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 Spectre Corp.

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PostSubject: Spectre Corp.   Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:11 pm

'you're one step closer to greatness'

The year is 2243.
The world is no longer what you know
To survive, to exist, this post-apocalyptic world
Will be harder than anyone could ever imagine

It's been over 200 years since the epidemic: a lethal, and sometimes mutantion-inducing plague that struck world-wide, meaning isolation from this outbreak was naught to impossible. Humans, once deadly afraid of the new creatures that were created, are now safe inside constructed bio-domes located through-out every city. Some are content to survive in this strange new world while others believe there is more than what is said about the outbreak and the creatures that became of such incidents. Hackers try and find out the real truth. Some are thwarted at every turn, but the more advanced hackers seemed to gain more knowledge. One goal made them united: take down L.A.R.A, the A.I. who has control over every bio-dome and is hidden in the main Lab.

The bio-domes are constantly watched and monitored by the AI known as L.A.R.A. With high tech security and safety, a loss of privacy is worth being protected from the mutants. Even so, secrets are always kept, and the biggest one isn't the fact there are new species living on the planet, from Avians, angel like species, to Naga's, snake like creatures living in the Wastelands. Spectre is not only still continuing to experiment as they always had, but they were also the sole cause of the epidemic that struck more than 200 years ago. Those who now get close to the truth usually disappear, either being taken away and changed into a mutant to stop them from talking or terminated immediately, killed by any number of mutants or the military personnel working with Spectre.

No one said survival in this post-apocalyptic world would be easy. Not for those that are piecing together what life could be like. While the humans and the various creations made by Spectre live in bio-domes or the laboratory, mutants have found solace in the wastelands, huge lands in between each bio-dome that make survival increasingly difficult for anything that has not adapted to the area. Time will pass, and its up to you to make a choice. Are you with L.A.R.A, keeping everything the way it is, are you with the Hackers, intent on taking down L.A.R.A and getting the truth out, or perhaps you side with yourself, keeping under the radar? No-one knows how it'll end. Be a part of this unique new roleplaying game, where your choices and alliances make an impact!

THE SPECIES choose to be any number of the species within Spectre! Angelic avians, seductive amours, dangerous and trigger enabled brutes, generic experiments, intelligent hackers and normal humans, unforgiving hunters, in-between hybrids, and slithery nagas are all offered. Experiments that can be played can be human, or animal, or something in between, its up to you! Your creativity is your limit and beyond.

There are also scientist positions opened for application every now and then, which the staff will let you know about when the time comes.

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Spectre Corp.
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