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 Tazo Shimanu

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Tazo Shimanu

PostSubject: Tazo Shimanu   Sat Aug 07, 2010 10:19 am

Basic Information
Name: Tazo Shimanu
Age: Looks 26 Actual age:267
Division: 7
Rank: Squad Member
Name: Smash
Description: My char Swings at the ground with alot of strength causing a small earthquake
Strength: 46
Speed: 23
Accuracy: 55
Stamina: 73

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name: Tarkashi
Zanpakutou Appearence: A Basic Zanpakutou Hilt made out of hard Leather Guard made of Steel and a 4 foot tall blade
Shikai Appearence: A large 10 foot blade
Shikai Ability: Able to Cut through the ground as its butter and to hit it on its front to cause a huge crack in the ground
Bankai Appearence: A Armor Made of Steel With a Flaming Blade
Bankai Ability: Able to Guard himself with flames for 1 minute and a strong protective armor covering everything except his head
Zanpaktou Release Phrase: Destroy The Moon Tarkashi!

Choose one of the following for each. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Kido/Ginto: Beginner
Zanjutsu/Marksmanship: Advanced
Hakuda: intermediate
Hoho: Beginner

Background and Personality
History: He was long known as a powerful shinigami a long time ago then he suddenly disappeared and everyone forgot about him for some strange reason so now hes a new Promising Shinigami that appeared from nowhere but in his days as a soul trying to become a Soul Reaper he was a normal kid trying to live in a world where Adults dont care about children and children form familys to survive but he was different he did everything alone he stole from adults to live like any other but he kept it for himself he could easily Focus Reiatsu into a ball but he never could truly learn Kidos he then went to the academy to train he wasnt a noble he was always being laughed at but that didnt stop him he kept learning and training until he finally passed his final exam and became a shinigami

Once he was a Shinigami he was transfered to the 7th division quickly gaining Strength until Hollows attacked him while he was offguard but he kiled the hollows and live but noone else saw him he was trapped in Hueno Mueno For Years Fighting Countless hollows until he was Greeted by his Zanpaktou to Learn Bankai and after 30 years in Hueno Mueno he finally made it back home and too everyone else he was a new shinigami then he was transfered back to the 7th division
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Tazo Shimanu
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