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 D. Gray-Man: Innocence of the Heart

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Hoss Delgado

Hoss Delgado

PostSubject: D. Gray-Man: Innocence of the Heart   Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:17 am

D. Gray-Man: Innocence of the Heart

Do you enjoy RP?
Do you enjoy D. Gray-Man?
...Would you like to be apart of the legend?...
It's a text-based RP site that takes place in an alternate universe, but allows both canon and custom characters.

The Story So Far...
The Innocence of the Heart is the last hope we have. The darkness is rising.

With an unknown leader of a dark army of Akuma growing stronger, the where-abouts of Millenium Earl seemed to disappear when the last encounter he had with Exorsist had persisted for far over a month. No one was found. The Noah Family is taking charge in his disappearance, they too not knowing where he's gone, but each member is taking responsibility in letting his dream go. A new leader has became the Dark Prophet in his place... but what if the Earl had never died in the first place and he returns?

The Black Order is dying, Exorsists running short quickly. Three of the generals have passed, and the Order must choose new Exorsists to take their places. With young Exorsists coming in, they are getting worried that they may not be able to train fast enough before the hours of darkness arrive. Time is running short for the Black Order, and they still need to collect 67 pieces of Innocence, and are yet to know where the heart is.

The Akuma are as if they are their own race now. There are so many of them rising, it is as though no humans are detectable through the cities, and their numbers continue to grow larger. The Exorsists only hopes are to find more Exorsists and kill as many as possible.

What role will you play? What side will you join? Where will you be when darkness reigns?
...What if you possess the Heart Innocence?...
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D. Gray-Man: Innocence of the Heart
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