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PostSubject: Geist   Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:54 am

Name: Geist (Pronounced Gaisuto)
Age: 140 but looks 20
Gender: Male
Race: Arrancar
Rank: None

Master of disguise: Geist has the ability to change his form to anything he wants but when he's transformed, he can't fight.
Reiatsu thief: Geist has the ability to absorb reiatsu-based attacks from two of the four cloths hanging from his shoulders and neck and shoot them back out with the other two or keep them stored up for later use.

Geist fights with a deck of cards, with all the cards having joker faces on them. These cards are actually compressed ceros and when Geist throws them, he decompresses them to fire fully charged ceros from the cards. Geist also uses the cards like daggers, holding each of them between his fingers when he's fighting close range. When these cards are used in this way, they are sharp enough to cut a person. In some occasions, Geist can also combine all these cards into one gigantic card that he holds with both hands, which he uses like a broadsword without a handle. He can't decompress the cero in this state, however, because doing so would engulf him in the blast, wounding or killing him in the process.

Geist with his cards:

Personality: One can truly question what Geist is really like based on his history. However, before releasing his zanpakuto, Geist appears to be a happy-go-lucky type person, always laughing and smiling, even during battle. This personality fits his clown-like appearance. When he releases his zanpakuto, however, each body has its own personality, even though they all share the same thoughts. The five personalities are: Insane, Aggressive, Serious, Silent, and Peaceful. The first four personalities are male while the last one is female.

Appearance: No one knows what his sealed zanpakuto looks like, mainly because he never fights with a sword in battle but one can assume that his bracelets are his zanpakuto as they are used by him to block sword attacks.
Name: Aparicion (Spanish for Ghost, Japanese for Clown King's Spirits)

Release phrase: Tachinoboru, Aparicion (Rise up, Clown King's Spirits)
Description: When Geist releases his zanpakuto, his body turns black and then fades away as five separate entities appear. If these five are defeated, Geist will reappear, exhausted. Each of the five are still known as Geist.

(Front two are Peaceful and Silent Geist. The three in the back are (In order from left to right): Aggressive, Serious, and Insane)
Reiatsu Thief: Each entity can absorb reiatsu based techniques the same way Geist can prior to release and use the stored attacks in the same manner.
Pitch-black daggers: They can also produce pitch-black daggers from their palms, which are used for close combat or are thrown.
Compressed cero: The daggers, just like Geist's cards, are actually compressed cero. These daggers can be combined the same way the cards can, just that the shape of the combined weapon depends on the user.
Enhanced Speed: This ressurecion was designed for assassination, allowing the five entities to move fast enough to assassinate seated officers without being noticed. This would mean that the only people that can catch up to these five are captain-level fighters.
Unique weapons of each body:
Insane Geist: He combines his daggers into a single scythe, which he uses to insanely slice his opponents to pieces
Aggressive Geist: He combines his daggers into a large hammer, which he uses to brutally smash his opponents. Because of this, he is the slowest of the five when using it.
Serious Geist: Rather than combining his daggers, like the others, this personality of Geist uses the energy to make the daggers to form two black wings on his back. These wings can shoot out cero or can be removed and used as two large swords shaped like wings.
Silent Geist: He combines his daggers into a long katana, which he uses to perform fast sword techniques to shred his opponents.
Peaceful Geist: She combines her daggers into two fans, which she uses to deflect attacks.

History: Before Geist became a hollow, it is known that he suffered from a split personality disorder and was locked up in a mental institute. Geist had blond hair and blue eyes back then instead of the red hair and yellow eyes he has now. While he was in the mental institute, he was often visited by his twin brother, with whom he played with. Eventually, his split personality disorder disappeared when he turned 17, or so they believed. He was released from the institute and joined up with a circus. In the circus, he met a spiritually aware woman who sensed that he had reiatsu in him. She also sensed that the reiatsu signature kept splitting from one signature to five signatures. This explained the cause of his split personality. Geist continued on in the circus as a clown for 3 more years. One day, when his twin brother came to visit the circus, Geist suddenly lost control. His reiatsu knocked almost everyone unconscious except his brother and the woman who sensed reiatsu. The woman later revealed herself to be an exiled shinigami and tries to control Geist but before she can do so, Geist kills her with what appeared to be a poker card. Geist's brother starts moving back when Geist's reiatsu finally explodes, killing him and his brother. When Geist wakes up, he noticed that there was a broken chain on his chest. Everyone around him wakes up and he tries to yell at them but none of them can hear him. Then, he looks at the ground to see three dead bodies, his own, his brother's, and the exiled shinigami. As he yells out in anger, his negative emotions cause him to start hollowfication. When the hollowfication was completed, Geist was no longer a single being. He was split into five hollows. The strange thing, however, was not that he became five different beings but that he was in every single one of them. All five of them had Geist's conscience in them. Days passed as Geist began to get hungry. Not being able to eat human food, he began to eat souls and quenched his hunger. He eventually made his way into hueco mundo where he began devouring other hollows to increase his power. He quickly moved through the menos evolution, mainly because eating with five different bodies made the process quicker and because of his time in the circus, he could sneak up on prey, kill them, then devour them in a short amount of time. When he finally had enough hollows to become a Vasto Lorde, however, he did not advance to that level. Instead, his five bodies combined into one single body. This was when Geist became an arrancar. At this time, he still had blond hair and blue eyes, with one of them covered by half of the mask he wore on his five bodies as a hollow. Geist then finally realized that during his time as a hollow, he had never searched for his brother's spirit. Fearing that he may have erased his brother completely, Geist went insane, slowly turning his hair red and his eyes yellow. Half of the maskless side of his face was also burned off by the process and he hides the burnt marks with a purple mask. This was when he became the Geist that he is today.

1) Geist is not his real name. During his time in the circus, he was known as Geist because of his speed, which made him seem as if he disappeared and reappeared in less than a second, like a ghost. How is this possible? What do you think he did in that mental institute for 17 years?
2) Geist no longer remembers his brother, because all his memories of his brother were erased when he went insane.
3) For an insane person, he seems pretty normal doesn't he? This is mainly because his happy-go-lucky attitude is just used to making people think he's not serious.
4) All of Geist's cero cards have joker faces on them. This is a reference to his time as a clown in the circus.
5) Despite being an arrancar, he has never met Aizen Sousuke before. This is because he is a self-made arrancar and also because he was in a different part of Hueco Mundo than Aizen and the Espada.
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