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 Hikari Shirouhoshi

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Hikari Shirouhoshi

Hikari Shirouhoshi

PostSubject: Hikari Shirouhoshi   Mon Sep 06, 2010 3:10 pm

Basic Information
Name: Hikari Shirouhoshi
Age: Looks to be 15 or so, actually 232
Gender: Female
Division: 4th Division
Rank Vice Captain

Name: Nagoyaka Ikazuchi
Description: Nagoyaka Ikazuchi, meaning "gentle thunder", is where the user increases there speed by rapidly repeating shunpo in a small, certain area, to the point of duplicating sound to a ear drum-bursting rate.
Strength: 72/100
Speed: 97/100
Accuracy: 65/100
Stamina: 15/100 (unless the user is deaf, then as long as they can shunpo. )

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name: Ikazuchi Rindou (thunder bellflower)
Zanpakutou Appearence
Shikai Appearence:
Shikai Ability: Her Shinkai is mostly for defense, so the blades are thicker than usual and burn to the touch, almost like lightning. This is normally called Nenshou Hanabira
Bankai Appearence:
Bankai Ability: Her Bankai is the true part of her healing practices, for when water that her blade has touched touches a wound, the cut, slash, stab, whatever is healed.. to a certain extent, depending on the severity.
Zanpaktou Release Phrase: "Cry out for a savior, Ikazuchi Rindou!

Choose one of the following for each. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Kido/Ginto: Advanced
Zanjutsu/Marksmanship: Intermediate
Hakuda: Intermediate
Hoho: Intermediate

Background and Personality
History Hiraki, at one point, had been a very nice and very dedicated assistant nurse in a hospital somewhere near Tokyo, but that was before her tragic and untimelly death. At about the age of 15, someone broke into the hospital in the middle of the night while Hiraki was on night shift, drunk and craving drugs. When the alarm sounded as the man broke into one of the cabinets, she had rushed to the scene and the next thing she knew was she had bullet holes through her forehead and was on her way to the Soul Society. Since that night, she had trained to protect people, including herself, to an extreme degree until emitted into the Soul Academy, where she took many a class on both healing and self defense. In the end, she was emitted into the 4th Division for her healing abilities and her devotion, though it was a tough decision between that and the 11th.
Personality Hiraki is a sweet, gentle girl who feels the only reason she's here on this planet is to protect the innocent from pain and death. She is wildly devoted to protection of others, and when someone gets hurt on her watch, she can sometimes... snap and lose control. She may be sweet, but she can have a temper and a bit of a snappish side. On the inside, there are many other traits that don't shine through, like her jealousy for being only a Vice Captain and her small crush on Juushirou (she does think he's adorable), but those things, she fears, would effect the way people thought of her if she shared them with the world.
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Hikari Shirouhoshi
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