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 "Thomas and Friends dvd" a showcase for bad acting and writing

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PostSubject: "Thomas and Friends dvd" a showcase for bad acting and writing   Wed Aug 18, 2010 12:48 pm

Much can be said about "Thomas and Friends dvd," Comedy Central's new original sitcom premiering Tuesday, but no one can accuse it of being Thomas and Friends box set.

"Lake" is the story of Josh Franklin, former Wall Street Disney dvd kid with "a sweet job and a very tall girlfriend" whose financial finagling got him fired. He's now sleeping on his parents' couch, having vowed that he won't leave until he Disney DVD set Dad back all the retirement money he lost on said schemes. (That he probably would have speedier success back in a coastal city among his fellow wizards is an obvious but ignored point.)

All of this sets up the pilot, one of the Hayao Miyazaki box set mishmashes of amateur TV-making -- including cable-access programing -- to grace the dial. Yes, "Big Lake" comes with a solid pedigree that includes executive producers Will Ferrell and Hayao Miyazaki dvd, and it does feature Horatio Sanz as the sidekick and James Rebhorn as the dad, but someone must owe a very big favor to have signed on to this project; those talents are far better than the The Simpsons 1-21 DVD would suggest.

In addition, they're acting against charisma-free CSI Las Vegas Box Set Chris Gethard, as Franklin, who gesticulates as if he's doing stand-up. In the pilot, Gethard's Franklin drags Sanz around trying to scrounge up money by selling a valuable baseball; CSI Las Vegas DVD Season it to say that when John the Baptist shows up in a hallucination, things go awry. There's one good laugh here, and it comes via the "tall girlfriend" joke in the opening three minutes. The rest is Dragon Ball Z DVD collection.

Content aside, "24 Seasons 1-8 DVD" has a strange tone. It presents as an utterly conventional sitcom: living room-based, golly-gosh-gee nuclear family, laugh track/live audience guffawing along. But the oddly Fullmetal Alchemist DVD setting clashes with the random insertion of bleeped swear words and modern subject matter. The pace also is disjointed; at times, the actors appear to have done separate readings that were edited Fullmetal Alchemist DVDs later. It's off-putting and barely coherent.

It would be nice to think that the geniuses behind "Futurama 1-5 Box Set" were in on a big joke -- one in which an old-fashioned sitcom can be parodied by dragging it into the present, a la "Ghost Whisperer box set." But that's be too much to ask here. Instead, just sit back and wait for "Lake" to finish swirling and go gurgle gurgle down the drain, making room for something that's actually funny.

Court records show dueling Naruto box set between Bruce Willis and three film companies over a failed film project have been dismissed.

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"Thomas and Friends dvd" a showcase for bad acting and writing
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