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 Vicious Circle

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PostSubject: Vicious Circle   Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:52 pm

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  • NEW!
  • Intermediate to advanced level trainer based rpg
  • Unique! Not your average "gotta catch 'em all" pokemon role play
  • rated mature
  • leadership positions open
  • affiliates open

[blockquote]The Era region is the northern-most province in the pokemon world. It is possibly one of the oldest regions with a history stretching back further than any of the historians could ever dream to record. As far as memory serves, there had always been the Era dynasty in control of the region. It no longer was just a region, it was a large kingdom. The dynasty ruled for many generations, creating settlements and keeping the peace within the kingdom. Nobles were appointed to rule over certain territories under the monarch. Era was generally very rich for it boasted a plentiful diamond mine and a popular yearly competition. Era entered an age of industrialization when cities popped up and new technologies were either born or imported.

All was well.

Then King Nolan took the throne. No one had an opinion regarding him until a particularly devastating winter. People struggled, but managed to survive the freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, when the ground thawed they found that the diamond mines no longer provided diamonds. This disaster left many people poverty-stricken and only the royals remained wealthy. The king was unsympathetic to any crisis other than the one in his own pocket. He forced the citizens of Era to pay harsh taxes with money they didn't have. Catching Pokemon became illegal because Nolan saw every wild pokemon as his property. Tourists stopped coming to Era as a result of steep tolls Nolan charged to enter and leave the kingdom.

People grew increasingly irate with the situation and they readily expressed it. There were mobs and riots everywhere filled with angry citizens. Eventually King Nolan was poisoned and found dead. Some whisper that he is still alive but most people debunk this as a rumor.

Queen Alice replaced her cousin as the monarch, but her reign didn't last long. She wasn't queen for a month before there was an uprising. The rebel army gathered at the castle's gates and infiltrated the fortress. There was no one left to protect the royal family and they were either captured or killed on the spot with the exception of a few that escaped. The castle was looted and left in ruin with flames waving from the windows.

Today, the kingdom is divided.

The nobles saw their opportunity to take power for themselves, however they all want the throne and none are willing to compromise. They are building large armies to fight each other. The nobles at all points on the compass are at war.

Meanwhile the rebel army is also growing and fighting the nobles to keep them from power. They are the force that took down the royalty in the first place, but they are unsure of the government they want now. There is no real leader to take control and steer them toward a common goal.

Gangs of many kinds have also sprung up, hungry for land and fortune. They are fierce rivals of each other and stake their claims on territory by placing their mark. Evidence of their existence can be found in the large cities of Era. Most of the gang members are thieves that are desperate for cash, others just had personal vendettas against members of other gangs.

The group which stays most under the radar are the loyalists who seek to find the remaining members of the royal family and have them end the chaos. They mostly stifle their opinions for fear of being killed by any of the numerous radical rebels in the region.

Era is a lawless land now, with no government and nothing to keep people from stealing and killing all they want. Havoc and destruction is everywhere, with only facades of normalcy remaining. Pokemon training is still the major occupation. However, there are no gyms in Era and no pokemon league so people raise pokemon for different purposes. They might want stronger pokemon for political reasons: to ensure they have the stronger army. Despite the current state of things, the citizens of Era are adamant that there must be a pokemon tournament as with every year. Trainers are preparing to enter that prestigious and famous competition.

You are being forced to pick a side, and now is the time.
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Vicious Circle
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