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 Aika Hayashi

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PostSubject: Aika Hayashi   Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:27 pm

Basic Character Info
Name: Aika Hayshi
Age: 98
Visual Age: 15
Gender: female
Ex-Division: 6th division
Personality: Aika has a fun loving personality and often acts like a kid. She likes to randomly burst into song or start dancing and lives by the philosophy “Life is random so am I”. However despite her fun loving personality, Aika becomes vary serious and calm during battles. She’s level headed most of the time and a strategist but can make spur of the moment decisions when forced to.

Background/RP Sample
Background: Aika’s father died when she was little leaving her mother to fend for them both. Soon her mother turned to alcohol and drugs to cope with the pain and stress. Soon she was bringing home random men every night. Some times they would try to come onto Aika but she would just belt them a good one in the jaw knocking them unconscious or making them back off. Aika soon go sick of her mothers life style and stayed away as much as she could until eventually she stopped going home all together. Aika died with her best friend Ritsuko in a street fight when the leader of the gang that were fighting them pulled a gun on them, killing them both.
Once Aika arrived in the soul society she realized that she had spiritual pressure and could live a better life by become a soul reaper and entered the academy. Once she finished her schooling she was accepted into the 6th division under the command of Byakuya Kuchiki. She served in the 6th division for 87 years before she was turned into a Vizard by one of Aizen’s experiments. Soon after she left the soul society to find the other Vizards to her per control her hollow and understand what was happening to her.

RP Sample
just for fun to see how i do lol

“Reap for me, Hotaru” she said calmly. If there was one thing Aika lacked it certainly wasn’t resolve the two captains realized. Light shone from her Zanpaktou, when it was a gone a death scythe was in it’s place. The long handle was wrapped in a black bandage like cloth. Three long ribbons hung from the long sleek black and silver blade. They blew in the wind gently. Two black ribbons also hung off the bottom of the handle as well.
Aika twirled the scythe in her hands like a baton, as if it weighed nothing before pulling it back and taking a more defensive stance. Shunsui was proud to note that she left hardly any openings.
“Well little girl does this mean I get to eat you first?” the hollow said confidently. Aika didn’t respond however. She merely blocked the blow he sent at her with Hotaru. “Stronger then I expected little soul reaper.”
“A lot stronger,” Aika agreed before pushing him away with her scythe. She brought it back and jumped at the hollow who hadn’t recovered from being thrown yet. Aika drew back her Zanpaktou farther and swung it forward slicing right threw the hollow’s mask killing it instantly.

Zanpakuto Information
Name: Hotaru
Release Phrase: Reap for me Hotaru
Element/Family: fire
Manifestation: A girl with firly red hair and eyes. Hotaru had firefly wings coming out of her back is in dressed in a pure white dress that’s tattered at the ends and is bare footed.
Sealed Zanpakuto: A katana with a pink and white grip on the handle with a guard that is black and round and a pink sheath

Shikai: A death scythe. The long handle was wrapped in a black bandage like cloth. Three long ribbons hung from the long sleek black and silver blade. They blew in the wind gently. Two black ribbons also hung off the bottom of the handle as well.

Shikai Ability: Wielding fire
[Bankai applies only for Captains, Advanced Vice Captains and Elite Vaizards]
Bankai: Clothes change into a black low cut take top that reaches to her mid-drift with a low riding black skirt that flows outwards, with a slit up the right side. Crystal firefly wings appear on her back. Her scythe changes into a scythe with white tape on the handle that’s slightly tinted in blood and a long chair that wraps around the handle and part of the blade. The chain is used for throwing the scythe to trap enemies or extend her reach.
Bankai Ability: creating a fire storm that engulfs the enemy and increased balance

Hollow Mask

Name: Hansha
Ability: pink colored cero
Hollow Mask Appearance:
Duration/Cooldown: 2/5

Name: Honoo No Yona Bimu
State: Shikai
Description: a large fireball shot the blade of the scythe. Only shots straight. vary basic technique can use often
Duration and/or cooldown: 1/3

Name: Honoo no Yo na Shirudo
State: Shikai
Description: A fiery shield that wraps around her body to protect her from enemy attacks..
Duration and/or cooldown: 2/5

Name: Hageshii arashi
State: bankai
Description: A fire storm that engulf the enemy incinerating them.
Duration and/or cooldown: 2/8

Name: Cero
State: hollowfication
Description: a pink cero... dont really kno what else to say...
Duration and/or cooldown: 2/5
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Aika Hayashi
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