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 Glee' Star Amber Riley to Perform at MLB All-Star Game

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PostSubject: Glee' Star Amber Riley to Perform at MLB All-Star Game   Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:04 pm

Actress Amber Riley is ready tomash dvd take a swing at the 2010 Major League Baseball All-Star Game!In additionmash complete series to singing the national anthem, mash box setthe "Glee" star will conduct a specialcold case box set performance at the pre-game ceremonycold case dvd that will honor 30 people that areone tree hill dvd season "All-Stars Among Us." The pre-game festivities one tree hill dvdwill also feature celebs Ben Affleck, Sheryl one tree hill box setCrow, Harrison Ford, Salma Hayek,glee season 1 dvd box set Matthew McConaughey, Julia Robertsglee dvd and Charlize Theron in a special video tributeglee box set celebrating the men and women who Merlin series dvdare being recognized by MLB andMerlin box set People magazine for their selfless actsMerlin dvd of giving. Also set to performdollhouse dvd season later in the game is singer/songwriter dollhouse dvdColbie Caillat who will singdollhouse box set "God Bless America."The All-Star game takes placerome series dvd on Tuesday, July 13 at Angel Stadium and will be broadcast on FOX at 5 p.m. PT. And few people were more relieved than San Juan County Sheriff Bill rome dvdCumming, who has played cat-and-mouse rome box setwith Colton for years as the teen bandit seeminglyHomicide: Life on the Street dvd burglarized with impunity Homicide: Life on the Street box set in his jurisdiction."The bottom line is The Vampire Diaries dvd releasethat our citizens can rest easier in the knowledge they willThe Vampire Diaries dvd not be further victimized byThe Vampire box set Harris-Moore," Cumming The Prisoner complete seriessaid.But many of Colton's fans were disappointedThe Prisoner dvd about the legendary teen's capture and arrest after a two-year-long crime spree in which he allegedly stole more than $3 million in property."HeThe Prisoner box set never hurt anyone so just leave him alone. You're my JAG dvd seasonhero," wrote one of Colton's fans, Ranisha Ann, on his Facebook fan page.Another JAG dvdColton fan with the screen name JAG box setTaterhill Paddlefoot wrote, "Colton hang infather ted box set there and remember there are a lot of peoplefather ted dvd cheering for you and we all areSex and the City box set just waiting to see your next move."But notSex and the City dvd all the posts were so pro-Colton."Yea, he's a real heroLa Femme Nikita dvd season all right," wrote Robert G. Bello. "I have La Femme Nikita dvda friend who just did 2 years in Iraq. He's a hero - this kid is aHow I met your mother dvd season punk. Can't believe you people could support him."
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Glee' Star Amber Riley to Perform at MLB All-Star Game
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