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 Bleach: New Beginnings

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Hoss Delgado


PostSubject: Bleach: New Beginnings   Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:45 pm

Like Bleach?
Love to Role Play?
Have the need to meet new people?
Well my friend, come to Bleach: New Beginnings and you can do just that! Check the Storyline below:

In the end, there are always New Beginnings. The races are crumbling and solitude reigns over each world. In this era, it is an alternative universe.

The God-King of Hueco Mundo is Zeek. Zeek is characterized as an extremely intelligent yet bored young man, confident in his own sense of logic and how clever he is in regards toothers. He is frustrated by the lack of justice in the world. Believing the world to be "rotten," he desires a means by which he can enact his will to purge the world of all evil. Zeek's desire to purge the world of evil, drives him forward each day. He's tired of the boring sands of Las Noches, and plans to launch and attack against the other deminsions...and wipe the all from existance. Zeek is a calm, level-headed person. He often acts as a mentor to his fellow Espada and always tries to push them to become stronger. Although he is usually seen as a laid-back person, he also shows a deceptively cunning and serious side when the situation warrants it.

Using the Espada as his weapons, they as well keep the same motives in mind. As of now, the shinigami are numbered, due to the war they have been facing against the Arrancar for over a century now, and of course, the Arrancar are in the lead. The reason for this war, is because the shinigami so haste fully killed Zeek and his younger sister; as he remembers quite clearly from his time of being a human.

The shinigami's have always had the same motive; to bring peace to both Rukongai and the World of the Living. They still will defeat hollows at any cost, and if defeating the Arrancar is what saves them, they are willing to keep fighting.

The Vizards are growing angry with the Shinigami, because they continue to expirament on others to see what they can prove with "hollowfication", thus creating more vizards. They have decided to attack any Shinigami they see in the World of the Living and are currently trying to allign with the Espada to help them end Shinigami through the war; even if it means only being allies until the end of that war.

Bounts have become a dying race who, in desperate measures have decided to form an alliance with any Humans with Special Powers to save the World of the Living from its destruction during the Shinigami/Arrancar war.

The Quincy Race has been pronounced extinct for almost 50 years now, but Suzume Tanaka, the last of them, has shown herself and exclaims that she knows there are more, scattered across the world. Her plan is to search for them and recruit them into an alliance she has taken ownership of, known as "The Black Order". She is as well recruiting those of any race in order to to grow this organization more power; to destroy any hollows they come across and to one day be able to allign with the Shinigami and aide them in their war against the God-King of Hueco Mundo.

Somewhere just off Karakura town, a mystery is being revealed. Centuries ago, the Soul King had been "assasinated". The opponents were able to bury him hundreds of feet underground, and unfortunately, half of the members of his royal guard, Squad Zero were killed. Without a Soul King, this is one of the reasons that the Shinigami is crumbling. There is hope for them though... there is rumor that the Soul King is still alive.
The Soul Society, since then, has been thrown into a dissary. The surviving members of Squad Zero still search for their Soul King to this day, in hopes of him being alive.
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Bleach: New Beginnings
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