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 Kiza application Done

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PostSubject: Kiza application Done    Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:15 am

Name: Kiza

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Rank: Espada/arrancar

Number: -1 (im curious if that is not allowed i will join whoever want me for there fracction and then ill be number 64 arrancar)

Looks: Black hair That is Strait down Almost touching eye's.Blue jacket with black undershirt And black jeans.Red eyes,

Hollow Hole:In the chest

Mask Fragment:Broken (if it cant be broken then vasto lordes horns

Number Tattoo: left arm

Personality: A Strong Espada who has total hatred on shinigami and Is cold blooded.
He is also A sneaky,destructive person Who abuses his own power and go beyond his own limits pushing him self Wich causes A pack of damage to him after the fight but no one know's he was grimmjow's brother And grimmjow was his teacher.

Resurrecion Information:A strong power source a panther like grimmjow but weaker in some ways.


Represent: panther

Family: Dark

Looks:A panther like grimmjow almost the same but different hair and Has two mini spikes on his shoulder.


Name:Omega cero (aka 2nd cero type)

State: res.

Description: Omega cero Is a double cero focused in to a little larger and powerful cero than regular

Name:Shoulder slash


Description:Using his spiked shoulders he turns And slashes an enemy of his

Name:(best move) Blood ritual


Description:Making a blood circle he collects blood from his enemy and makes a triangle with that blood and has one chance to hurt him self connecting to the enemy so if he gets hurt then the enemy takes that same damage (cannot be used in the heart or a killing spot)

There is more moves ill add but im done for today

History:kiza was 5 years old when he found grimmjow kiza was an arrancar number 99 back then so he meant grimmjow and grimmjow fired a cero and kiza used a sonido with a sword past grimmjow Cutting grimmjow. Grimmjow was suprized at him aizen came over and said grimmjow this is ur brother kiza.Grimmjow said "REally?" and it was so Grimmjow and kiza trainned and was -1 number at age 10 He was in the desert To be tested in power He killed 100 menos granday in a day using his ress.After that day he never aged but he got more powerful And aizen was impressed. So thats the story of Kiza The unknow espada (only aizen and grimmjow know meh)

RP Sample: I rp Good because im very creative and think i should have a chance

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Kiza application Done
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