know today. Maxxie was bullied throught school til his brother step up for him and teached him how to fight to defend himself. They would train everyday since his brother was on the football team. One day Maxxie was able to defend himself well against his bully and started to be respected. Within time, Maxxie started to get better grades as his brother had time to help him when needed when not practicing football practices. Maxxie wasn't close to his mom and dad as he was to his older brother.

At times when it came to family time, Maxxie would sit at the table but sees his brother dosen't and goes to his room. Soon, Maxxie did the same thing. Within his school year, He started to get into more fights being more repsected as he started to win every fight. Til one day he had to fight his brother within the halls. His own brother challenged him. Maxxie was in shock as in why would his brother wanted to fight him so. Maxxie loss to him as he was a better fighter than him. Maxxie opened his eyes to realize that fighting for fun isn't what is worth when your fighting for yourself to defend. As weeks go on, Maxxie's brother began to act differently.

Being mostly out, not spending as much time with Maxxie as he did. One day noticed that his brother didn't came to class that day. It bothered him cause he knew his brother wouldn't miss class unless he was really ill. Just after school, Maxxie went home to be scared as he appeared in. It was robbie with a knife in his hand with two other people who all were matched in clothing. It was like they were in there own gang. Maxxie saw on the floor what appeared to be his mother and father laying dead on the ground bodies helpless with blood on them and the floor. Maxxie's face looked like he seen a ghost. As his brother's friend's smiled with evil.

Maxxie questioned him why he did it. The answer was blunt and to the point. They were a nusiance everyday demanding to eat with them. Maxxie thought this could work out with a talk but he knew the way his brother was starting to act earlier that he didn't even bother to talk to mom and dad. Robbie did offered him a chance to join him and his gang. But, Maxxie decline trying to tell him that what he did was wrong. He knew something was bothering him and knew that his brother would tell as he did keep stuff bottled up inside him at times. When he declined, His brother signal a nod with his head to Maxxie as he was telling on of his crew get him.

Maxxie jabbed him straight in the middle chest knocking the wind out of him falling to the floor. The other attack with some of his blows of punches. Maxxie took them and came back with a punch of his own to his head uppercutting under his nose. He started to bleed. Maxxie's brother looked at him in his eyes. Maxxie knew this wasn't his brother he know so well. He dropped the knife which made this fight started in a fist fight. Maxxie was bleeding on his lip and fatigue just as his brother was as he was also bleeding from the mouth. Maxxie's brother grabbed the knife back into his hands to kill Maxxie and finish him off. Maxxie grabbed his hand with the knife and kneed up in his face knocking him back and fainted on the ground. Maxxie eyes were wide as he sees in horror that he might of killed his brother with that striking attack. Maxxie walked towards the phone and called the police about the situation. As they arrived,he told them everything that happened. They noticed that Maxxie was bleeding in the stomach as he didn't know that his brother stabbed him as he kneed him.

As this was the last time he sees his brother, he is taken to the hosptial where he was treated few days til he was healed at an incredible rate than a normal human being. Just as he was being discharged, He was given infomation that he will be in an orpanage of the loss of his family. As soon the doctor heard his story on what had happened, feeling sad for Maxxie decided to adopt him into his family as the doctor was single with a little girl. Within that night, Maxxie got news that his brother killed himself by being hanged in jail. Within months Maxxie was having a great time being with the doctor's little girl protecting her and showing her some stuff just as his brother did.

Maxxie started to gain a werid feeling within in him like he was starting having Spiritual Awareness like powers as sensed something nearby him. He could hear a voice much growl into it and deep. Within time, Maxxie started to think if his brother was somehow talking to him telling him that he was a being callled an hollow. He came since he felt Maxxie's spirit energy as well the little girls. He wanted revenge against him. Maxxie couldn't see him and got hit several times around his body. Maxxie went down with cuts all over as he was bleeding to death. Maxxie saw the little girl scared as she sees Maxxie bleeding. Maxxie starts to get back up and try to sense where his hollow brother might be at. He sensed his target and ran with a tackle hit it with success.

Then got hit more times and dropped. Hearing that this was the end for him. He closed his eyes laying having a brief talk with his parents in his mind. Telling him that they were sorry to him and Robbie for not being better parents than they were. Maxxie accepts them as he smiles. As he know they can pass on without guilt. Just when Maxxie opens his eyes, he noticed he had his Right arm was covered and larger within armor type shellin over his arm. Then the picture started to be clear. He could see his so called brother who was a hollow as what he called himself. He had a white mask red eyes and spikes on his face. Maxxie got angry and gathered up spiritual energy within his arm as if he was charging it up. His brother pleaded with him to spare his life and Maxxie let the energy blast go killing him upon impact.

Maxxie found himself on his bed where at bedside was the doctor and little girl. He did asked what happen but Maxxie told him a gang fight. Doctor believed it since it could look like it. As soon the doctor left the room. Maxxie talked to the little girl as she seems to know what happen even within her age. She nodded as she holded Maxxie's hand tight as he smiled to her. Within a year, Maxxie gain the left arm of the devil. From that being training with his current right arm of the giant yet improving it. He been seeing hollows from time and time again. He had been helping people out protecting them from these so called hollows. He now keeping that up as he wants to be a good guy defending for a change.

Personality:Maxxie is calm til and situation comes up then he get's serious for it. He is determined to whatever he sets his mind to basically. Likes to read, hangout or even having fun when he isn't busy. He try's his best everyday on everything he does as he sees living your life to the fullest. Fighting for the greater good as he dosen't want anyone to turn out like his brother had become. Likes watching the ocean as its peacefully and calm as he enjoys it that gives him a peace of mind and times remember his brother. Can be energentic when is being challenged upon.

(Ok I finished.)
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