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 'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm keeps busy, plays FBI man in 'The Town'

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PostSubject: 'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm keeps busy, plays FBI man in 'The Town'   Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:13 pm

"I've beenHeroes box set tremendously fortunate to have my Lost dvd box setday job be something like 'Mad Men' that I'm Lost dvdso proud of and is so rewardingDark Angel dvd box set and rich and exciting to Dark Angel dvdwork on," said the actor in an interviewDawsons Creek dvd box set last week at the Toronto InternationalDawsons Creek dvdFilm Festival. "And then I get to stop,Desperate Housewives dvd season and go do other things, work Desperate Housewives dvdwith other people who also are inspiring Desperate Housewives box setme, differently."
Hamm came to Toronto Scrubs dvd seasonwith a role that's far from Don's 1960sScrubs dvd Madison Avenue. He plays FBI Special AgentScrubs box set Adam Frawley, obsessed with trackingHouse MD dvd season down a crew of Boston bank robbers House MD dvd box setin the crime drama "The Town." House MD dvdDirected by Ben Affleck, the film Entourage dvd seasonopened Friday and was the weekend's Entourage dvdtop box-office attraction.
Relaxed, friendly and very non-Draper-ish inEntourage box set jeans and a plaid shirt withDexter seasons 1-4 his shoes off, Hamm said that heDexter box set filmed "The Town" in Boston for 2 1/2 months, immediately after finishing The office complete seasonSeason 3 of AMC's Mad Men." The 13-episode seasons are shot over The office dvdthe summer, freeingThe office box set him and the rest of the cast to take on Shaun The Sheep dvd seasonother projects in the fall and winter -- and giving Hamm a chance to show that he can play something other than a "broodingShaun The Sheep dvd moody guy."
Agent Frawley, he said, is a man who lives for his work. Shaun The Sheep dvd box set"The Town" almost exclusivelyncis dvd season shows him on the job, and Hamm, in his vision of the character, saidncis dvd that's all Frawley has -- no double life for him.
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'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm keeps busy, plays FBI man in 'The Town'
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